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Brilliant article destroys claim that shooting of three Pittsburgh women is symptomatic of societal misogyny

". . . the reaction from some corners of the web, and at least from several sections of the city, seemed to me tantamount to suggesting that George Sodini’s rampage would have been more palatable, or at least somehow less objectionable, if he’d just stopped to shoot a couple of men too."

Aren't we all more than a little fed up with painfully dishonest gynocentrism that manufactures misogyny oozing from every crevice? This is a must read piece from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's site about the recent shooting of three women in Western Pennsylvania. Predictably, the sexual grievance industry jumped on the incident as supposed "proof" of the hatred of women in our culture, but the piece destroys that claim. I won't even try to summarize it -- it is too well written for me to do that.

Double standard: the media attention given to Jaycee Lee Dugard contrasted with that given to Dwayne Dail

By now, everyone has heard the ghastly story of Jaycee Lee Dugard's 18 year captivity by a convicted sexual predator.

But how many people have ever heard of Dwayne Dail? Did Dwayne Dail's story ever assume national prominence? Mr. Dail was wrongly incarcerated for -- you guessed it -- 18 years, for an alleged rape he didn't commit. While in prison, he was subjected to almost unspeakable atrocities. Among other things, he was repeatedly victimized by the very crime for which he was incarcerated but did not commit.

You see, Mr. Dail was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences plus 18 years for good measure all because a girl claimed he looked like the man who supposedly raped her. That's right: a 12-year-old girl pointed the finger of guilt at Dwayne Dail, and that was enough to destroy him.

I'll bet that if it weren't for this blog, most of you never would have heard about Dwayne Dail.

Other men have served even longer sentences for rapes they didn't commit. While their releases from captivity are reported by the news media, there is precisely zero national fascination with their ordeals, and few people pay any attention to their stories.

The nation is rightfully outraged about Ms. Dugard's captivity. Yet somehow we find a far more common sort of captivity, a captivity that is also atrocious, acceptable. It's the captivity that results when alleged rape victims use the state apparatus to destroy the lives of innocent men and boys.

Girl cries rape to skip exam

So to get out of taking an exam, young women file a false report. Get it? And this one won't face any punishment. Nice to see law enforcement letting criminals loose.

Girl receives no punishment for false report

Chennai: The Coimbatore police, who were probing an alleged abduction and sexual harassment case filed by a minor girl, have now discovered she had cooked up the tale to avoid taking an exam. In addition, they have now arrested her 20-year-old cousin brother for having a sexual relationship with her for the past one year.

The 16-year-old girl studying in Std XII told the police last Friday that she was abducted by a spurned lover and his three friends. She had been driven around the city and raped, before being dropped her off near her school, she said.

But the police have now learnt the story was made up and no such boy existed.

The truth stumbles out

The police said the girl had actually got off at a stop near her school and then walked around. On the way, she bought a blade, inflicted injuries to her stomach and then went to school with her false story.

“People in the vicinity from where she claimed to have been kidnapped, told us that they hadn’t noticed any suspicious behaviour. It’s a busy area and a kidnapping would not have gone unnoticed,” said Inspector R Nehru of Saibaba Colony police station.

After grilling the girl and her cousin brother on Sunday night, they learnt the truth. “She had not prepared for her economics exam and was afraid her cousin brother would scold her. Hence, she cooked up the story,” Nehru said.

On further interrogation, the girl revealed that she had been physically intimate with the cousin brother for a year. Police arrested her brother on Monday and booked him for rape.

Ironically, it was her cousin brother who had encouraged her to lodge the police complaint. The youth works as a consultant at a private company and has applied for a job with the Indian Railways.

The girl’s parents live in Salem. She has been statying with her cousin’s house for the last 15 months. “

The girl could have been arrested for giving false evidence before a police officer, but she was let off since she is a minor,” Nehru said.


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'. . . Women are essentially encouraged to make false accusations of rape for political reasons . . . .'

Wow! The headline for this post -- shocking and true -- is from from Barbara C. Johnson's book, "Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice" (2009). She says we are living in the Age of Feminist Hysteria and Feminine Rebellion, and, of course, she is right. She correctly notes that being sorry or angry after a night of passion is not rape.

Here are some excerpts from her book, at pages 128-29: "But as bad as rape is, and whatever the cause, it is not as bad as an innocent man being sent to jail for 20 years for a crime he did not commit. Unfortunately, false and mistaken accusations of rape are not uncommon. . . . .

"Despite these high false-accusation rate figures, men are often assumed to be guilty on the basis of a simple accusation of a woman. A man who attempts to defend himself is often prevented from doing so by rape shield laws, which prevent him from presenting exculpatory evidence. Even worse, as some well-publicized cases have shown, women who knowingly make false accusations of rape are not prosecuted. Essentially, they are given a free pass for committing a crime.

