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Do reports of recent gang rape accusations prove ours is a 'rape culture' or a 'false rape culture'? You decide.

Have you heard about the allegation of the vicious gang rape that's in the news? You are, no doubt, thinking about the alleged gang rape in Richmond, California, which has become one of the biggest stories in America. But if you're thinking you know how allegations of gang rape always play out, think again. Actually there have been several alleged gang rapes in the news lately, but unless you are a regular reader of this blog, I'll bet you never heard of any of them aside from the one in Richmond. You see, the others turned out to be false or unfounded, so it's no wonder you would not have heard about them.

We posted numerous reports about the Hofstra false rape claim, which was blown into a big story in New York. Outside of New York, few people paid attention to it. Our regular readers will remember that back on September 10, Danmell Ndonye's vicious rape lie led to a rush to judgment and the no-questions-asked-incarceration of four innocent young men. Days later it was revealed that a video of the act showed it was consensual.

Hofstra, as it turns out, was just the tip of the iceberg. Since then -- just a month and a half ago -- false gang rape claims have become all the rage. They are all over the news, but, caution: you have to look for them, because these stories aren't the kind that the mainstream media likes to put on the front page. You see, they don't have the preferred ending where the bad males are incarcerated for sexually oppressing female victims.

Remember, these are news reports after the Hofstra false claim -- these aren't ancient history. For example, there was 32 year old Angela Blackburn who made a false claim that three younger men and a juvenile male raped her at a party.

And then there was the fifteen-year-old girl who falsely accused four 17-year-olds of forcibly raping her. Oh, and you should know that another boy sits in jail over a rape allegation made by the same girl just last month.

Have you heard about the black woman who recanted her previous claim that she'd been gang raped by seven white men now serving prison sentences? Even Al Sharpton wants that recantation taken seriously -- and that will tell you something.

Or the group of four men cleared of gang raping a 21-year-old woman after they claimed she invited them back to her apartment and engaged in consensual sex?

Or the 25-year-old woman who falsely claimed, in graphic detail no less, that six men (including her boyfriend) gang raped her?

Or the 16-year-old schoolgirl who had the temerity to falsely accuse six of her male classmates of seriously sexually assaulting her multiple times over several hours on a playing field?

Or the 25-year-old hairdresser who falsely claimed five men raped her, but her lie was uncovered when it was discovered a phone camera had caught her in the act of having enthusiastic, consensual sex with two boys (yes, boys)?

Haven't heard about those gang rape claims? I figured as much. Well, those gang rape claims turned upside down the lives of 32 males (not even counting the four young men arrested in connection with the Hofstra rape lie). Some of those men are still in jail. Others are trying to move on with their lives. And who knows how many other false gang rape claims have been made since mid-September that the news media didn't bother covering.

So if someone mentions the gang rape claim in the news, you might want to educate them -- about the ones they likely never heard about. And ask yourself what that tells you. Maybe, just maybe, it is an indication that our so-called "rape culture" is, in actuality, a "false rape culture."

We pause to bring you a fable

There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!" The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces ... . Later, the boy sang out again, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" To his naughty delight, he watched the villagers run up the hill to help him drive the wolf away ... . Later, he saw a REAL wolf prowling about his flock. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Wolf!" But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn't come.

Aesop's Fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," available at Story Arts Online,

Judges: Prison 'inevitable' for false rape claimants, but primarily because of the harm to future rape victims

Comment: The news story below this comment is good news, and one shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth -- an appellate court says that women who make false rape claims will go to jail. Still, the principal focus of the jurists' concern is not on the actual victim of the false rape claim but on the future, unknown, hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be disbelieved because of such lies. The harm to the falsely accused -- the actual victim of the crime -- is incidental to the harm to the hypothetical rape victims; the crime of false reporting needs to be taken seriously, the judges suggest, primarily because of its effect on the victims of a different crime, rape, and because of the harm to hypothetical females whose future rape cries won't be believed. Re-read that last sentence again -- it is important.

Our interest is in exacting greater penalties for this crime, and this decision will benefit innocent men falsely accused, even though they are only incidental beneficiaries of the get-tough-on-false accusers policy. Still, one must wonder why the harm to the falsely accused themselves is not sufficient to take this crime seriously. In the case on appeal, for example, the man was arrested in front of his colleagues at Ford Motor Company, held for nearly 10 hours, and subjected to "degrading and upsetting" intimate examinations before being released without charge. Original story here. Here we have a distinct and palpable harm not to a hypothetical victim but to a flesh and blood victim. Perhaps -- and let's be honest, we know this is the case -- the problem is that the flesh and blood victim has too much flesh; I'm specifically referring to that piece of flesh that hangs between his legs.

The Judges' reaction is all-too typical: Although false reporting of rape is a crime whose victims are almost exclusively male, it has become so embroiled in the feminist sexual assault milieu that discussing it as a potentially significant problem for men is verboten because such view does not conform to the rape metanarrative handed down by those who control the public discourse over rape. In fact, this crime may be unique among all crimes because virtually the entire public discourse about it is dominated by persons who insist it is not a serious public threat, at least not to men. If it is a threat at all, it’s to women, they insist.

Wouldn't it be nice to shift the primary focus of our concern to the actual victim of this crime, just once? We hope the judges are serious when that stated the following: "An immediate custodial sentence is inevitable when a false allegation of rape is made." An automatic two year custodial sentence would go a long way to ending the false rape epidemic.


Prison 'inevitable' for false rape claims

Prison is "inevitable" for women who falsely cry rape because it "drives a nail" in to the rape conviction rate, senior judges have warned.

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor
Published: 2:37PM GMT 30 Oct 2009

The Court of Appeal said false allegations damage conviction rates of genuine rapes and are "terrifying" for innocent victims.

The judges spoke out as they dismissed an appeal by a former nurse who was jailed for two years after falsely accusing a man she met online.

Jennifer Day, 35, made the claim against Andrew Saxby, who she met through a dating website, following a row in a case that cost £4,000 of taxpayers' money and 270 police man hours.

She was jailed at Basildon Crown Court in July this year after being convicted of perverting the course of justice by making a false complaint of rape.

Dismissing her appeal against sentence, Mr Justice Henriques, sitting in London with Mrs Justice Rafferty, said: "False complaints of rape necessarily impact upon the minds of jurors trying rape cases.

"Every time a defendant stands trial for rape, defence counsel necessarily point out to the jury that false allegations are made.

"Allegations such as this drive yet another nail into the conviction rate."

He said the two-year sentence was "well-measured" and warned: "An immediate custodial sentence is inevitable when a false allegation of rape is made."

It was an offence which "attacks the criminal justice system". Scarce police resources were also diverted and innocent victims faced a "terrifying allegation", he said.

Mr Justice Henriques read out the words of the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, made in a previous ruling relating to a false rape claim.

Lord Judge, pointing out that such an allegation involved more than the individual victim, said: "Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of those women who have been victims of this dreadful crime.

"It makes the offence harder to prove and, rightly concerned to avoid the conviction of an innocent man, a jury may find itself unable to be sufficiently sure to return a guilty verdict."

He said it was an offence which not only causes great problems for the victim, but also damages the administration of justice in general in "this extremely sensitive area".

Day, from Corringham, Essex, made the accusation after an argument with Brentwood man, Mr Saxby.

The pair had met through an internet dating site and had enjoyed a short relationship before she made the allegation in the early hours of January 8 of last year.

She said Mr Saxby had come to her home and raped her, but when arrested he told police that, although he had banged on her door, they had argued outside and he had left.

A neighbour confirmed his versions of events and, when challenged, Day admitted that she had not told the truth.

In the original trial, the court heard how Mr Saxby was subjected to "degrading and upsetting" examinations while being held by police for ten hours following the rape claim.

Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "False allegations of rape are an insult to the victims of this horrendous crime and contribute to the disgracefully low conviction rates.

“Those who make false allegations maliciously should expect to be dealt with in the strongest possible manner.”

However Lisa Longstaff, of Women Against Rape, said the sentence was "outrageous" and warned the judges comments risked putting women off reporting rapes.


Criminal law expert says false rape problem is real, and that there are a significant number of false claims

Prof. Samuel Pillsbury, Loyola Law School, has published a new book, and here is an excerpt:

"In the 1970s and 80s, rape reformers argued that the percentage of false claims was very low and certainly no higher than other crimes of violence. . . . . Reformers argued that the disincentives to claiming rape, both legal and cultural, were so great that few if any women would make a false claim.

"More recent studies suggest that the problems of false claims -- at least at the initial investigation stage -- is real. There are a significant number of claims that, on police investigation, appear to be false. Some of these claims may be made to avoid bad personal consequences from consensual sexual activity. Fortunately, the great majority of such claims never result in formal criminal charges."

Samuel H. Pillsbury, How Criminal Law Works: A Conceptual and Practical Guide, Pages 272-73 (2009).

Parting shot: Email from banned troll Jeana

Both of you are assholes. I have hate speech? Do you even READ what your moronic followers post? Your absolute hatred and fear of females is almost laughable. Except that it’s so dangerous. You’re just like Robert Franklin. Never question or disagree with you! Someone might see another angle to the constant drone of woman-as-evil-liars-out-to-get-men threads. The good thing is that people who are so pussyish that they can’t ever be questioned know that their foundation is extremely shaky. I say nothing hateful. Your posters and you are the hateful ones.

Hey, will your "civility" policy include not calling women "cunts"? I bet it won't. It'll be like on Glenn Sacks' blog--MRAs can say anything they want, but no one can even use the word "stupid" in a post (no one that's female, that is). And wussy little MRAs can cry whenever a female they try to beat up throws it back in their faces.

Perhaps some of your followers were falsely accused; perhaps they were rightly accused but are pretending otherwise. He said/she said, right? Oh wait, no; we must ALWAYS believe the man.

You’re both pathetic. Actually, I believe MRAs are mentally ill, so I shouldn’t be too hard on you. Anyway, you’d fit in well in fascist countries. Maybe you should move to North Korea, China, or the Middle East. And if a female didn’t agree with you, you could have her killed! Get your passports!

Pierce, would you defend your mother’s rapist if he asked? I bet you would.

Judge throws out doctor rape case

It does sound like Mr. Rowlands does have a temper, but it is a long way from angry to rape. With insufficient evidence, the judge made the right call.

Judge throws out rape case.

A doctor who was accused of raping a woman at her home in South Lanarkshire has walked free after the judge dismissed the case against him.

Christopher Rowlands, 53, had been accused of attacking the 39-year-old at a house in Bothwell two years ago.

Prosecutors withdrew the charge and sought a conviction for assault at the High Court in Glasgow.

But judge Norman Ritchie QC threw said there was not sufficient corroboration to direct the jury.

The trial heard how the alleged victim, who cannot be named, claimed she was attacked on 15 September 2007.

She claimed Mr Rowlands "floored" her with a punch before dragging her upstairs by the hair and then raping her.

The woman said: "I wanted to call the police. I was frightened for my life. I had never come in and out of consciousness before and never had a beating like that.

"If I had got the police, I would have said 'help, come someone, get me out of here'."

Mr Rowlands denied the attack and claimed it was the woman who had come at him with a knife.
He said he had fled upstairs, she followed him before the woman fell down the stairs and injured herself.

'Short temper'

Mr Rowlands told the jury that he left the house that afternoon before going on a driving holiday across Europe then moving to Ireland.

The jury heard he sent a text to the woman asking had she contacted "P" - thought to be a reference to the police.

He denied claims that he had been "evasive" or that he was a man with a "short temper".

Prosecutors withdrew the rape accusation against Mr Rowlands at the end of the Crown evidence and instead sought a conviction for assault.

But judge Norman Ritchie QC threw out the case when he said there was "not sufficient corroboration" after hearing legal argument.

He told the jury: "I have to look and see if there was enough evidence in law for you to convict and it seems to me plainly there was insufficient evidence.

"That is my responsibility and it is my decision."

Speaking outside court, Mr Rowlands said: "I am just relieved by the decision. I have spent five months on remand in Barlinnie, so you can imagine what that was like."

The doctor was awarded an MBE for his work at the Chinook helicopter crash near Shetland in 1986 and became Lanarkshire GP of the Year in 2000.

He was previously fined £1,100 after assaulting his wife in 2004.

He was also given community service at Glasgow Sheriff Court after stabbing a love rival in the face with a set of keys in 2005.

Thanks to AFOR for the tip.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Rape culture,' feminist claims minimizing false rape prevalence, called into question by law professor

In the following excerpt from a law review article, Professor Dan Subotnik cautions that we should be skeptical of the "rape culture" label and of the feminist claims minimizing the false rape problem. D. Subotnik, "HANDS OFF": SEX, FEMINISM, AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT, AND THE LAW OF FOREPLAY, 16 S. Cal. Rev. L. & Social Justice 249, 280-81 (2007):

Do Americans inhabit a "rape culture?" According to United Nations data for 2000, the percentage of people reporting victimization by "sexual incidents" in the United States is less than the average percentage of victimization in the twenty-three industrialized countries measured. This was equally true for component parts of that category, "sexual assaults" and "offensive sexual behavior." Moreover, the U.S. assault and threat rates are, generally, far higher than the "sexual incident" rate. This is not to equate the impact on victims of these various crimes with the impact on rape victims, but I know from personal experience the trauma of being mugged. If we do not despair over an assault-robbery culture, it seems both fair and socially constructive to be highly skeptical of the rape-culture claim.

And perhaps of everything else written about rape, for it should be evident that the entire body of rape literature requires strict scrutiny. 228

n228 Let's focus on false rape charges. A much-cited datum is that false rape charges amount to only two percent of all rape complaints. See Edward Greer, The Truth Behind Legal Dominance Feminism 's "Two Percent False Rape Claim " Figure, 33 LOY. L.A. L. REV. 947, 949 & n.l 1 (2000). The latest data "indicate that the rates for false reports of rape are comparable to false charge rates for other crimes." NANCY LEVIT & ROBERT R. M. VERCHICK, FEMINIST LEGAL THEORY 184 (2006); see also Bonnie S. Fisher et al., Acknowledging Sexual Victimization as Rape: Results from a National-Level Study, 20 JUST. Q. 535 (2003) (reporting that women considered to have been raped were, in fact, raped).

Anderson, however, admits that the two-percent number is questionable. See Anderson, supra note 119, at 984, 985 & n.235. The false rape problem would appear to be far more serious. See JOHN M. MACDONALD WITH DAVID L. MICHAUD, RAPE: CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES 84-108 (1995). A medical doctor and highly published author on criminal law issues, Macdonald was, at the time he wrote the book, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

In what is probably the most extensive empirical study of false rape, Purdue psychologist Eugene J. (E.J.) Kanin, reported on his study of a small Midwestern metropolitan area where, of 109 charges of forcible rape, 41% proved false and unfounded. Eugene J. Kanin, False Rape Allegations, 23 ARCHIVES SEXUAL BEHAV. 81, 83-84 (1994). A "false and unfounded" conclusion was reached only when the complainant admitted that no rape occurred. Id. In two large Midwestern universities that they also studied, 50% of reported forcible rapes were found to be false and unfounded. Id. at 90. Here complaints were investigated exclusively by female officers and, again, recantation was required. Id.

