Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kristie Bauman pleads not guilty to filing a false report of rape on Slippery Elm Trail

Thankfully, the man in this case was able to prove he was elsewhere when the "rape" occurred. And to trot out the standard 'rape industry' line: of course she pled not guilty, what do you expect a criminal to do?

Kristie Bauman pleads not guilty to filing false rape

A Weston woman plead not guilty this morning to charges related to falsely reporting being raped at the Slippery Elm Trail.

Kristie Bauman, 33, appeared this morning in Bowling Green Municipal Court on charges of falsification and of inducing panic in connection with an assault she reported in April that the Wood County Sheriff's Office maintains did not occur. She told law enforcement officials that a man, possibly wearing gray shorts, had assaulted her while she was jogging between Bowling Green and Rudolph on April 26.

City Prosecutor Matthew Reger said, during the course of the investigation, the then-accused offender provided documentation that he was at another location at the time of the reported incident. Bauman then confessed to fabricating the report, he said.

Reger said she was charged with inducing panic for falsely reporting that the crime occurred at a public place and may have subsequently scared people into avoiding the trail.

According to the court, a public defender will represent her case. An initial appearance hearing with attorney is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 26.