Friday, November 20, 2009

Alleged Sexual Assault Victim at RU Recants Story

I hope that this young woman is thrown out of school. It is what commonly happens to those who are accused of rape, and she deserves equal treatment. In addition, please notice that the title to the piece still refers to her as a "victim," even though she has recanted. Is it any wonder that those falsely accused are stigmatized even after being cleared?

Moreover, notice that early in the investigation, it was determined not to pose a "significant" risk. Could that be because it was a consensual encounter? 
Sexual assault claim recanted. Accuser still called "victim"

A Radford University Police Department investigation has determined that a sexual assault on a female student reported Oct. 8 was fabricated by the student and did not occur. The alleged victim has recanted her story. The RU Police Department had issued a “timely warning” to the community regarding the alleged event, in compliance with federal Clery Act provisions that require university officials to warn the campus community if there is a significant risk to public safety.

That warning, as well as news of the alleged sexual assault, was widely reported by local media, including the New River Voice, along with a description of the alleged perpetrator of the crime. Police investigators have determined that the alleged victim fabricated the details of the description as well.

The student’s motive for filing a false report is unknown. University officials will take action against the alleged victim through the campus judicial system for filing a false complaint.

Radford University Police Officers are continuing to investigate a second allegation of sexual assault that was reported to officials early on the morning of Oct. 11.

Early in that investigation, RU police officials made the determination that the incident did not pose a significant risk to campus safety and chose not to release a campus-wide “timely warning.” That investigation continues.