Thursday, October 29, 2009

No joke: serial female groin attacker causes man to lose testicle

A comment about the news story below (which was sent to us in a comment to a previous post by an anonymous reader): Four to five men in the Calgary area have been attacked by apparently the same young woman who approaches random men and kicks them so hard in the groin that at least one of them lost a testicle. Perhaps men in Calgary need to wear a protective cup when they're out and about until somebody finally nabs her. This story underscores an important truth about our culture's backward attitudes when it comes to the subject of violence against men.

Is this story funny to you? A twisted comment posted to the original story reads as follows: "HAHAHAHAHHA SORRY BUT IS FUNNY." Sorry, but it's not funny; it does not elicit smiles; it does not bring out chortles, except to warped, immature minds. Unfortunately, though, this attitude is predictable because our culture is hung up on any assertion that maleness in general is vulernable or can be victimized -- it's funny, and probably well-deserved, when males are attacked by females; it's especially funny, and probably well-deserved, when males are kicked in the groin by women. Prison rape is the most hilarious of all, and, of course, it is well-deserved. Hitting a woman even in self-defense? That's not just wrong, it will get you tossed into jail (if you are male).

Another comment to this story by a "Jordenne," used this story about a vicious attack that causes unique injury to males as the occasion to draw "attention to the lack of coverage female rape victims get in Calgary." Sigh. Here we go. Waaah! What about the womenz! Jordenne raised the question about "the choices being made about what is news worthy and what is not." Sigh, again. I am sure that to people like Jordenne, even rape that does not cause any physical or lasting damage is "worse" than a random kick to the groin that causes a completely innnocent young man to lose a testicle. How does one even respond to that? What words can I muster to express the moral grotesqueness of such a sentiment? To this woman, this news report only got in the paper because it's about balls -- which are "funny," right? And whatever happens to men, no matter how serious, is never, ever as deserving of our attention as whatever happens to women, no matter how slight.

Sadly, these backward attitudes are imprinted on our culture's DNA, and they might have cost the young man in the story below his testicle -- he was understandably so embarrassed he didn't seek medical assistance right away.


Langley man loses testicle after random, vicious kick by woman

Men walking about in Langley should be wary after a woman viciously kicked a man in the groin, causing him to lose a testicle.

“I just want to know what her problem is,” Anthony Clark, 22, told The Province Tuesday.

“People like her shouldn’t be on the streets.”

Clark was walking along 200th Avenue in the Brookswood area of Langley one afternoon in early September when he passed his assailant on the sidewalk.

“I was looking down and then I took a passing glance and saw her walk up to me,” he said.

That’s when the young woman inexplicably kicked him in the groin hard enough to send one of his testicles into his abdomen.

Clark wasn’t aware of the severity of his injury until later that night when he “noticed something was missing.”

He consulted his doctor and a specialist, both of whom believed his testicle could be brought down again in surgery.

It wasn’t until he woke up afterwards that he discovered the doctors were wrong — the force of the assault had caused his testicle to rupture. It had to be removed and will be replaced by a prosthetic before Christmas.

“My doctors say I will still be able to have children,” Clark said. “But at 22 that’s not something I want a stranger, this woman, to decide.”

Embarrassed by the situation, Clark didn’t go to the police until nearly four weeks after the attack.

Constables have told him there have been three or four similar assaults on other men, Clark said.

Langley RCMP said they would like to speak to other victims, although there have been no official reported incidents, spokeswoman Const. Holly Marks said.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian woman, in her late teens or early 20s. She was between five foot five and five foot seven tall, and 130 pounds with a slim build, and brown hair.