"The result is that the credibility of real rape victims is destroyed. Since the rate of false rape accusations is so high, and since false accusations are not prosecuted, women are essentially encouraged to make false accusations of rape for political reasons, and the public has no way of knowing whether a rape accusation is real or not.

"Court reform should include the following two initiatives with regard to rape: Additional protections for men, to allow an adequate defense against false charges of rape. Prosecution of women who, knowingly and maliciously, make false charges of rape"

Ms. Johnson's book touches on a variety of subjects. Among other things, she labels college hearings on date rape allegations "Kangaroo courts" where young men are deprived of legal representation. She is absolutely correct. She concludes: "Emotionally, these hearings and the hysteria of society are putting young men in a position where they are afraid to trust young women."

Ms. Johnson, you are extremely perceptive to pick up on the trust issue. I know this for a fact from my legal practice and my work here at False Rape Society.

What a frightening picture Ms. Johnson paints. Frightening, because it is completely accurate.

Nightmare: 'I have little hope that anyone can undo the damage that has been done to him.'

"We live in constant fear--fear of future allegations, fear of strangers who see the Sex Offender Registry, fear of retaliation by Eric Olsen for continuing to maintain our son's innocence, fear of our young sons being out without us and without alibis," Cherri Dulaney, the boy's mother, said in her sworn statement. "I have little hope that anyone can undo the damage that has been done to him."

This is a must read. It is the story of how our justice system fails boys falsely accused of rape. Here, a young man was falsely accused of rape and wrongly incarcerated for 17 months. The girl recanted, but the boy still can't clear his name. He's still listed on the state's sex-offender registry. His life has been ripped apart; his family has been forced to move; and even his younger brother has been the target of a false rape accusation, in retaliation for the older brother's "rape."

"I have always taught my boys that if they are honest and law-abiding and respectful, they will be safe in the community," Edgar Dulaney, the boy's father said. "My boys now know that this is not true. [My oldest son] learned a lot at the age of 15 that the 'community' is not always fair, and that his mother and I cannot really protect him."

Undoing the damage is like unringing a bell, or putting the toothpaste back in the tube. This is the kind of case that prompted us to start this blog.

Read the story here:

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Man accused of sexual battery kills self shortly before the 'not guilty' verdict

I would have to be Shakespeare to properly describe the tragedy at work in the news story set forth below. We have explained many times on this blog that the mere accusation of rape is enough to tear strong men and plucky boys apart unlike anything else a person can experience. Macho guys who never knew such a thing was possible reduced to tears, unable to sleep or eat or trust women. It is not just the specter of many years in prison with its attendant horrors that does this, it's also the annihilation of a man's good name. It's having family, friends, and colleagues think you might be a rapist. It's having your 80-year-old grandmother with whom you've always had a special relationship ashamed of you for something you didn't do. It's knowing that every prospective employer for the rest of your life will be able to Google your name and find the news report about your arrest for rape. And it's knowing that no matter what, even if the charges are dropped, even if you prevail at trial, in the eyes of most people, you will always be a possible rapist. Is it any wonder rape claims lead to tragedies like the one in the following news story?

St. Augustine man kills himself before jury's 'not guilty' verdict

ST. AUGUSTINE - Authorities say a St. Augustine man on trial for sexual battery charges apparently killed himself before learning the verdict: not guilty.

A St. Johns County judge became concerned Thursday when 57-year-old William Telano Evans didn't show up for the reading of the verdict. The judge sent deputies to find Evans but let the jury read its verdict without him present.

Evans, never hearing the verdict, was found at his home minutes later dead of a gunshot wound.Evans was arrested in 2004 after a now-38-year-old woman reported that he began routinely molesting her about 29 years ago when she was 9 or 10.


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Reader tips

Our regular readers know that we get a lot of news story tips in our comments section, and we get even more in our email. We want to thank our readers very much and tell you that we need those tips. We couldn't do this without you.

Tonight, we got two great ones from Sean J. and Andrew H. Thanks much, guys!

Susan Faludi debunked one of the great false rape claims of our time, but she drew the wrong conclusion from it

Feminist Susan Faludi, of all people, debunked one of the great false rape claims of modern times in "The Terror Dream: Myth and Misogyny in an Insecure America." According to Faludi, in Rick Bragg's book about Jessica Lynch, "I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story,"Bragg states: "The records also show that she was a victim of anal sexual assault."

According to Faludi, however, "Lynch had no such memory of . . . any . . . aspect of this alleged ordeal."

In Faludi's words at page 249: "'I didn't remember any sexual assault,' she told me. I still don't, to this day. I haven't had any flashback or memory of it or anything.' . . . . Lynch was adamantly opposed to including the rape claim in the book. 'I definitely did not want that in there,' she told me. But, she said, Bragg eventually wore her down. 'He told me that people need to know that this can happen to women soldiers.'" Among other things, Faludi quotes the first doctor to examine Lynch after her rescue: "There is no way she could have been raped." (Page 250.)