The FBI has put the rate of false rape charges at 8%, four times the number for other crimes it tracks. See MACDONALD, supra, at 86 (citing the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports); Anderson, supra note 119, at 985; see also Dick Haws, The Elusive Numbers on False Rape, COLUM. JOURNALISM REV., Nov.-Dec. 1997, available at http://archives/cjr/org/year/97/6/rape.asp. And in the context of race, false rape charges have long been acknowledged. See LISA LINDQUIST DORR, WHITE WOMEN, RAPE, AND THE POWER OF RACE IN VIRGINIA, 1900-1960 (2004). The Duke case provides a contemporary example. Should this not raise concern generally?

The false rape problem goes way back in time. In fact, our patriarchs' lives stand as a stern warning against women's brazenness in this regard. See Genesis 39, for the account of Potiphar's wife who sets Joseph up for incarceration because he rejected her advances. She apparently never recanted, and let Joseph languish in prison for twelve years. See THE PENTATEUCH AND HAFTORAHS 158 n.46 (J. H. Hertz ed., Soncino Press 1965).

The above discussion raises a simple but important question: Was enactment of rape shield laws a capitulation to the mob as in the Brown and Duke cases?

Prosecutor forges ahead with case despite alleged victim's recantation

The prosecutor is forging ahead with the case described below despite the alleged victim's recantation, because he says recantations are not uncommon in these cases. He alludes to other evidence of supposed guilt, which is not spelled out in the news article. Absent such other evidence, this matter should not go to trial. While recantations sometimes occur for illegitimate reasons, they more often occur for legitimate ones. Imagine how barbaric our justice system would be if we allowed prosecutors to simply "roll the dice" with no additional evidence than the alleged victim's initial report of a sex crime, in light of her recantation? But, then again, we do see a fair number of examples of such barbarism in news accounts repeated on the pages of this blog.


Alleged rape victim recants story after being jailed for refusing to testify

The 19-year-old alleged victim in a rape case recanted her testimony Thursday, two days after a Gwinnett County judge ordered her to be jailed for refusing to testify.

The woman, whose name is withheld because prosecutors still consider her a victim of sexual assault, said at a hearing that her testimony "is gonna be that it didn't happen," when the case goes to trial.

A jury was selected earlier this week in the case against Kenneth Anthony Jones, 47, who is accused of molesting the female relative over several months in 2004 and 2005. However, the jury was excused before trial could begin when problems about the alleged victim's testimony cropped up at a pretrial hearing.

Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Fred Bishop ordered the 19-year-old jailed on Tuesday when she refused to testify despite being granted blanket immunity. The teenager's two-night jail stay apparently led to a change of heart about testifying, but not the kind prosecutors hoped for. Instead, the teenager testified Thursday morning she had concocted a story about being molested by a relative to escape a troubled home life.

"I didn't want to be in the house anymore," she said. "I was tired of rules, I was always in trouble in school and I always had to watch my sisters' kids. I just wanted to be alone."

The victim said she had hoped the case would just go away when she met with prosecutors this summer and told them she didn't want to go forward with the case.

Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney Jay Hughes decided to forge ahead with the case, which has been pending against Jones for four years. Hughes said it is not uncommon for victims of molestation to recant their testimony. The highest rate of recantation is when the abuse occurs at the hands of a family member, Hughes said.

"Based on my knowledge of the body of evidence I expect to be admitted, I believe the case should go forward for a jury to make a decision," Hughes said. "Credibility is always a matter for the jury to decide."

The teenager was released from jail Thursday with the understanding that she must return to testify at trial. The trial date will be reset for a later date, Hughes said. Jones was arrested Oct. 17, 2005, and has been free on $27,800 bond since Nov. 15, 2005.

Hillary Krepistman, an attorney who was appointed to represent the alleged victim on Tuesday, said it was unfortunate that the teenager wound up going to jail. She said the 19-year-old was clearly overwhelmed.

"My heart breaks for this girl," Krepistman said. "Regardless of what may or may not have happened to her, obviously there was trouble there in the home. She had to spend two nights in jail while [the relative] goes home."


No joke: serial female groin attacker causes man to lose testicle

A comment about the news story below (which was sent to us in a comment to a previous post by an anonymous reader): Four to five men in the Calgary area have been attacked by apparently the same young woman who approaches random men and kicks them so hard in the groin that at least one of them lost a testicle. Perhaps men in Calgary need to wear a protective cup when they're out and about until somebody finally nabs her. This story underscores an important truth about our culture's backward attitudes when it comes to the subject of violence against men.

Is this story funny to you? A twisted comment posted to the original story reads as follows: "HAHAHAHAHHA SORRY BUT IS FUNNY." Sorry, but it's not funny; it does not elicit smiles; it does not bring out chortles, except to warped, immature minds. Unfortunately, though, this attitude is predictable because our culture is hung up on any assertion that maleness in general is vulernable or can be victimized -- it's funny, and probably well-deserved, when males are attacked by females; it's especially funny, and probably well-deserved, when males are kicked in the groin by women. Prison rape is the most hilarious of all, and, of course, it is well-deserved. Hitting a woman even in self-defense? That's not just wrong, it will get you tossed into jail (if you are male).

Another comment to this story by a "Jordenne," used this story about a vicious attack that causes unique injury to males as the occasion to draw "attention to the lack of coverage female rape victims get in Calgary." Sigh. Here we go. Waaah! What about the womenz! Jordenne raised the question about "the choices being made about what is news worthy and what is not." Sigh, again. I am sure that to people like Jordenne, even rape that does not cause any physical or lasting damage is "worse" than a random kick to the groin that causes a completely innnocent young man to lose a testicle. How does one even respond to that? What words can I muster to express the moral grotesqueness of such a sentiment? To this woman, this news report only got in the paper because it's about balls -- which are "funny," right? And whatever happens to men, no matter how serious, is never, ever as deserving of our attention as whatever happens to women, no matter how slight.

Sadly, these backward attitudes are imprinted on our culture's DNA, and they might have cost the young man in the story below his testicle -- he was understandably so embarrassed he didn't seek medical assistance right away.


Langley man loses testicle after random, vicious kick by woman

Men walking about in Langley should be wary after a woman viciously kicked a man in the groin, causing him to lose a testicle.

“I just want to know what her problem is,” Anthony Clark, 22, told The Province Tuesday.

“People like her shouldn’t be on the streets.”

Clark was walking along 200th Avenue in the Brookswood area of Langley one afternoon in early September when he passed his assailant on the sidewalk.

“I was looking down and then I took a passing glance and saw her walk up to me,” he said.

That’s when the young woman inexplicably kicked him in the groin hard enough to send one of his testicles into his abdomen.

Clark wasn’t aware of the severity of his injury until later that night when he “noticed something was missing.”

He consulted his doctor and a specialist, both of whom believed his testicle could be brought down again in surgery.

It wasn’t until he woke up afterwards that he discovered the doctors were wrong — the force of the assault had caused his testicle to rupture. It had to be removed and will be replaced by a prosthetic before Christmas.

“My doctors say I will still be able to have children,” Clark said. “But at 22 that’s not something I want a stranger, this woman, to decide.”

Embarrassed by the situation, Clark didn’t go to the police until nearly four weeks after the attack.

Constables have told him there have been three or four similar assaults on other men, Clark said.

Langley RCMP said they would like to speak to other victims, although there have been no official reported incidents, spokeswoman Const. Holly Marks said.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian woman, in her late teens or early 20s. She was between five foot five and five foot seven tall, and 130 pounds with a slim build, and brown hair.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hate crimes bill expanded to gender: virtually all false rape claims should be classified as hate crimes

The federal hate-crimes law was expanded today to include gender, and some have raised the possibility that a rape claim, such as the infamous Duke lacrosse non-rape, could be encompassed by it: Obama signs hate-crimes bill into law: "As law professor Gail Heriot notes, 'Some have even called for federal prosecution of the Duke University lacrosse team members–despite strong evidence of their innocence.' Advocates of a broader federal hate-crimes law have pointed to the Duke lacrosse case as an example of where federal prosecutors should have stepped in and prosecuted the accused players — even though the state prosecution in that case was dropped because the defendants were actually innocent, as North Carolina’s attorney general conceded (and DNA evidence showed), and were falsely accused of rape by a woman with a history of violence (including trying to run over someone with her car) and making false accusations."

