Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a girl

I have long believed that if only it were possible to have every male in our society above a certain age falsely accused of rape, it would end, once and for all, the rape hysteria that has gripped Western Civilization and that renders every allegation of sexual assault instantaneously plausible, regardless of how far-fetched it might be. Virtually everyone aside from the most extreme radical feminists would realize that the claims must be false, and thereafter, we would evaluate every claim of rape with objectivity, realizing that it might be true, and it might be false.

Maybe the Glenn Beck rape rumor is the next best thing? I could only wish.

The Beck rumor is absurd on its face and not worthy of serious discussion; but it is, nevertheless, being spread across the Internet by persons who would gladly see Mr. Beck destroyed.

It is a kind of microcosm of what goes on in our culture every day, but the victims are usually men and boys who are not in the public limelight. Once unleashed, a rape lie can destroy lives with a stunning, tragic completeness. Men and boys falsely accused of rape have been beaten, have been fired from their jobs, have seen their businesses destroyed, and have lost their wives and girlfriends. And, yes, some are killed and even kill themselves. The mere accusation of rape is enough to convict the accused in the court of last resort -- the Internet, the dinner table in every home across the nation, the proverbial water cooler -- where wagging tongues are happy to assume the guilt of any male accused of rape.

If you think it's not a serious problem, you need to spend several days reviewing the true life false rape cases that we cover on this site every day. You need to understand that every single serious and objective study of the problem indicates it's a serious problem.

There is one important difference between the Beck false claim and the ones we routinely cover here: the Beck claim is absurd on its face and no sane person believes it. The ones we cover here are often just as far-fetched, but too often, people accept them as as true.