Friday, November 6, 2009

News from John Dias: I suppose we're whining misogynists for raising this?

Wow... The NCFM issued a press release calling on Rihanna to "woman up" and confess to her own perpetration of domestic violence, and now the blogosphere is ON FIRE. All in the timing.

Here's the NCFM press release:

NCFM News Release calling on fair coverage of Rihanna/BrownThursday, November 5, 2009

Here are just some of the sites where the discussion is raging. I keep seeing posts saying things to the effect of, "Yes! I don't know who NCFM is, but thank God that they are speaking out and saying this!" All this right on the cusp of Rihanna going on the talk show circuit promoting her album and acting as though she represents victims everywhere. Take a look:

1. "NCFM: Rihanna Needs To Come Clean About Her Violence Too!"

2. "NCFM says: Blame Rihanna! She Deserved It!"

3. "CHRIS BROWN says Rihanna needs to come Clean About Her Violence Too!"(Actually Chris Brown did not say this; the blogger made a mistake and thought NCFM was speaking for him...)

And here's a little one that I found in the course of reading the frenzied discussion...

"Rihanna hits brother with a glass bottle"

Spread the word! While you're at it, please point people to (a searchable database of research on domestic violence against males) if you need any help convincing them of the sheer magnitude and validity of the data which show the true story about female perpetration of partner violence.

John Dias