Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hofstra students minimize false rape

This is the mugshot of one of the five young men falsely accused of rape by 18-year-old Hofstra University Freshman Danmell Ndonye. His name is Stalin Felipe. He is 19 years old, and the fear on his face is not only palpable but perfectly understandable. We reported the story here. Mr. Felipe and three other men were arrested and jailed until Ndonye finally recanted.

Look at his face. Study it. Remember it. Think about those eyes as you read the rest of this disgusting story. Now we see this report. Trigger warning: this contains some outrageous comments minimizing the seriousness of false rape claims:

At Hofstra on Thursday, lots of students were asking questions, like why Ndoye would make up the story of being gang-raped and whether she should be charged with a crime.

'I'm not sure she should be charged with a crime, but she should be charged with something. She freaked out the whole campus," said freshman Amelia Yu.

'It's not right for her to lie about them.'

'There's definitely an apology that needs to be in there,' said freshman India Nelson.

'But a crime? Probably not.' Hofstra officials have not said if Ndoye will face disciplinary action."

Excuse my language, but what in the fuck is wrong with these two women? One is "not sure" if the false accuser should be charged with a crime; the other says "probably not."

For a crime that nearly destroyed the lives of four young men? For a crime that will trail these young men for the rest of their lives?

(Calm down, Pierce. Calm down. They're not responsible for what they say. It's the estrogen talking -- after having been conditioned for forty years by anti-intellectual, man-hating, radical gender feminism.)

Let me put their idiocy, their misandry, into perspective. In 2003, a 16-year-old Maryland boy named Maouloud Baby was convicted of raping an 18-year-old woman in the back of her car. The woman testified that she told the boy he could have sex with her if he stopped when she told him to, but she claimed that when she yelled for him to stop, he continued for five to 10 seconds. Then he stopped. He did not ejaculate but withdrew. He and his "victim" drove to a McDonalds, hugged, she gave him her phone number, and he left. The boy was convicted of first degree rape and other offenses for delaying withdrawal for as little as five seconds -- five seconds, by the accuser's own testimony. (An appellate court initially overturned the conviction because that court read state law to preclude withdrawal of consent during the sex act, but the state's Court of appeals said that the appellate court was wrong -- consent may be withdrawn during the act, and it remanded the case for a new trial.)

In the Hofstra false rape case, four young men were jailed for twenty-two hours and subjected to almost unspeakable anxiety. The long-term repercussions of their ordeal may never fully disappear from their lives. Until the day they die, this false allegation likely will be the defining event in their lives.

Get it? Five seconds versus twenty-two hours.

And Hofstra students don't think, or aren't sure if, her failure to spare these men from their ordeal, or to release them from the hell she created, is a crime?

When the genders are reversed, a delay in withdrawing from intercourse for FIVE SECONDS is a first degree felony. But when a women delays in withdrawing a false rape claim for twenty-two hours, when all the while she had the power to release her victims from their torment, that isn't even a crime? And that really gets to the heart of the matter. Our twisted society insists that women belong on pedestals. It jails young men based on nothing more than their say-so. Four men swear no rape occurred, but since one woman says it did, they are jailed. Let us be honest, gentlemen, this society doesn't give a flying fuck about our young men. It's about time somebody said it with the balls to go head-to-head with these misandrist banshees and their useful idiot chivalrous male fucks. Yes, you know who you are.

Time to declare war on the whole group of them, gentlemen. I'm mad, and I'm not letting up.

h/t to one of our favorite readers, slwerner, for the news story.