Faludi notes that the press jumped on the alleged rape claim as gospel truth. Her point, of course, is to "prove" that our culture is misogynistic because we fabricate a false rape claim simply to buttress the myth of the helpless damsel in need of men, and so on and so forth. You know that shtick.

It is well that Ms. Faludi debunked this false rape claim, but, of course, she drew exactly the wrong conclusion from it. It isn't a misogynistic culture that creates false rape claims, Ms. Faludi. It is a misandric culture. We invite you to spend several days reviewing the true life accounts of false rape claims on this website, and the objective, scholarly pieces we link to. They demonstrate that the problem of false rape claims is caused by the women who make them, and the radical feminists who foment a false rape culture that enables and gives instant credibility to every claim of rape, no matter how far-fetched or false it may be. Ms. Faludi should seriously ask herself, which group in our society insists that women don't lie about rape when, in fact, they do? Which group insists that rape is rampant when it isn't? And which group insists that women need to "take back the night" from mostly imaginary rapists when, in fact, innocent males are victims of assault to a far greater extent? Hint: it isn't the dreaded "misogynists." It's people much like you, Ms. Faludi.

Jessica Lynch apparently, and to her great credit, sought to no avail to keep the rape claim out of Mr. Bragg's book. The fact that Mr. Bragg included it anyway; the fact that he could assert with a straight face that people need to know that this can happen to women soldiers; and the fact that so many people accepted it as true, is testimony to the marvelous job that radical feminists have done to fan the flames of rape hysteria and demonize males.

Thanks for debunking the Lynch rape claim, Ms. Faludi. Now go back and rethink the lessons of that false claim. If you are honest with yourself, you will find that it is misandry, not misogyny, that underlies it.

Just what does it take to be arrested for rape?

Not much.

The following well-reasoned article by Andrew Scott from the Pocono Record should send a chill up the spine of any Y-chromosome-bearing human being and the women who love and care about them. It underscores what we often say here: virtually any male above a certain age can be arrested, charged, tried, and convicted for a rape he didn't commit if a woman is intent on destroying him, and if she's a good enough actor. That's right, gentlemen: your liberty, your life, rests on the goodwill of our female population not to target you for rape. The fact that there are not far more false rape claims only underscores the good will of most women. We have seen innumerable cases where false accusers were deemed completely credible and told compelling stories -- good actors, if you will. The fact that some decide, of their own volition, to recant, is scarcely consolation to the men and boys whose false accusers don't recant. The sad reality is that you have little control over whether your life will be destroyed by a false rape claim. The pendulum has swung too far.

Victims' words alone can be enough in rape cases

By Andrew Scott
Pocono Record Writer
August 28, 2009

Two recent Monroe County cases of false rape reports pose the question: What evidence is necessary to charge or convict someone of a sex crime?

The victim's report alone is all, authorities said. No physical or DNA evidence is needed.

"Police can charge a suspect based on just the alleged victim's statement if that statement is convincing," said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Michael Rakaczewski, who prosecutes the county's sexual offense cases. "A jury can find a defendant guilty on just the victim's testimony alone if the jury believes that testimony beyond a reasonable doubt."

Lack of physical evidence can result from the accuser, due to fear, shame or other reasons, not reporting the incident until days, months or even years afterward. Lack of DNA evidence can result from the accused having worn a condom.

In many cases where there is no such evidence, it all comes down to the defendant's word against the alleged victim's and whom the jury finds more credible, regardless of whether or not the accused truly committed the crime.

In cases where the accused is acquitted or the accuser admits to lying prior to a district court preliminary hearing, the accused usually a man) must live under public stigma, despite his name being cleared, said attorney Thomas Sundmaker, who has represented clients charged with sexual offenses.

"You're never innocent," Sundmaker said. "You're just not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."
Also, people who admit to lying about being raped make it that much harder for legitimate rape victims, whose credibility is damaged as a result, Rakaczewski said.

People lie for various reasons, such as wanting attention or to "get back at" someone, Sundmaker said.

Since July, police have reported two cases in Monroe County of women falsely claiming they were raped.

Brandy Phy, 22, of Tobyhanna, pleaded guilty in district court Aug. 14 to falsely reporting being raped in her home in July after a police investigation found her allegations not based in fact. Phy has been ordered to pay a fine and court costs totaling $1,204.50.

Police said East Stroudsburg University student Laura Gruver, also 22, of Bethlehem, has admitted lying about being raped Aug. 13 by a man with a knife on campus. Police said Gruver admitted lying because she had been having personal problems and not doing well in school.

East Stroudsburg Magisterial District Judge Michael Muth's office is mailing Gruver a citation for filing false reports and summons to appear in district court for a hearing scheduled for late September.

Police said Gruver initially reported that she was walking to her car in the ESU parking lot at about 11:15 a.m. Aug. 13 when a man with a knife grabbed her from behind, forced her into the bushes and raped her.

