Friday, August 7, 2009

Rape lie a 'cry for help,' says false accuser

Comment: The news story below this comment illustrates one of the most common motivations for rape lies: a cry for attention. Prof. Kanin's landmark rape study of a Midwestern town had this to say about such motivations: "Attention/Sympathy-Getting Device. Although this device seems to be the most extravagant use for which a false rape charge is made, it is also the most socially harmless in that no one was identified as therapist. Approximately 18% . . . of the false charges clearly served this function. "

We would add, however, that on this website we sometimes report on cases where rape lies made for attention spiral out of control, and innocent men or boys are nabbed in the web of deceit created by the false accuser. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a hapless male questioned, then arrested and charged for a rape claim that turns out to be a plea for attention. Try to imagine the terror of not knowing if you will spend years in prison, your life essentially destroyed, all because of a lie. Try to imagine the outrage. In fact, unless you've lived through it, it is an unimaginable horror.

In addition, these cries for attention often put entire towns in fear. And sadly, some people use the fear engendered by a rape lie as a warning -- not about false rape claims but about an entirely different crime: rape -- thus, rape lies are used to foment further rape hysteria.


Aberdeen woman made false rape claim

Allegation was ‘cry for help’

By Kevin Duguid and Catherine Shanks
Published: 05/08/2009

AN ABERDEEN woman who sparked a major police investigation after she falsely accused her former partner of rape today apologised.

Elizabeth Christie, 30, told a detective at Aberdeen’s Grampian Police Headquarters she had been raped by Angus Reid, known as Greig.

Mr Greig was investigated and ordered to appear at a preliminary hearing at the High Court in Aberdeen.

But the accusations against him were not true.

Christie admitted making the false claims when she appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Christie today said she made the allegation after suffering a nervous breakdown.

She also said it was a “cry for help” to her family who she said don’t speak to her.

She said: “I realised I shouldn’t have made the statement and I wrote a letter stating I couldn’t go through with the charges, then police charged me.”

Christie said she wanted to put right the mistakes she made.

She said: “I would apologise to my former partner. I did waste a lot of time because CID and forensics were involved.

“It was guilt that made me come clean and I wasn’t sleeping.

“I was getting calls from the police and the procurator fiscal and it was getting to me and so I had to confess.”

Sentence was deferred for reports, including a psychiatric report.

Christie, whose address was given in court papers as 6F Park Street, Aberdeen, is due to appear in court for sentencing next month.