Sunday, August 30, 2009

'. . . Women are essentially encouraged to make false accusations of rape for political reasons . . . .'

Wow! The headline for this post -- shocking and true -- is from from Barbara C. Johnson's book, "Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice" (2009). She says we are living in the Age of Feminist Hysteria and Feminine Rebellion, and, of course, she is right. She correctly notes that being sorry or angry after a night of passion is not rape.

Here are some excerpts from her book, at pages 128-29: "But as bad as rape is, and whatever the cause, it is not as bad as an innocent man being sent to jail for 20 years for a crime he did not commit. Unfortunately, false and mistaken accusations of rape are not uncommon. . . . .

"Despite these high false-accusation rate figures, men are often assumed to be guilty on the basis of a simple accusation of a woman. A man who attempts to defend himself is often prevented from doing so by rape shield laws, which prevent him from presenting exculpatory evidence. Even worse, as some well-publicized cases have shown, women who knowingly make false accusations of rape are not prosecuted. Essentially, they are given a free pass for committing a crime.

"The result is that the credibility of real rape victims is destroyed. Since the rate of false rape accusations is so high, and since false accusations are not prosecuted, women are essentially encouraged to make false accusations of rape for political reasons, and the public has no way of knowing whether a rape accusation is real or not.

"Court reform should include the following two initiatives with regard to rape: Additional protections for men, to allow an adequate defense against false charges of rape. Prosecution of women who, knowingly and maliciously, make false charges of rape"

Ms. Johnson's book touches on a variety of subjects. Among other things, she labels college hearings on date rape allegations "Kangaroo courts" where young men are deprived of legal representation. She is absolutely correct. She concludes: "Emotionally, these hearings and the hysteria of society are putting young men in a position where they are afraid to trust young women."

Ms. Johnson, you are extremely perceptive to pick up on the trust issue. I know this for a fact from my legal practice and my work here at False Rape Society.

What a frightening picture Ms. Johnson paints. Frightening, because it is completely accurate.