Both Phy and Gruver initially gave police physical descriptions of suspects they claimed raped them.

"Imagine what would have happened if the police charged men who fit those descriptions and those men had to suffer the humiliation of being publicly identified as alleged rapists, only to have the women later recant their statements," Sundmaker said.

Rakaczewski said police have no choice but to do their job, act on the information provided to them and conduct thorough investigations. Police are trained to be able to tell how credible accusers and suspects are when interviewing them.

Rakaczewski added that, under a recent change in state law extending the statute of limitations, a person who is sexually victimized as a child has until age 50 to report the crime.

"I personally don't agree with that," Sundmaker said. "It opens up too many doors."


Anatomy of a recantation of a rape claim: the affidavit of probable cause for college woman who lied that she was raped

A college student in Pennsylvania named Laura Elizabeth Gruver lied that she was raped because she was trying to take the focus away from failing out of two schools and other problems she was having. Here is the affidavit of probable cause by a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Anyone who thinks that recantations are inherently suspect needs to read this. The police couldn't have acted any more impartially.

The affidavit also underscores something that some of us might minimize: the great effort police are forced to expend just to do their job to investigate rape claims.

Ms. Gruver's parents are to be commended here. They did the right thing in driving Ms. Gruver back to the police barracks when they learned she lied. We forget that the parents of false accusers are often the ones who encourage the truth to come out, and their pain must be awful.

Teen lied about sexual assault: RCMP

So she COULD be charged, not that she WILL. Glad to see that false accusations are treated so seriously.

Teen COULD be charged with public cischief over false allegation.

A southern Alberta teenager could be charged with public mischief for making a false sexual assault report to police.

RCMP in Strathmore had asked the public for help Monday after a 14-year-old said she had been sexually assaulted by up to five young men around 2 a.m. in an alley behind Strathmore's Co-op liquor store.

Police released a description of three men and a vehicle.

On Thursday, police said the girl had recanted her story. She told officers she made up the story, using details from a verbal encounter she had with two men in the alley.

"The RCMP wish to remind everyone that fictitious claims of criminal offences are not only subject to possible criminal charges, but these stories have a profound effect on the sense of security of the community, negative impact on the reputation of communities, any accused persons and others who are actual victims of crimes," the force said in a release.


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Girl recants rape claim, charges dropped -- but she's still "the victim." Huh?

Prosecutors drop rape charges against man

Girl recanted her story that Allentown resident had sex with her for years.
August 27, 2009

The charges against an Allentown man accused of raping a girl a decade ago were dropped Tuesday after the victim recanted her story, the Lehigh County district attorney's office said.

Jorge Lopez, 42, had been charged with rape of a person less than 13 years old, indecent deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 13 years old, sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault.

He was released from Lehigh County Prison, where he had been since charges were filed in April.

On Wednesday, he said he feels vindicated, but was upset about spending four months in jail and having everyone read about the accusations.

According to court records, the girl, who was between 4 and 6 years old from 1999 to 2001, confided to a friend's mother this year that Lopez had been having sex with her for years. Lehigh County Children and Youth officials were contacted by the friend and referred the case to Allentown police.

Charges were withdrawn Tuesday after the girl, who is now 14, recanted her story and prosecutors could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, district attorney spokeswoman Debbie Garlicki said.

-- Manuel Gamiz Jr.



I write to express my concern about your use of the term "victim" to describe the former rape accuser who recanted her claim in "Prosecutors drop rape charges against man," August 27.

A man spent four months in prison based on the say-so of a child for alleged sex acts that occurred a decade ago. She has now recanted, and the charges have been dropped. Yet your news report refers to her as "the victim."

Language matters. By labeling her the "victim" when the prosecutor has determined there is insufficient evidence to proceed to trial, much less obtain an adjudication of guilt, you have implicitly declared her allegation to be factual, and the former accused to be a "rapist." Such a description does a grave disservice to (1) the presumed innocent man who is no longer subject to rape charges since, by necessity, he "must" be guilty-in-fact if The Morning Call labels his accuser a "victim"; (2) actual rape victims, because you trivialize rape when you include among its victims women and girls who have recanted and are likely, or at least may be, false accusers; and (3) your readers, who are entitled to accurate reporting but receive something less than that when you transform a former accuser into a "victim."

It is well to note that the U.S. Supreme Court last year in Kennedy v. Louisiana recognized "[t]he problem of unreliable, induced, and even imagined child testimony" in child rape cases. The Court noted: "Studies conclude that children are highly susceptible to suggestive questioning techniques like repetition, guided imagery, and selective reinforcement." It also bears noting that every objective study ever conducted on false rape claims in general shows that they are a significant problem. Every single one, with apologies to rape counselors who continue to call false rape claims "a myth" and to cite a two percent statistic that has been thoroughly debunked in the law reviews and by everyone who has examined the issue.

