Monday, November 16, 2009

Another college woman caught in another gang rape lie, but isn't named and won't be charged

Comment: If you read our blog long enough, you might well conclude that the most dangerous place on earth for college-age men is a typical American college campus. One case after the next underscores the perils that sexually active young men face of being falsely accused of rape by young women who engage in consensual encounters but later regret it. A peculiar and disturbing phenomenon has developed: a number of reported false rape claims aren't confined to one hapless innocent male. False accusers seem to have become more brazen and their lies are now targeting groups of young men. They seem to be unconcerned that it's their word against the word of three or more young men (a very telling sign). That is what happened in the news story below about a false rape accuser at Loyola.

Two important points about this story before you read it. First, police say she likely won't be charged. Why not? If the news report, below, is accurate, why would this not be a crime? Did she honestly cry "rape" and only later suddenly remember it was consensual? Sorry, that doesn't ring true. The answer as to why she won't be charged lies more likely in political correctness. The sexual grievance industry believes that charging rape liars somehow will interfere with the their war on rape -- falsely accused men and boys be damned. For every other crime, everyone accepts that concept that punishment serves to deter future occurrences of that crime. For false rape reporting, the concept of deterrence is deemed wholly unimportant and, in fact, harmful to "the greater good" -- the war on rape. It is believed that all rape claims must be encouraged, and if this brings out some false claims, so be it. Second, the woman is not named. Why not? Would an 18-year-old male charged with date rape on the basis of his female classmate's say-so, with no other evidence, be named? Damn right he would be. And his life likely would be destroyed. Why the gender asymmetry? She is not named for the same reason she won't be charged. I would like to hear just one feminist condemn the fact that she is neither be charged nor named. Just one. I'm not holding my breath.


Sun-Times Media Wire

A Loyola University student who initially told police she was sexually assaulted by three fellow students early Friday later recanted her statement, police said.

Police responded at 2:19 a.m. to the 1100 block of West Loyola Avenue after a woman reported three men sexually assaulted her friend earlier in the evening, police said. The Loyla Avenue address is located on the Lakeshore Campus of Loyola University.

The woman was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, police said.

The 18-year-old woman later recanted her statement, saying the interaction was consensual after a night of socializing, according to police, who said the three males were all Loyola students in their late teens.

This report adds the following: "Police said she is not likely to be charged with filing a false report." And this report adds the following: "The matter is not considered criminal, and Loyola police are investigating."
h/t to reader Patrick C