Of course the lunatic fringe of feminism will want all instances of rape to be classified as "hate crimes" against women. We've already seen some feminists seek "hate crime" status for any crime committed against women. You read that right. See here

The fact is, it is possible that more men are raped than women, because of prison rape, so women do not have a monopoly on being victims of rape.

But men, on the other hand, do have a monopoly on being victims of false rape claims. If a hate crime is defined by the fact that a victim is targeted due to his or her membership in a social group, then virtually every false rape claim (except those lodged against, for example, a female teacher) should be classified as "hate crimes."

How could it be otherwise? With a false rape claim, a false accuser specifically, purposefully, and calculatedly singles out an innocent person from a distinct class -- males -- and tries to destroy his life by claiming he was the perpetrator of a heinous rape.

One might quibble and assert that merely because the false rape accuser singles out males, she is not motivated by a "hatred" toward males and, therefore, this is not a hate crime.

Not motivated by hatred? Perhaps some of her best friends are males? Or perhaps it's akin to "The Godfather" -- it's not personal, it's strictly business, so it can't be a hate crime? Unfortunately, that argument doesn't stand scrutiny.

If a criminal came into town and started shooting only blacks, or only Jews, or only women, or only gays, or only Hispanics -- would anyone doubt that the act amounted to a hate crime, regardless of the criminal's twisted rationale? But somehow a different analysis must apply when the victims of the crime are males (including dreaded white males)? Must the hate be personal loathing toward the group targeted, or can it include cold-hearted, calculated indifference?

I am not endorsing hate crime status for any crime, but if any crime should be classified as a "hate crime" based on gender, it is the false rape claim.

Another false rape claim, another chance for police to say they aren't sure if she'll be charged

It seems it has become a tradition in false rape cases for police to be unsure whether charges should be filed. You know, they aren't sure if a crime should be punished. Funny, they have no such hesitation for any other serious crime. The following news story is another example:

Police: NU Student's Rape Claim Was False

CHICAGO ― A Northwestern University student's report of being forced off a CTA train and raped on her way back to campus early Tuesday is false, Chicago Police confirmed Tuesday evening.

"It was not bonafide," police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

According to a Northwestern University release, the girl told authorities she boarded a northbound CTA Red Line L train at the Addison station heading back to Evanston about 12:50 a.m. when a man followed her into the train.

The suspect allegedly coerced her to come with him, forcing her off the train at the Jarvis Street station in the Roger's Park neighborhood, the release said. When she tried to escape, she was allegedly forced into an apartment building a half-block away where she was sexually assaulted. She later escaped and notified police.The news release featured on Northwestern's Web site has since been removed. Chicago Police could not confirm whether any charges would be filed against the girl.

Belmont Area detectives are investigating.


Maybe if we keep repeating it, it will sink in: our sons need to 'take back the night' more than our daughters

A point we emphasize on this blog repeatedly is the wrongheadedness of the Chicken Littles who foment anti-male hysteria and warn women, in a multitude of ways, to be wary of predatory men and boys. The news media, eager to sell papers or snag viewers, gladly fans the flames of this hysteria by, for example, treating every accusation of rape as if a crime must have occurred but not giving the subsequent revelation of the accusation's falsity the same sensationalism. The fact is, in recent years yellow journalism has developed a misandric stench. Anti-male hysteria is the engine that drives the imaginary rape culture, and false rape claims are its noxious emissions.

Let's repeat a point we've made many times. It is beyond dispute that innocent men are more vulnerable to the criminals than innocent women. Check out a source feminists could not dispute, J. Friedman, J. Valenti, Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape (2008) at 23: "Men are 150 percent more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than women are. . . . . Men are more likely to be victimized by a stranger (63 percent of violent victimizations) . . . ."

Here's an article that talks about crime on college campuses that rightly puts things in perspective: "Parents and students should be aware of four important points about crimes at colleges: Four of five cases are student on student. Most victims are men. More offenses occur off campus. Alcohol is involved 90 percent of the time."

For you parents, as we've previously explained, it's our sons more than our daughters who need to "take back the night." But, gee whiz, that angle doesn't sell newspapers, does it?

False gang rape accuser charged

A follow-up to a news report from earlier this month:

Warrant Issued Over False Accusations

FRANKLIN COUNTY - A warrant has been issued for an Ozark woman accused of filing a false police report. Police say late last month 32 year old Angela Blackburn made the claim that three adult men and a juvenile male raped her at a party.

They were arrested and charged for the crime, however, they were later released after Blackburn reportedly confessed to police that she had lied to authorities about the alleged rape. The men told 5NEWS Blackburn showed up uninvited to the party, caused problems, and was asked to leave. Police say Blackburn is now a felony charge for allegedly filing a false police report.


Lehigh University student waives hearing, faces trial for alleged false rape report

UPDATE to our story Here.

We will update when a verdict is handed down.

Trial for false rape report.

A 19-year-old Lehigh University student who allegedly made a false report about being raped by a campus police officer waived a preliminary hearing today and could stand trial.

Brielynne Neumann, of Shrewsbury, Mass., was laying in the center of Parkhill Street at 11:49 p.m. Sept. 3 when Bethlehem police approached her, according to court records. She identified herself as Brei Scano and gave a fake date of birth, records say.

The lie backfired when police, who claim she was intoxicated, took her to her sorority house to verify her identity, records say. Neumann then told officers she had been raped the day before by a man who claimed to be a Lehigh University police officer, records say.

Bethlehem police turned the investigation over to Pennsylvania State Police, who interviewed Neumann Sept. 4. According to records, Neumann told a state trooper a different tale then the one she spun for Bethlehem police. She told the trooper she got into a car with a man who said he was a police officer; he groped her before she fled, records say.

When the trooper asked Neumann to sign her statement, she refused, according to police, and recanted the entire story. The trooper wrote in the criminal affidavit, "She admitted that she made the whole thing up."
Neumann waived her preliminary hearing today before District Judge Nancy Matos Gonzalez. She faces trial on a charge of false reports. She remains free in lieu of $20,000 unsecured bail.

She also waived her hearing on charges of false identification to law enforcement, public drunkenness and underage drinking.


Police caution after false rape allegation

Short and sweet. Several things however:

1. If no rape occurred, why isn't she named?

2. Why are police certain this was a false allegation?

3. When will the crime of a false accusation be elevated to the same level as a true allegation of the same crime?

Unknown woman falsely cries rape.

Monday, 5.15pm - A WOMAN was arrested on Saturday night (Oct 3) after a false rape allegation was made.

Police were called to Dysart Road at 10pm on Saturday following reports of a rape.

Enquiries were carried out and officers established the complaint had been false.

A 44-year-old woman was arrested and cautioned for attempting to pervert the course of justice.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short takes

If the genders were reversed here and he was 19 and she was 17, lots of people would be wondering whether it was statutory rape. I don't think it should be regardless of whether the underaged party is male or female, but the fact that there is no discussion about it is telling.

Date rape drugs are largely a myth:

Another example of the little double standards that have always favored females. Boys forced to swim nude in high school gym class: "Everyone was traumatized by it . . . .",CST-NWS-brown27.article

If this hate comment were directed to any other group, it would be condemned -- and look at the spin the senate candidate put on it:

From the archives: critique of feminism by two feminists who don't hate men:

Police investigate false report of rape in Sandhurst

Not much to say on this one, as there just is little information. But police seem to have a reason to classify it as false.

