Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another alleged college rape that just didn't happen

On Thursday, August 13, 2009, reported matter-of-factly: "Woman sexually assaulted at knifepoint on East Stroudsburg University campus." Here is what the story said:

"Police are looking for an unidentified man who sexually assaulted a woman at knifepoint this morning on the East Stroudsburg University campus.

"The assault occurred at 11:30 in student parking area A on South Green Street, according to a Pocono Record report. The area is known as "The Pit" among ESU students, the report says.'

"The suspect is described as a 6-foot tall white male with brown hair, the report says. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue raincoat. The report did not say if the victim is an East Stroudsburg student.

"A ticker on the university homepage notifies visitors of the sexual assault and asks people to report suspicious persons or vehicles to university police. Anyone with information is asked to call university police at 570-422-2000."

Let us stop and consider what the story did not say. The story did not say that an "alleged" rape occurred. Or that the only evidence for the alleged rape was the word of just one student without any corroborating evidence to substantiate it. Or that the accuser was having personal problems. Nope. The newspaper reported this alleged rape as if it certainly occurred. Like everything else in the newspaper, most people likely assumed without thinking about it that the report passed editorial review and that the information was accurate and substantiated. The fact that every unbiased study ever conducted on false rape claims shows the they are a serious problem, with objective studies putting false claims between 40 and 60 percent of all rape claims, suggests that any rape claim supported by nothing more than the word of the accuser should be liberally peppered with "alleged," if it is reported at all, doesn't it? Of course it does.

For example, would the newspaper run with a story asserting with certainty that a UFO was spotted if the sole evidence was the word of a college student? Of course not.

And the report made sure to foment a little old fashioned rape hysteria. If you happened to be a six-foot-tall white male with brown hair after the report came out, probably everyone you knew gave at least a passing thought to the possibility that you were a vicious rapist. Probably everywhere you walked, women were looking at you as a possibly "suspicious" character. Women, as is always the case in these stories, were not among the usual suspects.

Well, we all know what happened. The alleged rape turned out to be a lie. Here is a news story on the allege rape in another publication printed last Friday:

Police: Woman lied about rape at East Stroudsburg University

A 22-year-old East Stroudsburg University student admitted lying about being raped at knifepoint on campus Aug. 13 because she was not doing well in school and having personal problems, state police at Fern Ridge said.

The woman initially said she was walking to her car in the parking lot at 11:15 a.m. Aug. 13 when a man with a knife grabbed her from behind, forced her into the bushes and raped her. She has since recanted her statement and said the problems she had been having led her to file a false report, according to police. Police will now see if she should be charged with filing a false report to law enforcement.

An ESU spokesman on Thursday night declined comment, citing he hadn't seen the police report. No further details could be obtained Thursday night.


This report adds the following details:

In making the original rape report, police said, the woman described her attacker with details.

She also was taken to Pocono Medical Center to receive treatment for a sexual assault.After the incident, the university police urged students, faculty and visitors to exercise ''extreme caution'' and report any suspicious people or vehicles on campus.

Police said they will now consider filing charges against the woman for making false reports to law enforcement authorities.,0,4843887.story

So what to make of it all? I have several questions: First, why is the criminal not named? Men accused of rape are routinely named, and their lives often destroyed beyond repair, based on the say-so of a lone female accuser. Here a woman admits she lied, and she's still treated as a rape victim because she is shrouded in anonymity. Second, where does this crime pop up on the local police stats? My guess is it doesn't pop up at all because it's not even regarded as a "real" crime. Third, when did you ever read about a rapist's personal problems in a story reporting a rape? So why should we read about a false rape accuser's personal problems? And fourth, why is there even a question about whether this woman should be charged for her crime?

It is well to note that innumerable men and boys have been questioned, arrested, charged, tried and convicted based on lies like this. The fact that it didn't happen here is a happy fortuity.

More generally, and more important: how many college women are actually raped? I mean, seriously, putting aside all the radical feminist cowshit about one-in-four and all the other unsubstantiated urban myths (and, yes, dear feminists, that one-in-four is a lie). From every reliable source we can gather, not very many. For example, over three years, the East Stroudsburg Police Department reported just one alleged rape at the school. How much do you want to bet that one didn't occur, either? That's on a campus of between 7,500 to over 8,000 persons, most likely, the majority female. How does that translate into "one-in-four"? Of course it doesn't, so the radical feminists have to invent underreporting of Biblical proportions to explain this purported rampant rape. We've proven on this site that the radical feminist standard "statistics" for underreporting are wildly inconsistent with their standard "statistics" for the prevalence of rape. You see, radical feminists dominate the civil discourse on rape to the point that they can't even be bothered to make their lies plausible. Either that or they are as dumb as lamp posts.

On the other hand, how many college women lie about being raped? From every reliable source we can gather, more than are actually raped.

For your hardcore radical feminists having a conniption over the aforementioned assertions, your anger is, of course, woefully misplaced. First, spend a couple of days reviewing the objectively verifiable data and other reliable sources strewn about this Web site for information about the prevalence of rape. You might learn something. The one-in-four stat is a fabrication, one of the great urban myths of our time. There is not now and there has never been any support for it. Second, instead of stomping your foot and having a hissy fit because I would deny the accuracy of a feminist mantra that happens to be a lie, you would do well to direct your fury not at me, or the innumerable phantom rapists that you've conjured up in your heads. Instead, your efforts would be better spent doing everything in your power to transform the lie that "women don't lie about rape" into the truth. How? You need to teach women, such as the woman in the story above, to stop lying about rape. You need to insist that women who do lie about rape are not coddled and pitied but are punished to the point that other would-be liars will be deterred.

In short, you need to take your fucking heads out of the sand and stop pretending you can wish away false rape claims just by claiming they are a myth. You are hurting innocent men and boys, and you are hurting actual rape victims that you supposely are trying to help.