Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40 lashes, 2-year jail for Pak woman for 'false' rape charge

While I think 40 lashes is a little extreme, it appears that Pakistan takes these things much more seriously than do western societies.

Woman gets 2 years and 40 lashes for false accusation.

Lahore: A Pakistani court has awarded 40 lashes and two years' rigorous imprisonment to a 32-year-old woman under the controversial 'Hudood' law for "falsely" accusing two men of raping her.

The charge levelled by Abida Bibi, the wife of a labourer from Layyah, located 175 kms from here, against the two men was proved to be false in a court.

Sessions Judge Sadaqatullah Khan said in a judgement issued yesterday that Abida had levelled a false allegation of zina or forcible fornication against the two men. She was therefore guilty under the provision of the Hudood Ordinance related to qazf or false accusation of fornication, he said.

The judge sentenced Abida to rigorous imprisonment for two years and 40 lashes. "The punishment of whipping shall be imposed after confirmation of the sentence by the appellate court. She is liable to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation to the complainant," the judge said.

Abida had filed a petition in the district court in Layyah alleging that four men Saeedullah,
Sajjad, Ghulam Yasen and Sharif had entered her house on July 6, 2008 when her husband was
away. She said Saeedullah and Sajjad raped her while the other two stood guard.

On the direction of the court, police had registered a case against the men.

While recording her statement with police, Abida changed her stance and levelled charges of attempted rape instead of rape.

Sajjad, one of the accused, moved an application in court that said he had been implicated in the case and sought action against Abida.