Friday, October 2, 2009

Shocking: the UK Hofstra

A shocking story reported by the BBC that has much in common with Hofstra. The woman is older here, and the victims are younger -- they are just boys, in fact. They were jailed on her say-so, and were only able to free themselves after one of them revealed he had the good sense to film the incident. The film proved it was consensual.

Get it? She's automatically believed and three boys are jailed on her word alone.

For their part, the boys are disbelieved, and need a video to prove they're telling the truth.

Pretty fair, don't you think? And doesn't it sound just like Hofstra? At least this time, the criminal got more than a slap on the wrist.

Writer Deborrah Cooper probably would say the same thing about the boy who filmed the incident as she said about the young man who filmed the Hofstra non-rape: he's the most twisted one of all, she fumed.

And perhaps it's time for all young men to be so twisted. It may be the only thing that can save them from long prison stretches.

Here is the news report:

Woman jailed for false rape claim

A woman who made a false rape claim after having sex with two teenagers has been jailed for a year.

Victoria Salter, of Lostock Hall, told police in September last year she was raped by three men while one looked on.

This led to the arrest of three 17-year-olds but one of them had filmed the incident which proved the sex was consensual, the court heard.

Salter, 26, who earlier admitted perverting the course of justice was jailed at Preston Crown Court.

Salter, of Broad Meadow, dialled 999 to make the false report in September 2008.

She said she had been followed home by four men and was raped by three of them while the fourth watched.

But the court heard that Salter had been filmed on a mobile phone during the sexual encounter and had been partaking "enthusiastically".