Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Virginia fights to keep boy on sex registry after his accuser admits he didn't rape her

The news story below this comment is for the good people in Virginia.

Please know, proud Virginians, that your civil servants in the state's Attorney General's office are fighting for you! They are putting their best and brightest minds to work to keep a boy from clearing his name from a sex offender registry after his accuser admitted he didn't rape her.

This, of course, is an entirely prudent use of precious taxpayer resources to protect Virginia's fragile young women from boys who don't rape. After all, rapists or not, they are still boys.

Why stop there? Why not force the creature to live thousands of feet away from schools, libraries, bus stops and every other place where Virginia's precious, beloved children congregate (otherwise known as "civilization") and exile him to live with real sex offenders and lunatics in the forest or under a highway overpass -- where he will almost certainly become the victim of the very act his false accuser admits he did not do.

Ha ha! That will tame his natural male predatory instincts! After all, Virginia's daughters will only be safe when Virginia's sons have been beaten down and emasculated.

State gets more time to answer recant suit

The Virginia Attorney General's office has been given an extension of its deadline for responding to a civil suit filed by a former Aquia Harbour teen currently on the state sex offender registry for a rape his accuser says didn't happen.

The boy, who is now 18, sued the state Department of Juvenile Justice in an effort to clear his name of his convictions and get his name off the public registry.

The attorney general's office is representing the Department of Juvenile Justice and has until Nov. 4 to file its response in Stafford Circuit Court. The lawsuit was filed Aug. 18, and a response was originally due last Friday. The boy's attorneys agreed to the delay that was requested by the attorney general's office.

--Pamela Gould