Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prescription drugs excuse woman from making a false rape report

Remember the feminist outrage (I know, I know -- adding "outrage" after the word "feminist" is superfluous -- how about we call it, "greater feminist outrage than usual"?) over the cases where men successfully used sleepwalking as a defense for rape? There were enraged hissy fits of incredulity, and every radical feminist -- even the many who likely had never seen a penis in person -- suddenly became an authority on the physical abilities of phalluses while their owners slept. "Not possible," they cried! "It's just another patriarchal excuse for men to rape!"

You see, Sexsomnia, like false rape claims, is a myth -- but rape trauma syndrome, suddenly recalled repressed memories of long ago rapes, the "fact" that it is common for women not to report a violent crime or not to report it until long after the act -- all those things must be accepted as Gospel Truth.

And every man who's been forced to sit through college orientation where the evils of maleness are graphically spelled out (while they wonder why in the hell they chose to attend college) knows that men can't use intoxication as a defense to rape. If both a man and a woman get drunk and decide to have sex, he's a rapist who might spend years in prison and thereafter be forced to register as a sex offender forever, and she's another rape victim -- even if she intended to get drunk and have sex, and even if she initiated the sex act.

One can only imagine how the screeching hens would react if a man tried to cite his prescription drug use as a defense to a rape charge.

In short, in this zero tolerance age for all things involving men and sex, no excuse for "rape" is deemed acceptable; men are expected to be in full control of their clear and rational faculties at all times even though women aren't. *******************************************************
Contrast that zero tolerance approach to men with the one that applies to women. Every exucse for not charging women with false reporting of rape is trotted out. Crystal Gail Mangum was too mentally deranged to charge, we were told -- only later did we see her graduate from college and write a book about her "rape."

And then there's this one from four years ago: Sacramento Sheriff's Deputy Lisa Gargano called a fellow deputy to report a man had broken into her home and attempted to rape her, according to sources. "The response was massive. A helicopter, K9 units, sexual assault detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, . . . and a throng of patrol units . . . sped to scene, according to the sources. They said one deputy was injured when he crashed his patrol car on his way there. A perimeter was established, and deputies combed the neighborhood in search of a suspect matching Gargano's description of her attacker. Deputies questioned and released a man who fit the description, one source said. But in the course of the investigation, detectives found no evidence to support Gargano's claims, according to two of the sources. She eventually told them she had been using prescription drugs, including the sleep-aid Ambien, and could have been hallucinating, the sources said."

Was Ms. Gargano charged with making a false rape report for the incident in question? Of course not. "Asked whether Gargano's actions could have been construed as making a false police report, [Sheriff] McGinness said there was no evidence to support such a charge. 'You'd have to have evidence to indicate that the suspect knowingly filed a false police report,' he said." In fact, Gargano was not even disciplined for her action.

Why was I thinking about Ms. Gargano today? Well, she's back in the news: "Gargano, now 37 and still a sheriff's deputy, was arrested this week on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs after police said she slammed her sport-utility vehicle into a Natomas Starbucks, injuring an elderly woman and an employee. She was off-duty at the time." Moreover: "Law enforcement sources said earlier this week that Gargano had been using prescription drugs for years, following several on-duty injuries. At least once, they said, department officials required her to attend a drug rehabilitation program."

Nice, isn't it? Now imagine the reaction of the radical feminist community if a rapist were excused from being charged because he'd been taking prescription drugs, and further imagine that several years later the man was involved in another criminal incident that he blamed on prescription drugs. Can anyone guess the feminist reaction?