Report of rape false in Sandhurst.

A report of sexual assault in a Sandhurst Park is being investigated by police who believe it may be false.

Police received a report of a sexual assault in Snaprails Park off Rackstraw Road that had allegedly happened on Saturday, August 22.

The area was cordoned off and the allegation treated seriously but after making inquiries police concluded that no offence took place and are now investigating the incident as a false report.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Another false gang rape claim

You need to read this all the way through, and then ask yourself: how many more boys will the teen girl in question be permitted to put behind bars? If insanity is demonstrated by repeatedly doing foolish acts and not learning from them, then our society is insane. Every time this girl accuses a boy -- any boy -- of rape, the authorities toss them in jail. They are guilty by reason of penis. With the rash of false gang rape claims in the news the past couple of months, it is time to add to our list of males vulnerable to false rape charges young men or boys who participate in group sex.

Here is what happened: Four 17-year-old boys (who are black) were falsely accused by a 15-year-old girl (who is white) (see here) of raping her. After the allegation was made, the school district jumped on the rush-to-judgment-because-a-male-has-been-accused band wagon. "We're deeply concerned about these young people and their families as well. Its very disturbing, frightening and frustrating," says the school district's Chief Adminsitrative Officer, Mary Ann Gemmill. See here Tell me, Ms. Gemmill, are you as deeply concerned about a serial false rape accuser? I would bet not.

The boys are still in jail for having sex with a minor (which is another injustice that we should acknowledge, even though it is beyond the scope of our site -- they were 17 and she was 15, and girls, we are told, mature faster than boys). Here is an excerpt from the news story:

The Immokalee football players — Kovan McSwain, Joshua Edison, Deonte Clifton and Demandrea Fuller, each 17 — were arrested around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 16 after a 15-year-old student accused them of gang-raping her the night before outside a portable Immokalee High classroom, across campus from where a junior varsity game was being played.

Investigators say the 15-year-old later recanted the rape allegations, and admitted that she had, in fact, agreed to the sex.

Why then do the football players remain behind bars?

Because, according to Florida law, engaging in sexual activity with anyone under 16 is classified as lewd or lascivious battery, a second-degree felony.

And the law doesn’t just apply to people over 16.

“If you have two 15-year-olds who are having sex, both of them are technically committing the crime,” said Shannon McFee, a Naples attorney who regularly talks with teens about the legal consequences of underage sex. “Either or both could be prosecuted.”

Anyone 24 or older who engages in “sexual activity” with a 16- or 17-year-old can be charged with sexual battery, a second-degree felony, according to state laws. Story here

But that's not even the whole story: incredibly, another boy sits in jail because of a prior allegation the girl made against him just last month. Read the story here Here is an excerpt:

Tyrone Fuller denies ever having sex with the girl. He said that at the time the girl was dating another boy, and that her father thought it was him.

“Her dad is getting mad because he can’t control his daughter,” Fuller said.

During a jail interview with a Daily News reporter, Tyrone Fuller held up to the video visitation monitor a letter that he said was from the 15-year-old apologizing for sending him to jail. In the letter, the girl allegedly wrote that her father was trying to put Fuller “behind bars.”

Tyrone Fuller said he’s fought with the girl’s father in the past.

Another one

Woman accused of false report

DURHAM -- Durham County Sheriff's Office deputies charged a woman early Saturday with making a false report to a police station.

Abigail Rae Laperre, 18, of 3 Reed Court, Durham, was alleged in warrants to falsely accused a person of rape "when she knew no such rape occurred. She was held in the Durham County Jail pending a $5,000 secured bond.

Deputies said the alleged offense occurred Friday and Saturday.


Nanuet woman, Miriam Chambers, accused of making false rape report

So, Mr. Wilson was on parole for a felony drug posession. How likely is it that drugs had anything to do with the accusation?

Miriam Chambers falsely accuses parolee of rape.

SPRING VALLEY - A 42-year-old Nanuet woman has been charged with falsely accusing a village man of raping her and holding her captive, authorities said Monday.

Miriam Chambers' June accusations led Abraham Wilson to spend several months in the county jail as an accused parole violator, authorities said.

Chambers, who lived in Normandy Village, accused Wilson of approaching her on June 20 in Spring Valley and threatening to harm her unless she went with him to his Rose Avenue home, Spring Valley police said. She accused Wilson of beating her, breaking her hand and raping her, police said.

About a week later, however, Chambers recanted her accusations in a letter to Wilson's lawyer - at the Rockland Public Defender's Office.

As a result, the Rockland District Attorney's Office dismissed felony charges against Wilson: first-degree rape, first-degree unlawful imprisonment, first-degree assault and three counts of second-degree assault. Chambers works as a nurse at Nyack Hospital, authorities said.

Spring Valley police and the office began investigating Chambers. She and Wilson know one another, police have said.

On Thursday, police charged Chambers with a felony count of first-degree making an apparently sworn false statement. Her arrest is part of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Chambers' filing of the report, Spring Valley Detective Reginald Anderson said.

Anderson said Wilson spent several months in jail and was recently released. Wilson had been paroled in September 2008 from a 2007 felony drug possession conviction.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Core feminist beliefs breed rape

The headline of this post will strike many as the angry hyperbole of a men's rights advocate. It is not. It is a sad, ironic truth that just happens to be so terribly politically incorrect that this topic won't even be discussed in polite society. And that's an awful shame, because core feminist beliefs hurt children and breed a host of social pathologies, including rape.

When I reference "core feminist beliefs," I am certainly not referring to the theoretical definition of feminism that earnest young women are quick to quote to me -- feminism is the radical belief that women are human beings. Newsflash: no sane and rational person disagrees with that. But that does not begin to express the truth about mainstream feminism as it is practiced in Western Civilization in 2009.

Mainstream feminism, as it is practiced, is misandric at its core. We all know that the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. Mainstream feminism has institutionalized a worldview of indifference to men and boys -- e.g., the feminist mantra that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

But it's not just women who don't need men, according to the feminists. Neither do children. For the feminist, the sole guiding principle to answer the question of whether a child should have a father actively involved in his life is whether the mother wants the father around. If not, the child's interests are trumped by the woman's right to be "empowered." Feminism, you see, promotes, applauds, and supports fatherless homes for children.

What is the effect of such a philosophy? There is no politically correct way to say it: among innumerable other social pathologies, this philosophy promotes rape. I need not engage in elaborate recitation of the proof because the evidence is both overwhelming and irrefutable. Those in fatherless homes are "fourteen times more likely to commit rape."

So, for our feminist friends who say they want to eradicate rape, I have some simple advice: cut out the sexual assault indoctrination designed to shame college boys who would never dream of raping anyone. Ditch those strange gatherings where you hang shirts with the names of men and boys who supposedly raped you in public places, as if this ever prevented a single rape.

If you really want to end rape -- I mean, essentially eradicate it from the face of the earth -- you'd be out working to put an end to fatherless homes. That is, if your goal was really to end rape. Somehow, for many of you, I think the real goal is to wallow in victimhood. For feminists like that, the more rapes the better. Children, and real-life victims of rape, be damned.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Justice scale may tilt for sex 'victims'

It now appears that New Zealand is trying to follow what Harriet Harman in Great Britain tried: lowering standards to make convictions for rape/sexual assault easier.

Thanks to Fidelbogen at The Counter Feminist for the heads up.

Comments will be interspersed.

Justice scale may tilt in favor of sex victims.

Notice the title of the piece. It automatically assumes that actual sex victims are prejudiced, that anyone who reports a rape or sexual assault is telling the truth -- that they are 'victims,' and by extension, the accused are rapists.

The justice system could be tilted to make it easier to convict sex offenders if the Government adopts proposals in a controversial taskforce report.

