Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disgusting: Two 10-year-old boys placed in foster homes, forced to wear ankle bracelets for alleged 'gang rape'

Read it here. "Two 10-year-old boys charged in the alleged gang-rape of an 8-year-old Liberian girl must be released from juvenile detention and placed in therapeutic foster-care homes, judges ruled Tuesday. . . . . Both boys must wear ankle bracelets to electronically monitor them while they are out of custody, and their families must surrender travel documents."

Taken from their homes . . . forced to wear ankle bracelets . . . . Because at ten-years-old, Ithey are such an enormous threat to the public safety!

Grown women can destroy men's lives with rape lies -- and I mean destroy -- and they are not treated like this.

The punitive treatment of even boys for alleged rape is disgusting, and unfair. It needs to end.