Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nightmare over false rape claim by Samantha Fitzjames

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Samantha Fitzjames files false rape claim after not receiving enough attention

A Daventry man had his world turned upside down after being falsely accused of rape by a lesbian.

Samantha Fitzjames, aged 24, was upset at not receiving enough attention from her partner so she accused a stranger she met in a pub of raping her.

Not enough attention is reason to falsely accuse someone of rape? Seriously?

Nathan Small, 27, had his life put on hold for two months after being arrested on suspicion of raping Fitzjames in Sheaf Street, Daventry, on Thursday, April 23.

He was dragged from his bed, arrested and kept in a cell for 18 hours after Fitzjames told police a man called Nathan raped her after they had met in the Dun Cow pub.

She then maintained her claim, leaving the allegation hanging over Mr. Small for the next two months.

Dragged from his bed, 18 hours in jail and 2 months with this hanging over his head. All because she wasn’t getting the attention she felt she deserved? Sounds more like a 5 year old than a 24 year old woman.

He said: "I've got two sisters and never thought I would ever get accused of doing anything against a female in my whole life.

"It made me really nervous and question myself. But what really annoyed me was the way I was treated by the police."

I've still got a bedroom door hanging off its hinges from where they kicked it in.

"I was treated as guilty from the moment they arrested me. I think by keeping me in a cell for 18 hours was their way of trying to break me and admit to something I would not admit to."

And that is the biggest part of the problem. The police, in some circumstances, arrest first, and investigate later. And treat the accused as guilty, without any evidence. All on the say-so on a lone female accuser.

At Northampton Crown Court, Fitzjames pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was warned she faces a prison sentence.

Michael Waterfield, prosecuting, said: "It's a very unusual case and what I understand to be a very uncommon situation."

Unusual? Really? Has Mr. Waterfield bothered to pay attention? This type of thing is neither unusual nor uncommon. I will assume this was said as to not rile the sexual grievance industry and have them screaming at him.

She was living in Redditch at the time and made a statement to police in West Mercia that she was raped in Daventry.

"A man was arrested and a large scale investigation was set up."

Some time after the allegation was made, Northamptonshire Police spoke to her on the phone, by which time she was living in Bristol and she told them the allegation was false.

"She had told her girlfriend she had been raped and it had gone from there."

Fitzjames, now of Higher Bore Street, Bodmin, in Cornwall, was released on bail pending probation reports and will be sentenced next month.

Judge Richard Bray told her: "This obviously passes the custody threshold."

We are in serious territory here but I will order a report."

Hena Vissian, defending, said the false rape allegation was "an outburst due to her particular difficulties and proclivities."

Again, the excuses of “difficulties and proclivities.” How about this: she is a criminal, little better than slime, and she deserves a very harsh punishment. When sentences for rapists are reduced based on their “difficulties and proclivities,” then we can discuss the same for false rape accusers. Until then, they have broken the law, and deserve the full punishment applicable.