Friday, November 20, 2009

'Strip Yahtzee' game leads to false rape claim

Another goofy scenario involving young people and sex play leads to a false rape charge.  And once again, the false accuser was prepared to throw the victim under the bus to spare her relationship with her boyfriend.  Imagine the difficulty detectives had trying to unravel what really happened here.

'Strip Yahtzee' game leads to Muncie woman's arrest

MUNCIE -- Allegations stemming from a game of "strip Yahtzee" led to a Muncie woman's arrest this week.

Amber M. Foster, 21, was arrested Tuesday night on a charge of false informing, a Class A misdemeanor carrying a maximum one-year jail term, after police said they determined her claims that a former boyfriend had raped her were false.

Investigators said the encounter between Foster and the ex-boyfriend came after she was the loser in a game of "strip Yahtzee" -- a board game featuring dice -- with a group of friends and had walked, nude, into her bedroom with the target of her accusation.

Police Sgt. Mike Engle said the rape accusation came after Foster was confronted by her current boyfriend over allegations she had sex with another man.

Detectives spent five days trying to sort out what really happened, wasting time that could have been spent on other cases, before concluding that the alleged victim had made a false report.

"We are sympathetic to reported sex offenses," said Engle.

Foster was later released from the Delaware County jail.

In July, Muncie City Court Judge Bill Bruns issued an attachment for the Muncie woman's arrest after Foster failed to pay $289 in fines and court costs, stemming from allegations she allowed her dog to run loose.