Thursday, October 22, 2009

Student recants sexual assault claim

A RAVE alert, whatever that is, was issued, and she is only charged with false informing. I hope that the school takes the same type of action against her that the accused routinely gets: expulsion. It is the least that she deserves.

Female admits sex was consensual, charged with false informing

Friday afternoon, ISU Public Safety announced that the female victim in the reported sexual attack on Sept. 4 recanted her statement and is being charged with false informing.

The female in the case, Erin Conley, 19, a second semester non-preference major, reported Tuesday that she had been approached in the HMSU Commons in the early afternoon Friday by a man trying to sell her a magazine subscription, said Bill Mercier, director of ISU Public Safety. The man then asked to be shown around campus.

Conley reported that when they arrived at her room in the Lincoln Quads, he sexually attacked her.

ISU Public Safety released a photo Friday afternoon of a man involved in the incident. He was not identified as a suspect in the case, rather a "person of interest," Mercier said.

Conley reported Friday, Sept. 11, that she was not attacked by the man in the photo, but they did engage in consensual sex in her room.

Conley is being charged with false informing, a class D misdemeanor. She is scheduled to appear in Terre Haute City Court on Sept. 16.

The photo, taken by a campus security camera at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 4, shows Conley accompanied by a man with short hair, wearing glasses and a red T-shirt leaving HMSU through the North entrance of HMSU near the Sycamore Lounge.

A RAVE Alern was issued at 7:58 p.m. Tuesday after the victim reported the incident to public safety.

Mercier said they have received a lot of contact regarding the case and were still following up on the information when Conley recanted her statement.

Mercier said solicitors distributing magazines, pamphlets or flyers are prohibited from ISU's campus unless affiliated with a campus group, and anyone seen soliciting is to be reported to Public Safety.

"We like to know who is on our campus and what they are doing," he said.

"Solicitors are prohibited for this very reason," he said referring to the alleged Sept. 4 incident.

For anyone approached by a solicitor, Mercier said to use caution and do not invite them to your room. "This is your home, and you should treat this as your home and be cautious who you invite into your res hall room," he said

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A second article here. It turns out, she was cheating on her boyfriend and used the rape lie to cover it up.

Indiana State University Police say a student admitted Friday that she had filed a false report with police alleging she was sexually assaulted in her residence hall a week ago.

Erin Conley, a 19-year-old freshman, told investigators in a written statement that the report she filed with university police on Sept. 8 was false, ISU Police Chief Bill Mercier said.

“She didn’t know what she’d tell her boyfriend,” Mercier said of the reason Conley gave for making up the rape story.Conley told investigators she had consensual sex with the man she previously claimed had raped her, Mercier said. University police cited Conley for false informing, a class-B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Conley filed her false report on Tuesday claiming that a man selling magazines in Hulman Memorial Student Union had approached her and, after a period of conversation during which the man expressed interest in seeing the campus including a residence hall, she showed the man around campus and invited him to her room where the alleged attack occurred.

As part of the investigation, university police reviewed video of people in the HMSU around the time the student said she encountered her alleged attacker. That Friday afternoon, ISU Police released an image of a “person of interest” who was wanted for questioning.

Mercier said that image was cropped by police to remove Conley from the photo of her and the man walking out of the building together. The police chief said the detective on the case noticed some inconsistencies in Conley’s description of the man in the video, such as the color of his pants.

When she was questioned again a week later about those inconsistencies, Conley admitted that her initial report was false, he said.

Conley is scheduled to appear in Terre Haute City Court on Sept. 16.

She also may face some sanctions by the university. When a student is charged with criminal activity, Mercier said, it is typical that the university will also take action involving the student.