Monday, August 31, 2009

Brilliant article destroys claim that shooting of three Pittsburgh women is symptomatic of societal misogyny

". . . the reaction from some corners of the web, and at least from several sections of the city, seemed to me tantamount to suggesting that George Sodini’s rampage would have been more palatable, or at least somehow less objectionable, if he’d just stopped to shoot a couple of men too."

Aren't we all more than a little fed up with painfully dishonest gynocentrism that manufactures misogyny oozing from every crevice? This is a must read piece from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's site about the recent shooting of three women in Western Pennsylvania. Predictably, the sexual grievance industry jumped on the incident as supposed "proof" of the hatred of women in our culture, but the piece destroys that claim. I won't even try to summarize it -- it is too well written for me to do that.