Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Valais woman arrested in Geneva for false gang-rape accusations

Add one more false rape accusations after, once again, 6 people had sex with this woman. She isn't named, but at least they aren't either. And she lied to cover up cheating on her boyfriend. Does she really think he will stick around now? This is getting to be truly scary.

Woman taken to jail after falsely accusing 6 men of rape.

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) - A 25-year-old Valais woman has been taken to prison, accused of defamation against six people, after telling police in March 2009 that she had been gang-raped by her former boyfriend and five other men in a garage in Carouge. She described in graphic detail the sexual relations that took place, in August 2008, but police became suspicious when she remained vague about the identity of the former boyfriend, whom she clearly knew well.

A lengthy interrogation finally resulted in the men being identified. The woman was called back in by police 2 October and initially insisted on the details of the story, but she withdrew her complaint when police confronted her with the truth.

She then admitted to police that she had consented to relations with at least some of the men.

She made up the story to hide her infidelity from her current boyfriend, saying that he is very jealous, after he discovered her phone calls to her former companion.