Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hofstra false rape case: Prof. KC Johnson on the attack

Prof. KC Johnson, guru of the Duke Lacrosse fales rape spectacle, is following Hofstra, and among other things, he writes:

"[T]he New York Times covered the accuser’s recantation in an article penned by Anahad O’Connor. O’Connor’s article shielded Ndonye’s name, yet included the names and ages of the four men she falsely accused. Even assuming that a rationale exists for shielding the names of false accusers (which is quite a stretch in and of itself), what possible rationale could exist for not reporting the name of the false accuser while simultaneously reporting the names of the people she falsely accused? I e-mailed O’Connor for comment, but have not received a reply; if I do, I will post it."

You want to know why Ms. O'Connor didn't write back? Because she knows that by any reasonable measure, the practice Prof. Johnson complained of is wholly indefensible. It is a sorry vestige of radical feminism that purports to empower women by pretending they are powerless. It is yet one more example of a wrongheaded, politicized policy that treats the falsely accused as collateral damage in "the more important" war on rape.