Friday, August 28, 2009

Anatomy of a recantation of a rape claim: the affidavit of probable cause for college woman who lied that she was raped

A college student in Pennsylvania named Laura Elizabeth Gruver lied that she was raped because she was trying to take the focus away from failing out of two schools and other problems she was having. Here is the affidavit of probable cause by a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Anyone who thinks that recantations are inherently suspect needs to read this. The police couldn't have acted any more impartially.

The affidavit also underscores something that some of us might minimize: the great effort police are forced to expend just to do their job to investigate rape claims.

Ms. Gruver's parents are to be commended here. They did the right thing in driving Ms. Gruver back to the police barracks when they learned she lied. We forget that the parents of false accusers are often the ones who encourage the truth to come out, and their pain must be awful.