Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Man, 18, accused of faking rape claim in Southport

Lest we be accused of sexism, here is a story about a young man filing a false rape claim. What I find ironic, is that he is named. How many stories have we run on this site where the false accuser is not named, because they may be a 'victim' of a sex based crime? Funny how that anonymity isn't extended when the false accuser is a man.

Steven Bebbington files false rape claim.

A TEENAGER was charged with making a false rape claim.

Steven Bebbington, 18, was charged with wasting police time.

The teen, of Bath Street, Southport, was charged in relation to a rape allegation made to police last month.

A teenager allegedly said he was walking down West Street when he was attacked and raped by a man.

The assault was said to have taken place around 2am.

Bebbington is due to appear before justices at North Sefton magistrates court on Friday, October 30.