The report from the two-year taskforce for action on sexual violence, issued yesterday, would reverse the usual rules of evidence for sex cases only - disclosing previous offences and complaints against an accused offender, directing juries that they may draw an "adverse inference" if an accused opts to stay silent, and directing them that "beyond reasonable doubt" does not mean "no doubt" that the accused is guilty.

The special standards of evidence means the eradication of due process standards. The cherished right not to be forced to testify against yourself : gone. The jury can hear even of prior "complaints" -- so if you were falsely accused in the past, the jury gets to hear about it now, and the jury obviously will think, "hmm, where there's smoke, there must be fire." And if the jury has a doubt about guilt, it's OK to send the hapless male away for a few decades.

Other proposals include full funding for rape crisis agencies and an entitlement to two years of counselling for all sex abuse victims - a stark contrast to new Accident Compensation Corporation rules restricting counselling to victims with diagnosed mental illnesses and for a maximum of 16 weeks at a time.

The taskforce was set up by the former Labour Government in 2007, after a Commission of Inquiry into allegations by Louise Nicholas of sexual misconduct by police.

The taskforce has followed an unusual process which has let the National Government avoid any commitment to most of the key proposals.

The 14-member taskforce comprised the heads of 10 government departments, including Justice Secretary Belinda Clark and Police Commissioner Howard Broad, plus four people from a non-government network of sexual violence services.

But most of the proposals have been endorsed only by the four non-government members.

So, the individuals from the "Rape/Sexual Violence" industry are the only ones to endorse this? At least that is a good thing.

Justice Minister Simon Power said the Government would respond to the report "in the coming months".

ACC has extended its funding of the Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation's helpline until January 31, assuming that ministers will decide on the sector's future funding by then.

The corporation said in May that it would stop funding the helpline from July 31 as part of a "line-by-line" spending review.

It has now extended its $350,000 annual funding twice waiting for Government decisions.

The taskforce proposals for the justice system are based on research, published this month, showing only 13 per cent of all sexual violence cases reported to police result in convictions.

Did it ever occur to the taskforce, that the percentage is only at 13 because there are a large number of these cases that weren't actually valid?

The full taskforce has endorsed three changes already proposed in a Government discussion paper last year:

* Defining "consent" in sexual cases. At present the law only specifies cases where consent does not exist. New South Wales defines consent as "if the person freely and voluntarily agrees to the sexual intercourse".

Are we going to see another of the "enthusiastically, verbally consents"-type of arguments? Consent can be granted without ever saying a word.

* Requiring courts to look at all the circumstances, including any steps taken by an accused to find out if the complainant consented.

Steps taken? Where does it end? Must a male obtain a written statement, a video of consent, or a video taping the entire encounter to establish consent? Once again, we are seeing the attempt to shift the burden of proof on to the accused away from the state. How many innocent people are going to be in prison because of this?

* Prohibiting evidence on the sexual history between the complainant and the accused except with the judge's prior approval.

OK, this might be the most outrageous piece of the puzzle. If I have been having sex with a woman for 5 years and then one night, after an argument, she turns around and yells rape, the jury is only going to hear the part about her yelling "rape."

The four non-government taskforce members recommend going much further to disclose the accused's past sexual convictions and the complainant's past complaints against him.

I wasn't aware that this wasn't already a possibility.

They say juries should also be directed that no corroborating or forensic evidence is necessary to convict someone in a sex case, that they may draw "an adverse inference" if an accused opts not to give evidence, that there can be good reasons for a complainant not complaining straight after a sexual assault, and that in sex cases "the standard of beyond reasonable doubt does not mean that no doubt can exist in their minds."

And there it is. No corroborating evidence or forensic evidence. Simply the word of an individual will be necessary to convict someone. And this doesn't scare the hell out of every man in that country? This should terrify anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and compassion. How is this NOT ripe for abuse?

As well, this means now that you can doubt the defendant did it, and still convict him. I hope that New Zealand is a rich country. The number of wrongful conviction lawsuits, in the future, is going to skyrocket, if these measures are put in place.

They also want "an absolute prohibition" of personal cross-examination of a complainant by an accused, a requirement for the judge to seek the complainant's views on alternative ways of giving evidence, an "inalienable right" for the complainant to have a support person during a trial, private rooms for victims in courts and police stations and specialists to help complainants write victim impact statements for sentencing.

OK, I take back what I said before. THIS is the most outrageous of the proposals. It replaces the adversarial system with an inquisition system. The defendant can't defend himself the way any other accused is permitted. The judge and the ACCUSER decide how the male may present evidence! The cherished right to confront your accuser in court: gone. Specialists to help write impact statements? Is that anything like the case a while back, where the police helped the accuser rewrite her statement 15 times until they were happy with it?

Louise Nicholas, a Rape Prevention Education survivor advocate whose alleged rape by police officers in the 1980s led to a commission of inquiry in 2007, said the Government should ban jury trials completely in sex cases.

Just castrate the accused without trial, why don't you. MURDERERS get jury trials. MANSON got a jury trial. But a college boy who allegedly went too far? HE'S NOT WORTHY OF A JURY TRIAL. Forget what I said earlier: this is the most outrageous point raised. After all: "All men are rapists and that's all they are." Marilyn French.

And an alleged rape in the 1980's led to the commission in 2007? Seriously? Something that may or may not have occurred 20 years ago led to the forming of a commission to take away the rights of present day hapless males accused of sex crimes. How truly idiotic, how inane is that?

"Bless them, the jury does a fantastic job in other cases," she said.

"But when it comes to rape and sexual abuse cases unfortunately they don't have the understanding.

"Understanding" -- of what? That they have to evaluate ALL of the evidence, and determine if a crime has been committed? That type of "understanding"?

"From the age of 13 I found I had lost many battles, but today I feel a war has finally been won."

Auckland University associate law professor Julia Tolmie said the proposed changes would be revolutionary but were in line with proposals by retired Court of Appeal judge Justice Ted Thomas.

"Sexual assault cases are different from other trials because they are always credibility contests between the complainant and the accused.

"What Ted has argued is, let's let everything in that is relevant to credibility," she said.

Does that include prior false accusations? Does that include the accusers sexual history? Somehow, I doubt it.

But Victoria University associate professor Elisabeth McDonald said judges were already free to make most of the recommended directions to juries, and on balance she did not support the biggest further change in the report - the "adverse inference" where an accused chose to stay silent.

"I think there are other things that could be done that don't go to the heart of the criminal justice system, which is the presumption of innocence," she said.


"The thing that makes it difficult to convict in acquaintance rape situations relates to rape mythology, this idea that if something has happened they will complain straight away, or that if women go home with someone that means they want sex."

Garbage. The biggest difficulty is that in a he said/she said situation, with no other corroborating evidence, reasonable doubt is automatic and there shouldn't even be charges pressed. And I'm sorry, but if no explicit declaration is made that going home with someone isn't going to lead to sex, it is usually accepted and understood that that is the reason for going home with someone. That doesn't mean the man can force a woman to have sex against her will, but if she accedes to sex, it's consensual.


* Accused's past sex convictions and complainant's past complaints to be disclosed.
* Absolute ban on accused personally cross-examining complainant.
* Judge to seek complainant's views on alternative ways to give evidence.

* They may convict even if there is no corroboration or forensic evidence.
* They may draw adverse inference if accused opts to stay silent.
* There can be good reasons for complainant's delay.
* "Beyond reasonable doubt" does not mean no doubt.

Silence can be construed as guilt, you can have doubt and convict someone, and no evidence, other than the word of the accuser is needed. Men of New Zealand, there are now recommendations in place that put a bullseye target on your backs; they would snatch your freedom from you based on nothing but the word of a single person. Welcome to New World Order.


