Saturday, October 3, 2009

The reason feminists will not be convinced of the truth

". . . if people start with a particular opinion or view on a subject, any counter-evidence can create 'cognitive dissonance'--discomfort caused by the presence of two irreconcilable ideas in the mind at once. One way of resolving the dissonance would be to change or alter the originally held opinion. But the researchers found that many people instead choose to change the conflicting evidence--selectively seeking out information or arguments that support their position while arguing around or ignoring any opposing evidence, even if that means using questionable or contorted logic.
. . . .
". . . .'the brute fact that people identify their opinions with themselves; to admit having been wrong is to have lost the argument, and (as Vince Lombardi said), every time you lose, you die a little.' . . . . 'there is no more destructive force in human affairs--not greed, not hatred--than the desire to have been right.'"

From All Evidence to the Contary