The only fair manner of reporting on these cases is to refer to recanting accusers as exactly what they are: recanting accusers.

I implore you to exercise greater care in reporting on such stories, and to show sensitivity to the presumed innocent and their families, by not suggesting that when rape charges are dropped that depend on the say-so of a child, the former accused, the presumed innocent, evaded justice.

Thank you.

Pierce Harlan
False Rape Society

'I've had a gun to my head'

I'll let this one speak for itself.

Not Guilty on all charges.

AJAX -- For two years Ray Collingham felt like somebody was holding a gun to his head.

The reality was even worse.

"I was charged with seven counts of sexual assault, four counts of sexual interference, two counts of invitation to sexual touching and two sexual exploitation charges," Collingham said in an interview yesterday.

The 39-year-old former gymnastics teacher was accused -- and acquitted earlier this month -- of having sex with an 11-year-old boy he had coached.

"It's upsetting to read the charges," Collingham said while sitting at the kitchen table in the Ajax apartment he shares with his boyfriend, Brian Wood, 29. "All of the charges are false. All manufactured. Ridiculous charges."

Those words are part of a message that Collingham has desperately wanted to get out since July 9, 2007, when he was arrested by RCMP in Smithers, B.C., where he and Wood were living at the time.

But Collingham couldn't profess his innocence like he wanted to. His lawyer, Graham T. Clark, did what criminal lawyers do and instructed his client to remain silent until all the facts emerge in court.

After those facts emerged during a two-week trial in June, Justice David Salmers found Collingham not guilty on all counts.

"I am left with a reasonable doubt whether any of the alleged criminal contact or any criminal contact occurred," Salmers said in his ruling. The acquittal was based on what Salmers said were inconsistencies in statements and testimony by the complainant.

Now Collingham wants his life, name and reputation back.

"I've had a gun to my head, so to speak, for two years and now I'm hoping slowly that I'm going to be able to get back on my feet," Collingham said.

Although the nightmare ordeal began officially in July 2007, when he was arrested, Collingham's saga has roots in March 2001, when he began coaching the boy, who lived in Peterborough.
It was the boy's mom, Collingham said, who very nearly ruined his life. Collingham said she had been depressed and unstable over the breakup of her marriage. Seeing that the family was going through a hard time, Collingham and Wood allowed the mom, her son, and her daughter, to move into their Newcastle home.

Collingham maintains he was the victim of a smear campaign incited by the boy's mother, who resented him for caring for her son while her behaviour grew increasingly more out-of-control because of her failing marriage. Specifically, Collingham and Wood threatened to call police and children's aid workers over her erratic behaviour. They also threatened to request custody of the kids.

Things soured quickly. By early 2005 the relationship between Collingham and Wood and the mom had deteriorated.

Collingham also said the mother claimed to be in love with him, even though she was well aware Collingham was a gay man in a committed relationship. He said she once threw a chair at him.

She also once forced her son to defecate in his pants -- and laughed about it -- after refusing to stop the car at a bathroom when the boy indicated he needed to go.

But it was the mother's hacking into Collingham's e-mail and Facebook accounts -- something she admitted in court, saying she wrote two e-mails from Collingham's accounts -- that caused police to investigate Collingham and ultimately charge him. The hacking took place in early 2007, a few months before he was arrested.

"The mother had threatened to get me a few months prior to this, in what way she was going to get me I have no idea," Collingham said. "Well, she got me."

The story gets bizarre at this point and Collingham acknowledges this.

"The mother manufactured some e-mails," Collingham said. "She hacked into my e-mail accounts, my Facebook account, and her son's, and she was writing sexually explicit e-mails from my account to her son, deleting them, and writing sexually explicit e- mails back to me and then deleting them. She then printed them out and brought them to police."

After a complaint was made by the mom to police in Toronto in 2005, the file was transferred first to Peterborough police, then finally to Durham Regional Police. Collingham was arrested by RCMP, held in a holding cell for four nights in B.C., and flown to Ontario. After another few days in jail in Lindsay, Collingham was released on $5,000 bail.

The same day, police in Durham issued a press release outlining Collingham's arrest, the charges he faced, and the claim that there could be more victims. In a news article, an investigating officer said the alleged assaults, which were never proven in court, "definitely had a tremendous impact on (the boy's) family, it definitely had a tremendous impact on him."

Collingham said he couldn't believe how prejudicial and biased the police appeared to be. He said such statements implied that he was guilty until proven innocent.

Collingham said the boy lied "all the way through" the ordeal and that homophobia among the boy's family was at the "core" of the allegations.

"I'm not really one to use that card," Collingham said of the homophobia issue. "My lawyer said 'Ray, look from the outside in, that's exactly what's happening here'."

His acquittal was an overwhelming relief, he said. But the ordeal has left him doubting the justice system.

"I highly respect police officers. Two or three of my close friends are police officers. But now, seeing how things unfold when you're charged with something like this, it raises my suspicion about how honest some police officers are and some aren't," Collingham said.

