Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whirl around the world of misandry in the mainstream media

We have a lot of catching up to d0 -- stories I've postponed to cover the Hofstra false rape claim (Steve is on vacation and he's going to kill me when he sees the backlog, but I thought the Hofstra story was critical.) In the meantime, here are some excerpts from some recent "news" items:

For example, there is this inanity: "Traitors to the cause of white male privilege, there are quite a few unsung men of feminist values in the world. So why aren’t we singing the praises of these too few good men? Patriarchy is a system that is a “beast” and doesn’t reward the boys that bite the hand that feeds it."

And you know about the matriarchies, don't you? "The rules at Tumai [Kenya] are very simple. To live here, women have to be divorced. The women can live with their children, regardless of whether they are boys or girls. However sons, once they attain 16 years of age, will have to leave the village either to find jobs for themselves or migrate for higher studies. . . . . But despite liberating themselves from men, these women do not wish to be labelled as man haters. Clarifies Ferroukhi, 'These women are not against men. They are against cruelty and often violent attempts by the husband to dominate them.' . . . . It is Ferroukhi's sensitivity to the ideas of social justice that inspires her to study matriarchy. . . . She read about pre-historic societies before the practice of monotheistic religions which tended to be more egalitarian simply because women were in charge."

A writer addresses Kenyan men and boys: "I want to address this piece to men and boys, although I would love women and girls to read it too. I am writing to men and boys because they are the primary perpetrators of gender-based violence. They are socialised by patriarchy – rule by men – to abuse women, and to treat them as chattel."

One of feminism's useful male idiots writes: "As a nation, it is vital that we ramp up efforts to educate boys and men about patriarchy, sexism, male privilege, and how men's violence against women is ultimately about men maintaining power and control over female bodies. . . . . Educating boys and men in prevention programs is one of the keys to drastically reducing all forms of gender violence. Men, this has to stop. Men's violence against women is pervasive worldwide, and we can no longer deflect this issue onto women as if they are the cause of the problem and should fix it by themselves. . . . ."

And then there's this insanity, that decries the "strategy" to say women are treated markedly better in the US than some other countries: "It's a strategy that offends feminists like me, who see a continuum between domestic violence at home and overseas, who could relate to the isolation that rape victims in these cultures feel and who see links between pay equity issues in the west and the belief that Kristof and WuDunn chronicle in many cultures that men deserve to own the higher payout crops and boys deserve more food."