Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another teen female falsely accuses another innocent young man of rape to save her own skin

Members of the sexual grievance industry and rape feminists often assert that women simply would not put themselves through the ordeal entailed by making a false rape claim. (They also emphasize that the ordeal of making even legitimate rape claims is so onerous that many women simply do not report their rapes.)

There is no objectively verifiable evidence to support this assertion. None. In fact, studies on the prevalence of rape fairly prove that females lie about rape for all sorts of reasons, none of them good. And let us not mince words: the depths of human depravity to which some females sink is not merely astounding, in many cases, it is far worse than anything a young man can do to a young woman short of murder.

Take, for example, the teen female in the news story below. She was more than willing to sacrifice the life of some hapless early-20s man to save her own skin. The victim was brought in to be interviewed and was subjected to a DNA examination before it turned out his false accuser lied.

Girl, 14, arrested for false rape report

Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 6:10 AM

A 14-year-old female juvenile was arrested last Friday for filing a false police report in a rape case, Harrison Police Capt. Paul Woodruff said.Woodruff said the girl had earlier this year told police that she’d been raped by a man in his early 20s, going so far as identifying the suspect by name.

When the suspect was brought in for an interview, he denied the allegation. So, police collected a DNA sample from him to be compared with DNA evidence collected from a medical examination of the girl immediately following the alleged incident.However, police also collected a DNA sample from the girl’s boyfriend, who was about the same age as the man she’d accused, Woodruff said.

All three samples were sent to the state Crime Lab for examination.

Woodruff said the results showed a mix of two different individual’s DNA, but they belonged to the girl and her boyfriend and the alleged attacker’s DNA was not located in evidence collected from the rape kit.

Woodruff said police believe the girl had sneaked away from home that night and was caught sneaking back in, causing her to create the story about being raped.

The girl was arrested for felony filing a false police report and released to her mother, he said.