Sex assault charges dropped after victim changes story

Was it known that he was going to be deported before the charges were leveled? If so, was this a way for the mother to keep the children? While we likely won't ever know the answers, considering the number of false claims that are used in child custody disputes, it seems plausible. And why wouldn't this be classified as rape? Forced sex is rape, not sexual assault. That is one of the few things that I will agree with the "rape industry" on.

Man to be deported after false sexual assault charges dropped.

Sexual assault charges against a man set for trial were dropped in state Superior Court Friday after the complainant changed her story.

Henry Flores-Guardado, 37, had been charged with sexual assault of a spouse or cohabitor after the mother of his children told police he pinned her on their living room floor and forced her to have sex in June 2008.

"She maintained the allegations until, frankly, yesterday," said the prosecutor, Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Valdes.

She told an investigator for the defense that the entire story was false, Valdes said.

Judge Gary White dismissed the charges. But Flores-Guardado is being held and will likely be deported, Valdes said.

Thanks to one of our readers for the tip.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Give the devil his due: Al Sharpton does the right thing

Rev. Al Sharpton wants investigation into rape allegations by Megan Williams, who is recanting story

Shades of Tawana Brawley.

The Rev. Al Sharpton revealed Wednesday that he gave a $1,000 Christmas gift to a black West Virginia woman who claimed she had been gang-raped by a group of white men - and is now recanting her story.

Only this time, Sharpton wants cops to investigate whether Megan Williams "fabricated her story" and the convicted men sprung "if they are being held under false information and she misled authorities."

Williams, 22, told cops in 2007 she escaped from a ramshackle trailer near Charleston, W.V., where she was held captive for a week - and where she was raped, tortured, and forced to eat her own feces.

Seven suspects pleaded guilty, and all but one are now serving long jail terms.

In a statement, Sharpton said he visited Williams after her horrific story broke and gave her some of his "personal money" after her supporters told him "she had no resources for Christmas."

Sharpton said that when Williams' lawyer notified him that she was changing her story, he immediately wrote to West Virginia prosecutors, asking them to "vindicate any wrongfully convicted individuals."

Williams, who now lives in Columbus, Ohio, is expected to speak at a press conference later Wednesday.

Brian Abraham, the former Logan County prosecutor who oversaw the Williams rape case, told the Associated Press he was mystified by her change of story.

Abraham said the attackers - all of whom had lengthy rap sheets - were convicted on physical evidence and their own statements.

Sharpton was a vocal supporter of Brawley, a black teenager who made what turned out to be bogus claims - more than two decades ago - of being kidnapped and raped by a group of white men.

Despite a grand jury ruling that declared Brawley's explosive allegations a hoax, her family continues to insist that she was raped and brutalized.

Brawley, who has since changed her name, later converted to Islam and moved to Virginia.


'I wonder how many women who use cosmetics made from foreskins to attact male attention accuse men of objectifying women?'

Interesting note from reader Axel:

Given the current state of our society where the victimization of women by men is deemed fact, irrefutable and sacrosanct, I had the following thoughts:

(1) Most women use cosmetics to make them appear young and beautiful so they can attract male attention.

(2) Some of those cosmetics are anti-wrinkle gels made from foreskins. You read that right. A portion of a vital organ is forcefully taken from baby boys with neither good reason nor their ability to personally consent, and some of those foreskins end up helping cosmetic companies get rich from the female desire to sexually attract a male.

(3) Most women claim, to varying degrees, that men objectify women.

(4) Surely some of the women who use parts of stolen penises so they can attract male attention claim that men objectify women.

And, that, Pierce, strikes me as a delicious, cruel irony.

To keep this note on point with your blog:

(5) Surely some of the women who use parts of stolen penises so they can attract male attention falsely accuse some of those same males whose attention they've attracted of rape.

False accuser 'had no idea the English authorities would take the attitude they did' and punish her

As you read the false rape news account below, please notice three things: First, the judge correctly honed in on the precise problem with the false claim: its effect on the falsely accused man. Too often we must listen to judges spewing political correctness about how rape lies hurt hypothetical rape victims. That is true, but such hurt is secondary to the injury inflicted on the primary victim of a rape lie. Second, notice that once again we are subjected to defense counsel's excuses stemming from the perpetrator's personal life. Do you think a newspaper article would print similar excuses proffered by counsel for a young rapist? Third, and most interesting: the false accuser "had no idea the English authorities would take the attitude they did." Specifically, she didn't know that rape lies are taken seriously (well, my dear, they usually aren't, but at least sometimes they are). Bingo! If it were well-publicized that false rape claims are taken seriously, I suspect we'd see far fewer of them. I would like to erect a sign in Times Square: "Making a false accusation of rape is a serious crime." I'm serious.

Here is the news article:

Waitress jailed for inventing sexual assault after sacking

A waitress at a fashionable London restaurant, Gema Revelles, has been jailed for nine months for inventing a sexual assault allegation against her gay boss after he sacked her.

Revelles, 21, made up the story because she was too ashamed to tell her family she was jobless. But her sister was so outraged at her apparent ordeal she insisted she tell police.

However, having ''started the ball rolling she didn't stop'' until it was too late, London's Southwark Crown Court was told.

Charles John-Jules, prosecuting, said unfortunately for the Spanish national she got her dates mixed up, reckoned without CCTV and was apparently unaware of her alleged attacker's sexual orientation.

The barrister said despite some of the inconsistencies being drawn to her attention she persisted with her story during a second interview.

According to Revelles - a Malaga ''hotel school'' student on a six-month work placement scheme to the City's Coq D'Argent restaurant - her ordeal began when operation manager Gerhard Jacobs tricked her into entering a downstairs office by claiming someone wanted to see her.
Mr John-Jules said she alleged once there he asked her ''to do him a favour''.

''She said she didn't know what that meant. He then moved towards her and placed his hands on her bottom. She says after she slapped him round the face, he put his hands on her shoulders and forced her down on her knees directly in front of him.''

She claimed he then pulled down his trousers.

''Revelles told the officer she punched him in the stomach and ran out of the office and told two female employees what had happened. But that account was not true,'' said the barrister.

Eventually, as problems with her story continued to mount, she admitted she had lied. Yet by that time a distraught Mr Jacobs had been spoken to by police.

Protesting his innocence, he told officers: ''Everyone knows that I'm gay at work and elsewhere.''

Revelles, of Maltby Street, Bermondsey, south-east London, admitted a single count of perverting the course of justice on August 4.

Wearing black trousers and a black jacket, she stood with her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of her as Judge Stephen Robbins told her: ''People who make false sexual accusations and cry rape, or, as in your case, a serious sexual assault, leading to individuals being questioned by police and/or arrested and sometimes remanded in custody, may expect to receive immediate custodial sentences because these sort of allegations are all too easy to make and very difficult to refute.

''In your case the allegation was somewhat less serious than rape, and as far as I can understand Mr Jacobs was not formally arrested, let alone remanded in custody.

"He was able to refute the allegations with the assistance of his colleagues at work, a combination of that and CCTV evidence, and he pointed out his own sexuality.''

The judge said while he accepted she first lied to her sister, ''thereafter not only did you substantiate your false allegations but you changed your story when confronted with matters by the police which tended to undermine your account.

''I bear in mind the massive effect this has had on Mr Jacobs, the shock and anxiety he suffered.

''I have come to the conclusion my public duty requires me to send you immediately to prison,'' he added.

George Grace, defending, said his client's problems began when her mother fell ill and she took time off to help her.

When she returned to work ''she was told she was not pulling her weight and had to go.

''Miss Revelles was angry she had not been given a chance to explain ... why she had taken time off.''

Having lost her job, she was then evicted from her flat and ended up staying with her sister.

''Her sister demanded an explanation for what was going on. Desperate, she came up with this unfortunate story.

''She started the ball rolling and didn't stop the ball rolling anything like quickly enough.''

