Monday, August 31, 2009

Girl cries rape to skip exam

So to get out of taking an exam, young women file a false report. Get it? And this one won't face any punishment. Nice to see law enforcement letting criminals loose.

Girl receives no punishment for false report

Chennai: The Coimbatore police, who were probing an alleged abduction and sexual harassment case filed by a minor girl, have now discovered she had cooked up the tale to avoid taking an exam. In addition, they have now arrested her 20-year-old cousin brother for having a sexual relationship with her for the past one year.

The 16-year-old girl studying in Std XII told the police last Friday that she was abducted by a spurned lover and his three friends. She had been driven around the city and raped, before being dropped her off near her school, she said.

But the police have now learnt the story was made up and no such boy existed.

The truth stumbles out

The police said the girl had actually got off at a stop near her school and then walked around. On the way, she bought a blade, inflicted injuries to her stomach and then went to school with her false story.

“People in the vicinity from where she claimed to have been kidnapped, told us that they hadn’t noticed any suspicious behaviour. It’s a busy area and a kidnapping would not have gone unnoticed,” said Inspector R Nehru of Saibaba Colony police station.

After grilling the girl and her cousin brother on Sunday night, they learnt the truth. “She had not prepared for her economics exam and was afraid her cousin brother would scold her. Hence, she cooked up the story,” Nehru said.

On further interrogation, the girl revealed that she had been physically intimate with the cousin brother for a year. Police arrested her brother on Monday and booked him for rape.

Ironically, it was her cousin brother who had encouraged her to lodge the police complaint. The youth works as a consultant at a private company and has applied for a job with the Indian Railways.

The girl’s parents live in Salem. She has been statying with her cousin’s house for the last 15 months. “

The girl could have been arrested for giving false evidence before a police officer, but she was let off since she is a minor,” Nehru said.