"Everyone has their own opinions, but that's why I'm here today," he said. "I want to explain that these were false allegations, that I was acquitted. I want to be able to rebuild my life."


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From the archives: It's crucial that men not forget this sort of lunacy

First, I wonder if this strange punctuation appeared in the original news print edition. Second, this tells us much about the errors of radical feminism. It insists on improperly stereotyping "men," and on top of that, never bothering to find anything positive about us. Third, I wish I could have asked the, um, enlightened author why we can't offset all the taxable income men create (what do you think that is -- 85% of all the income generate? 95%?) against the cost of crime some men commit? Hmm, my guess is that if we did that -- which would only be fair, of course -- we'd need to impose a very, very hefty Woman Tax to even things out. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Word for Word / The Sir-Charge; A Fair Lady's Question: Why Can't A Man Be More Like a Woman?

New York Times
Published: Sunday, May 21, 1995

ALTHOUGH the nation professes to be worried sick both about how much money is in the Government's coffers and how much crime is in the cities' streets, few people have come forward with practical suggestions for solving both problems at once. But June Stephenson, a research psychologist from Napa, Calif, has a doozy. In her book "Men are Not Cost-Effective: Male Crime in America," published in paperback this year by Harper Perennial, she spells out her plan. Here is an excerpt. SARAH BOXER WHO do the police investigate if the identities of the perpetrators of a crime are unknown? Almost always they would be investigating young men. Thirty-one percent of the people arrested and sent to prison are men between the ages of 18 and 24, and another 45 percent are men aged 25 to 44. Ninety-four percent of prisoners are males. Whether it is robbery, burglary, arson, white-collar crime, crime against children, crime against women, drug dealing, drunk driving, murder, crime in government, treason, or gang violence, crime is a masculine statement. . . .

Ten years ago there were approximately 200,000 people in prison in this country. Today there are approximately one million behind bars . . .

If one includes those who are on parole or probation, the number rises to 3.4 million, almost all of whom are men. . . .

Throughout the United States, spending for prison construction is the top state priority for the sixth year in a row. . . .

One prison cell costs $100,000 without considering the interest to be paid on bonds raised for prison construction. Keeping a person in prison for a year costs from $20,000 to $24,000; maximum-security prisons cost from $30,000 to $35,000. Approximately 50,000 new prisoners are added to the total prison population each year. In California, $1 million a day is spent on interest for prison bonds. . . .

Your Brother's Keeper

Not all men are criminals, but almost all criminals are men. By a ratio of 94 to 6, men outnumber women in prison. . . .

The question of how responsible noncriminal men are for the horrendous amount of male violence and other crime can be equated with the question often asked after World War II, "How responsible was the rest of the world for the murder of six million Jews?"

Most men would answer the first question with, "I don't rape women, don't participate in drive-by shootings, don't murder, don't drive drunk, don't commit arson, don't bilk people out of their life savings, and I'm not responsible for men who do."

But the response to that answer would be: "Maybe you don't batter women, but your brothers do. Even if you don't commit serial or mass murder, your brothers do. Maybe you're not a drunk driver, but your brothers are. Your brothers are murderers, stock market manipulators, gang rapists, robbers, arsonists, litterers, polluters and child abusers. Your brothers are killing us."

Would that strike a responsive or responsible chord? Probably not. Men are not their brothers' keepers. Except in male-bonding groups, men are not connected to one another emotionally in the same way women are. Women come quietly forward to protect each other from violent men.

They establish rape hot lines and support groups for traumatized victims and set up battered women's shelters to help the four million women battered each year, one million of whom require hospitalization. (A battered men's shelter is not even imaginable.)

We cannot expect men to police their own, to take responsibility for their contribution to the violence in this country, especially at a time when Macho Man has made his comeback. . . . This country cannot count on its men to rectify its violent nature. They are too much a part of it. So what is left? Besides building prisons and increasing incarceration, what is left? Nothing short of men paying for their own criminal gender. To ask such a thing would be a wake-up call for all men to realize what their gender is perpetrating on society.

Half of the taxpayers in this country are women, but men commit most of the crime. Many women pay for male crime with their lives, but all women taxpayers pay for male crime with their tax dollars. . . .

The concept of one group paying more for the services offered for a larger group is not new. Insurance companies in many states require young men 16 to 26 to pay more for car insurance than women of those ages and more than other age groups because males in this age group cause most car accidents. Not all males 16 to 26 cause accidents, but all men in that group pay the higher fee.

As a fee on men for crime it could be called a "user fee" since men are using the criminal justice system almost exclusively. Just walk the halls of any courthouse and notice who's being tried, or simply turn on the TV to see who's being arrested. . . .

The suggestion for the tax equity would be a $100 user fee added to men's I.R.S. returns at the time of filing a return. Of course, there will be screaming and hollering about such a fee, but one might ask, is $100 a year too much to ask help curtail crime? What would a man pay?

