Saturday, October 24, 2009

Core feminist beliefs breed rape

The headline of this post will strike many as the angry hyperbole of a men's rights advocate. It is not. It is a sad, ironic truth that just happens to be so terribly politically incorrect that this topic won't even be discussed in polite society. And that's an awful shame, because core feminist beliefs hurt children and breed a host of social pathologies, including rape.

When I reference "core feminist beliefs," I am certainly not referring to the theoretical definition of feminism that earnest young women are quick to quote to me -- feminism is the radical belief that women are human beings. Newsflash: no sane and rational person disagrees with that. But that does not begin to express the truth about mainstream feminism as it is practiced in Western Civilization in 2009.

Mainstream feminism, as it is practiced, is misandric at its core. We all know that the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. Mainstream feminism has institutionalized a worldview of indifference to men and boys -- e.g., the feminist mantra that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

But it's not just women who don't need men, according to the feminists. Neither do children. For the feminist, the sole guiding principle to answer the question of whether a child should have a father actively involved in his life is whether the mother wants the father around. If not, the child's interests are trumped by the woman's right to be "empowered." Feminism, you see, promotes, applauds, and supports fatherless homes for children.

What is the effect of such a philosophy? There is no politically correct way to say it: among innumerable other social pathologies, this philosophy promotes rape. I need not engage in elaborate recitation of the proof because the evidence is both overwhelming and irrefutable. Those in fatherless homes are "fourteen times more likely to commit rape."

So, for our feminist friends who say they want to eradicate rape, I have some simple advice: cut out the sexual assault indoctrination designed to shame college boys who would never dream of raping anyone. Ditch those strange gatherings where you hang shirts with the names of men and boys who supposedly raped you in public places, as if this ever prevented a single rape.

If you really want to end rape -- I mean, essentially eradicate it from the face of the earth -- you'd be out working to put an end to fatherless homes. That is, if your goal was really to end rape. Somehow, for many of you, I think the real goal is to wallow in victimhood. For feminists like that, the more rapes the better. Children, and real-life victims of rape, be damned.