Thursday, September 10, 2009

Young woman tells rape lie for revenge: she was angry about a road rage incident

If you're a woman and need to get back at some guy because he cut you off in traffic or did some other nefarious thing to you on the road, the most efficent, almost surgical, way to cut off his balls (figuratively) is to accuse him of rape. Trust me, it'll mess up his life big time -- maybe cause his wife to leave him, get him fired, and reduce him to tears. It'll put him, and his entire gender, in their place!

You see, that's what Megan McLane, 18, did when she concocted a rape lie, apparently after a road rage incident. Story below.

One other important point for the raving lunatic fringe that insists recantations should be viewed as suspect: this is typical of recantation cases. The woman recanted after bing confronted with the evidence. She obviously felt it was in her best interest to do so.

Here is the news story:

Newport News woman arrested for filing false rape report

Newport News detectives have charged Megan McLane, 18, with one count of filing a false police report.

McLane had called police on Wednesday afternoon saying she had been stopped along the side of the road in the area of Jouett Drive when a man opened the car door and attacked her. McLAne said the man placing a cord around her neck and began to choke and beat her as he pulled her from the car toward a nearby wooded area. McLane stated he continued to beat her and hold her on the ground while attempting to remove her clothing. She said that once she was able to kick her assailant he left the area.

A large number of detectives, as well as forensic technicians, were sent to the area to begin processing the scene for any possible evidence and to canvass the neighborhood for possible witnesses.

McLane was taken to a local hospital for treatment of what appeared to be minor injuries. She was treated and released and was interviewed by detectives at Police Headquarters. After processing the scene, forensic technicians provided the investigating detective with photographs and other evidence pertaining to the investigation.

When confronted with the evidence and the results of the investigation to that point, McLane recanted her original statement and admitted to fabricating the story. Apparently, she was involved in an earlier road rage incident and was attempting to get the other party in trouble.

McLane was released on a summons.