Monday, November 9, 2009

A telling letter to the editor about the Fort Hood killings

In the Fort Hood shooting rampage, ten men and three women were killed. The police officer who shot the gunman, Kimbery Munley, is a woman. Here's an interesting letter to the editor in the Wilmington Star about the shooting. Despite the fact that ten of the victims were men, the gist of the letter is that women should learn to fight like Sgt. Munley so that they, too, can defend -- women and children from violent men.

Um, it seems to me that Sgt. Munley proves that women can also defend men, when they want to. Too bad people like this letter writer never got the message that sometimes men need defending, too. Read the letter below:

Letter to the editor
Self-defense Training for Women

Officer Munley sets an example for all women to be trained in self-defense and use of weapons as a means of preventing rape and domestic violence. Every public school, YWCA, domestic violence shelter, and police department should provide such training. If all women were able to defend themselves and their children against attack, the statistics on rape and domestic violence would drop precipitously. Violent men look for vulnerable victims, not for people who can effectively fight back. Munley should be funded to lead such a national program.

Anne Russell Wilmington