Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maybe if we keep repeating it, it will sink in: our sons need to 'take back the night' more than our daughters

A point we emphasize on this blog repeatedly is the wrongheadedness of the Chicken Littles who foment anti-male hysteria and warn women, in a multitude of ways, to be wary of predatory men and boys. The news media, eager to sell papers or snag viewers, gladly fans the flames of this hysteria by, for example, treating every accusation of rape as if a crime must have occurred but not giving the subsequent revelation of the accusation's falsity the same sensationalism. The fact is, in recent years yellow journalism has developed a misandric stench. Anti-male hysteria is the engine that drives the imaginary rape culture, and false rape claims are its noxious emissions.

Let's repeat a point we've made many times. It is beyond dispute that innocent men are more vulnerable to the criminals than innocent women. Check out a source feminists could not dispute, J. Friedman, J. Valenti, Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape (2008) at 23: "Men are 150 percent more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than women are. . . . . Men are more likely to be victimized by a stranger (63 percent of violent victimizations) . . . ."

Here's an article that talks about crime on college campuses that rightly puts things in perspective: "Parents and students should be aware of four important points about crimes at colleges: Four of five cases are student on student. Most victims are men. More offenses occur off campus. Alcohol is involved 90 percent of the time."

For you parents, as we've previously explained, it's our sons more than our daughters who need to "take back the night." But, gee whiz, that angle doesn't sell newspapers, does it?