Friday, October 30, 2009

Parting shot: Email from banned troll Jeana

Both of you are assholes. I have hate speech? Do you even READ what your moronic followers post? Your absolute hatred and fear of females is almost laughable. Except that it’s so dangerous. You’re just like Robert Franklin. Never question or disagree with you! Someone might see another angle to the constant drone of woman-as-evil-liars-out-to-get-men threads. The good thing is that people who are so pussyish that they can’t ever be questioned know that their foundation is extremely shaky. I say nothing hateful. Your posters and you are the hateful ones.

Hey, will your "civility" policy include not calling women "cunts"? I bet it won't. It'll be like on Glenn Sacks' blog--MRAs can say anything they want, but no one can even use the word "stupid" in a post (no one that's female, that is). And wussy little MRAs can cry whenever a female they try to beat up throws it back in their faces.

Perhaps some of your followers were falsely accused; perhaps they were rightly accused but are pretending otherwise. He said/she said, right? Oh wait, no; we must ALWAYS believe the man.

You’re both pathetic. Actually, I believe MRAs are mentally ill, so I shouldn’t be too hard on you. Anyway, you’d fit in well in fascist countries. Maybe you should move to North Korea, China, or the Middle East. And if a female didn’t agree with you, you could have her killed! Get your passports!

Pierce, would you defend your mother’s rapist if he asked? I bet you would.