Tax and Mend

And how would the money be spent? It could be used to identify boys in primary grades who are not learning to read and who come from violent homes, an often deadly combination. . . . Money from this "user fee" from the gender dominating the criminal justice system could be used for intensive tutoring and for family counseling.

Money could also be used to teach reading in prison. Most prisoners have not graduated from high school and return to society unable to make a living, or even to cope.

If men would recognize that crime is a male statement for which males pay more than females, there is a possibility they might help to "clean up their act." It can be said that women are expensive as well, since teen-age pregnancy swells the welfare rolls, and welfare in general is paid more to women than to men. But if men would pay child support for the children they father, welfare rolls would shrink. . . .

Men are expensive. Their crimes cost this country upward of $61 billion each year in incarceration and judicial costs alone. This figure does not include the cost of the S.& L. scandal nor the costs of toxic waste cleanup. In addition, millions of men do not support the child they have fathered, leaving this up to mothers or taxpayers or both.

Millions of men beat their wives, creating the need for battered women's shelters. Millions sexually abuse children. Drunk drivers and arsonists kill people as surely as the murderers do. The fastest growing crime of rape terrifies half the population of this country. The greatest environmental offender in the country is the government, which is run by men. Male corporate executives and military officers who have dumped toxic waste into the ground or into the air are destroying the planet. Hate crimes are encouraged by male organizations, such as the skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan. . . .

Yet where is the outrage at all this male crime?


The awful price of a false rape claim: one man dead, one going to prison for 7 years

Clifford Martin, 19, is heading to prison for accepting the word of two teenage girls that one of them had been sexually assaulted by another 19-year-old man named Cory Headen. Mr. Martin broke into Mr. Headen's home and beat him to death while he was sleeping.

Mr. Headen was, in fact, innocent. He never raped anyone.

At sentencing, the judge wondered why Martin had accepted the girls' words without question.

Because that's what people do, Judge. I ask the same question the judge asked every day. But the fact is, we are constantly told to accept the word of a rape accuser. Our colleges and sexual assault centers preach that women don't lie about rape. Period. The sexual grievance industry, which has enormous political clout, insists that people take the word of a rape accuser without question. Is it so unusual, with that lie drummed into us constantly, that things like this happen? Hot blooded young men have always reacted emotionally to claims of rape. They have always been protective of women and girls above all others. Rape is the worst crime aside from murder, we are told. Why on earth shouldn't we expect a reaction like this to a rape claim?

This terrible tragedy only underscores that the only appropriate course is to teach people to regard every claim of rape with objectivity and that, yes, a significant percentage of women do lie about rape.

The question the story doesn't answer is this: what about the young liars? Did they report their lies to police? Two males have had their lives destroyed as a result of their false rape claim. If they reported their lies to police, they should serve at least as much jail time as the young man who was sentenced.

This case also underscores the tragic truth that once unleashed, a rape lie can destroy lives with a stunning, tragic completeness. Men and boys falsely accused of rape have been beaten, have been fired from their jobs, have seen their businesses destroyed, and have lost their wives and girlfriends. And, yes, some are killed and even kill themselves.

In a most tragic sense, Cory Headen paid the ultimate price just for being born male.

Courtenay man gets 7 years for vigilante killing

A 19-year-old man from Courtenay, B.C., has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a vigilante killing sparked by a false allegation of rape.

Clifford Frederic Martin pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he admitted to beating 19-year-old Cory Headen in the head with a baseball bat as he lay sleeping in his bed.

The incident began last September when a 13-year-old girl and her friend told Martin and his girlfriend that Headen had sexually assaulted her while the two were drinking with some other young people at Headen's home.

Martin broke into Headen's home that night with the girl and his girlfriend and struck Headen three times in the head and torso with an aluminum baseball bat as he lay sleeping in his bed.

Headen was rushed to hospital in critical condition and later died of his injuries. The girl's allegation of rape was later proven untrue.

'Stupid, drunken, immature girls'

In delivering the sentence, Provincial Court Judge Peter Doherty described the teens who accused Headen of rape as "stupid, drunken, immature girls" who delivered a vile message.

Doherty wondered why Martin had accepted their words without question.

The judge imposed a lesser sentence than the nine years requested by the Crown because Martin had no criminal record, co-operated with police and apologized to the victim's family in court.

Outside the court, Martin's lawyer, Robert Mulligan, described the crime as a mistaken judgment that led to a tragedy but said his client's chances for rehabilitation were good since Martin has no criminal record and was truly remorseful for what he did.

Martin's girlfriend, Janelle Peyachew, still faces charges of break and enter, mischief and accessory after the fact to murder. She is due in court on Aug. 26.


The mind of a feminist . . .