Mr Green said the defendant now ''realised what she did was wrong, that it had a massive impact on Mr Jacobs and on the investigatory process and the process of justice as a whole.

''In addition, she had no idea the English authorities would take the attitude they did and believes in Spain nothing like the steps that were taken here would have been taken there in response to such an allegation,'' he added.


Student recants sexual assault claim

A RAVE alert, whatever that is, was issued, and she is only charged with false informing. I hope that the school takes the same type of action against her that the accused routinely gets: expulsion. It is the least that she deserves.

Female admits sex was consensual, charged with false informing

Friday afternoon, ISU Public Safety announced that the female victim in the reported sexual attack on Sept. 4 recanted her statement and is being charged with false informing.

The female in the case, Erin Conley, 19, a second semester non-preference major, reported Tuesday that she had been approached in the HMSU Commons in the early afternoon Friday by a man trying to sell her a magazine subscription, said Bill Mercier, director of ISU Public Safety. The man then asked to be shown around campus.

Conley reported that when they arrived at her room in the Lincoln Quads, he sexually attacked her.

ISU Public Safety released a photo Friday afternoon of a man involved in the incident. He was not identified as a suspect in the case, rather a "person of interest," Mercier said.

Conley reported Friday, Sept. 11, that she was not attacked by the man in the photo, but they did engage in consensual sex in her room.

Conley is being charged with false informing, a class D misdemeanor. She is scheduled to appear in Terre Haute City Court on Sept. 16.

The photo, taken by a campus security camera at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 4, shows Conley accompanied by a man with short hair, wearing glasses and a red T-shirt leaving HMSU through the North entrance of HMSU near the Sycamore Lounge.

A RAVE Alern was issued at 7:58 p.m. Tuesday after the victim reported the incident to public safety.

Mercier said they have received a lot of contact regarding the case and were still following up on the information when Conley recanted her statement.

Mercier said solicitors distributing magazines, pamphlets or flyers are prohibited from ISU's campus unless affiliated with a campus group, and anyone seen soliciting is to be reported to Public Safety.

"We like to know who is on our campus and what they are doing," he said.

"Solicitors are prohibited for this very reason," he said referring to the alleged Sept. 4 incident.

For anyone approached by a solicitor, Mercier said to use caution and do not invite them to your room. "This is your home, and you should treat this as your home and be cautious who you invite into your res hall room," he said

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A second article here. It turns out, she was cheating on her boyfriend and used the rape lie to cover it up.

Indiana State University Police say a student admitted Friday that she had filed a false report with police alleging she was sexually assaulted in her residence hall a week ago.

Erin Conley, a 19-year-old freshman, told investigators in a written statement that the report she filed with university police on Sept. 8 was false, ISU Police Chief Bill Mercier said.

“She didn’t know what she’d tell her boyfriend,” Mercier said of the reason Conley gave for making up the rape story.Conley told investigators she had consensual sex with the man she previously claimed had raped her, Mercier said. University police cited Conley for false informing, a class-B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Conley filed her false report on Tuesday claiming that a man selling magazines in Hulman Memorial Student Union had approached her and, after a period of conversation during which the man expressed interest in seeing the campus including a residence hall, she showed the man around campus and invited him to her room where the alleged attack occurred.

As part of the investigation, university police reviewed video of people in the HMSU around the time the student said she encountered her alleged attacker. That Friday afternoon, ISU Police released an image of a “person of interest” who was wanted for questioning.

Mercier said that image was cropped by police to remove Conley from the photo of her and the man walking out of the building together. The police chief said the detective on the case noticed some inconsistencies in Conley’s description of the man in the video, such as the color of his pants.

When she was questioned again a week later about those inconsistencies, Conley admitted that her initial report was false, he said.

Conley is scheduled to appear in Terre Haute City Court on Sept. 16.

She also may face some sanctions by the university. When a student is charged with criminal activity, Mercier said, it is typical that the university will also take action involving the student.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More on boy-hating mothers

Barbara Kay has a great piece about the article on boy-hating mothers we've previously discussed here. She correctly points out that the article in question doesn't condemn the misandrists: "This article . . . was written not to bury gender hatred but to praise it. That's sick. But also a telling forensic detail in a growing body of cultural evidence proving that boys have become the West's Second Sex, and nobody seems to care about it."

Another teen female falsely accuses another innocent young man of rape to save her own skin

Members of the sexual grievance industry and rape feminists often assert that women simply would not put themselves through the ordeal entailed by making a false rape claim. (They also emphasize that the ordeal of making even legitimate rape claims is so onerous that many women simply do not report their rapes.)

There is no objectively verifiable evidence to support this assertion. None. In fact, studies on the prevalence of rape fairly prove that females lie about rape for all sorts of reasons, none of them good. And let us not mince words: the depths of human depravity to which some females sink is not merely astounding, in many cases, it is far worse than anything a young man can do to a young woman short of murder.

Take, for example, the teen female in the news story below. She was more than willing to sacrifice the life of some hapless early-20s man to save her own skin. The victim was brought in to be interviewed and was subjected to a DNA examination before it turned out his false accuser lied.

Girl, 14, arrested for false rape report

Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 6:10 AM

A 14-year-old female juvenile was arrested last Friday for filing a false police report in a rape case, Harrison Police Capt. Paul Woodruff said.Woodruff said the girl had earlier this year told police that she’d been raped by a man in his early 20s, going so far as identifying the suspect by name.

When the suspect was brought in for an interview, he denied the allegation. So, police collected a DNA sample from him to be compared with DNA evidence collected from a medical examination of the girl immediately following the alleged incident.However, police also collected a DNA sample from the girl’s boyfriend, who was about the same age as the man she’d accused, Woodruff said.

All three samples were sent to the state Crime Lab for examination.

Woodruff said the results showed a mix of two different individual’s DNA, but they belonged to the girl and her boyfriend and the alleged attacker’s DNA was not located in evidence collected from the rape kit.

Woodruff said police believe the girl had sneaked away from home that night and was caught sneaking back in, causing her to create the story about being raped.

The girl was arrested for felony filing a false police report and released to her mother, he said.


Teen admits to false sexual assault claim

Probation, her identity withheld, and she will have no record when it is all over and done with. Please explain again how this is deterrence for falsely accusing someone? Oh, sorry, she had to write a letter of apology. Yes, now that's real punishment. Can you think of any other crime where so much lip service is paid to its "seriousness," but nothing is done about it?

High school girl gets slap on wrist for false accusation

A high school girl who falsely reported she had been sexually assaulted by a classmate was put on 10 months probation Thursday in Sarnia court.

The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to making the false report to Sarnia police in the spring.

The girl and a male student went to a park near their school for consensual sexual activity before returning to school.

She later told police she had been assaulted by the boy.

A police investigation determined it was a false allegation but not before the boy was interviewed by police and the girl underwent a sexual assault examination at the hospital.

The girl admitted the allegation was false.

The girl's mental health issues played a large part in the false report, said defence lawyer Noelle Wright.

The boy had developmental issues but the girl did not take advantage of him during the incident, said Wright.

The "very disturbing" allegation was a difficult experience for the boy and caused a costly investigation, said assistant Crown attorney Aniko Coughlan.

Such false complaints undermine public trust in the justice system, said Justice Deborah Austin.

The girl apologized to the court.

Austin ordered the girl to write an apology to the boy and perform 40 hours of community service as repayment for the crime.

The letter must be delivered to her probation officer as she was ordered not to communicate with him, except for the letter.

Since the offence, the girl has left the area to receive mental health treatment.

Successful completion of the probation order will earn her a discharge that will leave her without a criminal record.

The discharge does not mean it was not a serious offence, said Austin.

The girl appreciates the seriousness of the offence, said Wright.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act prohibits publication of the girl's identity.