Thursday, September 3, 2009

Epidemic: Three false reports at WSU in the first week of school

Before you read the remarkable news account below, note the following: large American universities typically don't have more than a handful of reports of alleged sexual assaults during an entire school year. WSU had three during the first week of school -- and they were all false.

When rape counselors claim that women typically don't come forward to report actual rapes out of fear, how do they account for the fact that so many false accusers do come forward? Why are the actual victims supposedly too afraid to come forward, but the liars are not? I have never, ever, heard an explanation for that query, plausible or otherwise, and I follow the false rape phenomenon very closely. It undercuts the argument of rampant underreporting.

In any event, WSU's president offered a reward of his own money to catch the "rapist" but after it turned out there was no rapist, the police say that the police and and the Women's Resource Center will keep the money as a possible reward in the future. You know, for when a real rapist comes along. If and when that might occur. As one commentator to the story correctly noted: "Instead of keeping the money for the Women's Resource Center' they should use it as seed money for a 'Men's Resource Center'. The men were the real victims in this case." And that's entirely correct. Even though, fortunately, no hapless male was nabbed here, hapless males are often nabbed in false rape lies. Sometimes they are arrested, tried, and convicted. And most of the time, something bad happens to hapless males nabbed in rape lies -- their lives are always turned upside down. Some lose their wives, their girlfriends, their friends, their businesses, their jobs, and their money defending the false claim. Some are beaten, chased, spat upon, and even killed. Some kill themselves.

But beyond this and almost always overlooked, rape lies slander an entire gender -- a gender that could certainly use a little good public relations right about now -- since they foment more of the same old Chicken Little fear mongering that portrays males as dreaded predators. Sadly, this unwarranted fear mongering has become a hallmark of our culture. The reason false rape claims are so prevalent is that the liars know all too well that all they need do is cry "rape" and everyone will believe them because men and teen boys have become society's bogeymen.

And make no mistake, the public will remember the fear associated with the rape claim a lot longer than it will remember that the claim turned out to be a lie.


All 3 reports of assaults at WSU false

PULLMAN, Wash. - - Washington State University police say all three reports of females being attacked on campus during the first week of school are false.

Tuesday, officers say the woman who reported the second attack recanted her story during an interview on Monday night.

Reports of the first attack and third attack, which came from the same woman, were recanted last week.

Officers say the woman who reported the first and third attacks and the woman who reported the second attack did not know each other. Officers have not said what, if any, charges the women may face.

When news of the attacks first spread as the '09-'10 school year began, WSU President Elson Floyd contributed $5,000 of his own money as a reward to anyone who helped catch the suspect.
WSU Police now say that money will stay with their department and the Women's Resource Center as a possible reward in the future.