Thursday, October 8, 2009

False rape accusers are 'stupid' and 'troubled,' not 'evil'

Women who make false rape allegations are not evil degenerates the way any male rapist is assumed to be. They have merely behaved "stupidly," as in the news story below. Usually, this is a code word for "no prison time."

Sometimes, if the false rape claimant has acted very badly, her act is said to be "stupid in the extreme," as here. This is as harsh, as merciless, and as extreme a condemnation as one can imagine for such a poor woman.

Closely related to the "stupid" label is the conclusion that the woman is "troubled." The Hofstra false rape claimant is the poster child for "troubled" false rape accusers. They might have purposefully destroyed the lives of multiple young men, but this is wholly explained by the fact that they are "troubled." (Now a young man who commits rape can't possibly have been "troubled." He is simply evil.) And here's another "troubled" young woman.

Other times, false accusers are said to have "issues." They are in need not of jail time but a therapist. You see, the proper reaction to a troubled young false rape accuser is pity, not anger. She must be left alone so she can deal with her problems. Women who are "stupid" or "troubled" enough to make a false rape claim should not be charged, the sexual grievance industry tells us. "I would recommend some form of therapeutic intervention rather than charging them," says Dr. Kim McGregor, about whom I will have much to say in the next few days -- I am preparing an entire post on her.

For now, read the latest news about a woman whose false rape claim was not really a crime, but was merely "stupid":

Aberdeen woman, 30, made false rape claim

Accusation sparked major police probe

Published: 08/10/2009

A WOMAN who sparked a major police investigation after falsely accusing a former partner of rape has escaped five years behind bars.

Elizabeth Christie, 30, told a detective at Aberdeen’s Grampian Police headquarters she had been raped.

Her alleged attacker was investigated and ordered to appear at the High Court in Aberdeen.

But Christie, whose address was given in court papers as 6f Park Road, Aberdeen, admitted the claims were false on September 2, 2007, at Aberdeen’s sheriff court.

Sheriff Annella Cowan sentenced Christie to two years’ probation.

Sheriff Cowan said: “I could send you to jail for five years. You acted very, very stupidly.”