Friday, October 2, 2009

Off-topic: A tale of two diseases -- breast cancer and testicular cancer

Pink is everywhere, because it's breast cancer awareness month. And largely ignored are diseases that afflict males. Government funding for breast cancer research in the U.S. outpaces funding for prostate cancer research by nearly two to one even though prostate cancer and breast cancer have roughly the same caseload.

Commercial entities pay inordinate attention to breast cancer, yet death among young young men due to testicular cancer in the 15-34 age group outpaces the number of deaths from breast cancer among women in the same age group. When did you ever hear of a commercial entity in the U.S. raising money for testicular cancer?

Breast cancer is taken seriously by women and men; but unless it afflicts a loved one, testicular cancer is not. This is an example of misandry in practice -- indifference to those things that afflict men. I write this as someone who had a testicular cancer scare in my 20s. I think the following are typical, and somewhat disturbing:

College guys helping to raise awareness for breast cancerCollege women having a good laugh over notices urging guys to check for testicular cancer. Because that kind of cancer's funny to them, I guess? See also here and here and here and here