Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another false rape claim against a cop

From my experience following false rape cases closely, certain classes of males seem to be at greater risk of false rape claims than others. These include (and the reasons they are targeted): police officers (to suggest illegitimacy for arrests, and for spite); school teachers (to suggest illegitimacy for reprimands, for spite, and for any number of irrational reasons, given that most are lodged by teen females); cab drivers (they are convenient scapegoats to "explain" being out late or some illicit sexual encounter with another man); boys statutorily raped (their statutory rapists all-too often cry "rape" to "explain" their sexual encounters with their victims); and young men on one-night-stands involving alcohol (because women experience greater after-the-fact regret than men). It is widely accepted that the threat of false accusations keeps some men away from the teaching profession. Is it just a matter of time before males in the other frequently targeted groups avoid those professions/situations? I suspect it is.

Here is yet another false rape claim against a police officer:

Rape claim against Shelby cop was bogus

News Journal

SHELBY -- A woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by a Shelby police officer has confessed to concocting the rape allegations, authorities reported Thursday morning.

Already charged with felony escape, Samantha Ramirez also faces criminal charges for making false allegations after she jumped from a police cruiser Monday, Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon and Shelby police Chief Charles Roub Jr. reported.

Authorities said the 19-year-old Shelby woman bolted from Officer John Guisinger's cruiser Monday as he was driving her to the county jail via MedCentral/Shelby Hospital after an appearance in Shelby Municipal Court. Ramirez apparently had lost consciousness in the courtroom, where she was facing charges of falsification and resisting arrest.

She eluded a search by local, county, state and federal authorities, but turned up Monday night at Ashland Samaritan Hospital. There, Ramirez leveled the rape accusation against Guisinger.

Roub said Thursday an emergency vehicle transported Ramirez, accompanied by a U.S. Marshal, from Ashland to MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital, where she underwent a forensic examination before being transferred to Richland County Jail.

On Wednesday, authorities said, Ramirez told sheriff's Sgt. John Nicholson that she made up the rape story.

The sheriff's office has been investigating Ramirez's allegation of sexual assault, while Shelby police launched an internal probe.

According to the news release, Guisinger failed to handcuff the woman, who had been wrapped in a blanket after complaining of being sick.

"Although the cruiser's door latches are disabled from the rear interior, the window switches are not. A master window lockout switch was not engaged on the driver's door, allowing the rear windows to be operated from the rear," a joint statement said.

"Windows must be able to open for safety and operator/passenger comfort, and are therefore not completely disabled."

Several eyewitnesses reported Ramirez rolled down the window, opened the door using the outside door handle and jumped out as the cruiser slowed for a school zone. After her exit, Ramirez sprinted into a cornfield before Guisinger could stop and get out of the car.

Guisinger, who Roub said did not follow departmental procedure regarding transport of prisoners, faces internal disciplinary action.

Authorities said Guisinger voluntarily underwent a forensic exam in an effort to disprove Ramirez's assault allegation.

Charges are expected to be filed against Ramirez, pending the outcome of discussions between the Richland County prosecutor's office and Shelby's law director. She remains in jail on $500,000 bond.

Charges also are pending against several others suspected of involvement in the case.
According to a news release, after fleeing the squad car, Ramirez got a ride to Shelby from an unidentified woman. From there, investigators determined a family member drove her to Ashland.