Monday, November 9, 2009

Quote from the archives: It's 'incredible' and 'ridiculous' that a woman would lie about rape to cover up forbidden sexual activity

"To a woman, that is incredible. To go to your parents and tell them you were raped instead of telling them you are pregnant is ridiculous."

TONI MASSARO, then-University of Florida assistant professor of law, on Dr. Charles McDowell's assertion that false rape claims tend to help solve a personal problem of the accuser, such as engaging in forbidden sexual activity. Gainesville Sun, May 5, 1985

My comment: "Incredible," she harrumphed. And "ridiculous." In fact, subsequent research by a sociologist who was highly respected in the feminist community, Dr. Eugene Kanin, affirmed Dr. McDowell's research. No research has been conducted to dispute it. Moreover, this Web site offers daily examples that prove Dr. McDowell's assertion was anything but "incredible" or "ridiculous." Case after case after case show his assertion was spot-on. So long as the sexual grievance industry insists on conflating its dreams for a Utopian feminist world with the reality of the world where we actually live, it will not have credibility.