Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jonny Evans: false rape accusation has made me more wary of people

I'll Let Jonny's words speak for themselves.

Jonny Evans tells what false rape accusation had done to him.

Northern Ireland and Manchester United star Jonny Evans has told how he is “more wary of people” after being falsely accused of rape.

The 21-year-old Belfast lad said he was forced to grow up fast after being arrested and held in police cells when a 26-year-old woman claimed she had been seriously sexually assaulted at an exclusive party at a Manchester city hotel in December 2007.

The rape allegations were made after a 13-hour party for the entire Manchester United squad and other guests, which included Christmas lunch and burlesque dancers at a casino, and drinks at a bar owned by a soap opera star.

Jonny, who was 19-years-old at the time, voluntarily presented himself to police investigating the allegation. He was arrested and released on bail. But soon after the case was dropped when the Crown Prosecution Service found insufficient evidence to substantiate the rape claim.

Speaking candidly to our sister paper Sunday Life, Jonny revealed: “It has made me a lot more wary of people.

“I think it’s made me grow up and made me realise how much people can get sucked into things.”