Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off-topic, politically incorrect, and inspiring: Guys are not always the villians, but they are almost always the heroes

High school football star Kaleb Eulls saved the lives of 22 students when a 14-year old female student boarded his school bus armed with a .380 semi-automatic handgun threatening to shoot. "I just tried to talk to her and calm her down," said the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Eulls. "She was just getting louder and louder. I guess for a quick second she looked out the window and when she did that I just sprung at her. I just knocked her down and got the gun away from her. When I got the gun I ran out the back door and disarmed it."

And read this: "He made the statement to one of my deputies that if she was going to shoot anyone he would rather she shoot him. Watching him do that and him doing such a heroic act and not even caring about his own safety, that's something you don't see every day."

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