Friday, October 16, 2009

Another rape lie lodged against police officers

In the news story below, we see yet another rape lie lodged against police officers. As we've demonstrated time and time again, male police officers are a high risk group for false rape claims (as are male cab drivers, male school teachers, and boys who are statutorily raped). Will it be just a matter of time before men stop going into law enforcement, the same way men have been chased from the teaching profession, in part by the spectre of rape lies?

Two further points that deserve mention: First, why must we continually hear that rape claims are "taken seriously"? In 2009, if anything, rape claims in general are taken too "seriously" because even far-fetched rape claims are given credence. We know this because men and boys are routinely incarcerated based even claims that a relatively modest investigation reveals to be false -- simply so that the police can demonstrate how "seriously" they take rape claims. They take rape claims so "seriously" that they sometimes toss the rights of innocent men and boys onto a scrapheap of indifference. Police are too often nothing more than "muscle," duly sworn thugs, to carry out the vile wishes of false rape accusers. How about treating all crimes with equal "seriousness" and examining the evidence objectively first, without automatically disbelieving the accused just because he's male? Hmm?

Second, it shouldn't just be false claims against police officers that warrant charges -- but I do agree, a message needs to be sent to the liars that the rape lies against cops have got to stop.

Mom arrested for bogus rape allegations against police officers

SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio mom was arrested after claiming two San Antonio police officers sexually assaulted her.

The police department took 26-year-old Nicole Soto's allegations against the officers seriously and launched an investigation. However, after five months of questioning witnesses and conducting DNA tests, investigators determined Soto made up the story.

Police were called out to the parking lot of the West Durango Plaza Apartments back in April after witnesses reported finding Soto's 16-month-old baby inside a car alone. Soto claimed she was raped by the two officers when they put her in custody for allegedly abandoning her child.

According to an affidavit, Soto claimed "a white officer and a Mexican officer arrested her..." and that "the Mexican officer forced her to the ground..." where she said she was sexually assaulted.

"When a report is made, we expect the person who is making the report to tell us what happened and not fabricating it for whatever reason," said San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus.

Now that the investigation has determined Soto's claims were false, she will face charges.

"When someone does make false allegations against police officers, there's a consequence to it," added Chief McManus.

Soto was charged with falsifying a police report and released on bond. While out on bond for those charges, she was arrested again this week for possession of marijuana.

News 4 WOAI checked with Child Protective Services and was told Soto's baby is staying with relatives.