A Feminist’s Reaction to a Statue of a Fallen Male Soldier

Guest Commentary by Noe Gyven-Tayke - I approach with trepidation the Women’s War Memorial sculpture in Washington, D.C. which depicts three uniformed women with a dying male soldier.

Will I be angry? Will I feel abhorrence? Will I regard it as just another monument to patriarchy?

I slowly walk toward the sculpture and see the noble women depicted. They are doing what all women have always done, and to no avail. They are trying to heal the destruction wrought by patriarchy.

And then I see the male. A 20-year-old injured and dying soldier, defiantly sprawled out, legs open as if flaunting his undeserved male privilege and organ of misogyny. I am filled with disgust and fall to the ground and vomit. I vomit not for me, but for all women.

Then I am ashamed, disgusted with myself, for feeling a fleeting moment of unintentional pity because the creature has been fatally wounded by – of course – another male, another beneficiary of patriarchy. The fatal shot came as the assailant and the dying male played their favorite sport of male bloodlust. Men have even given this sport a name to legitimize it: war. They play at war to become like women because war is the only way men can simulate menstruation.

I quickly assure myself that the creature deserves no pity, no compassion, no understanding. He has raped and mocked women all his life. He has used women’s bodies as his personal playground. He has viewed pornography of women forced to sell their bodies for men’s pleasure. He has snatched women’s dignity in jest.

Even though the particular male depicted in this statue did not do any of those things, he lies there dying vicariously for all males who have ever lived because he must answer for their hatred of women. It would have been far better if he had been aborted at the first sign of a penis on the sonogram.

The statue depicts an actual photograph taken in the Vietnam War. The male in the statue was a soldier named Matthew Tayke, and the scene depicts the moment of his death from combat injuries.

You see, I was his mother.

Don't panic -- it's a spoof. But spot on.

W.D.Okla.: Entry to look for gun was without a warrant or exigent circumstances, and consent was coerced

Buried in this story, is the fact that this all started with the false accusation of a rape. Glad to see where the 4th amendment is being so routinely ignored.

False rape accusation leads to violation of 4th amendment.

Police came to defendant's apartment after being called about an alleged rape there where the victim said that he had an AK-47 in the apartment. The police responded in force, beat on the door, and demanded entry. Defendant called 911 scared that the police would come in and shoot him. The 911 operator and the police at the door kept demanding entry so he let them in, and the gun was found. The entry was warrantless and without exigent circumstances. United States v. Henderson, 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 65918 (W.D. Okla. July 29, 2009):
Based on the facts established at the hearing and the totality of the circumstances, the court concludes that while Mr. Henderson did consent to the search of his apartment, his consent was not voluntary within the meaning of Schneckloth. A number of factors, no one of which is determinative by itself, contribute to that conclusion. Defendant's contact with the officers occurred in the middle of the night and in a private location where, apart from the investigating officers, he was by himself. The defendant was resistant to any entry into his apartment by the police and eventually agreed to it only after repeated requests or instructions to do so from both the investigating officers and the 911 operator. He had been told someone would be back to forcibly enter his house if he did not speak with officers. He was highly agitated and fearful for his safety, in addition to being confronted with what he (and eventually the officer) viewed as a false charge of rape. He was approached by officers with guns drawn and, perhaps more importantly, was handcuffed throughout the encounter after the entry by the police. These factors played out against the backdrop of a defendant who suffered from mental illness, was only recently released from mental health custody, and who appears to have been suffering from paranoid delusions during this particular encounter. In these circumstances, the government has not carried its burden to show that defendant's consent to search was voluntary and freely given.

Reasonable suspicion developed from defendant's nervousness, stammering, failure to make eye contact, an expired rental agreement, and being way off course. United States v. Masterson, 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 65941 (D. Vt. July 29, 2009).*


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The awful choices men must make when they are falsely accused of rape

Men and boys falsely accused of rape often face an awful dilemma that is rarely discussed and for which I don't think I've ever heard anyone express sympathy: they are forced to reveal a consensual sexual relationship as a necessary part of their defense that is intimate, that may be embarrassing to them, and that is none of anyone's business. The tragic irony is that they are forced to make such revelation solely because they are victims of a terrible crime, false reporting of rape.

Of course, if there was no sexual contact, the falsely accused's defense will be exactly that. He will need to gather alibi evidence to demonstrate that he was elsewhere at the pertinent time, and, hopefully, DNA evidence will bear witness to his innocence.

But if he was engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with someone other than his wife or girlfriend, he is often presented with a terrible choice that is really no choice at all. For their part, women can accuse men of rape and their involvement in the sex act is rarely publicized. That's because accuser's identities will be protected with all the tenacity that Clark Kent uses to guard Superman's. In the UK, that is the law; in the US, it is ordained by compact of the major news organizations.

But as part of the male's defense of a false rape claim, if he engaged in consensual sex, his choice is either to reveal it (and hope the authorities, or the jury, believe him) or risk going to prison, possibly for many years, for a rape he didn't commit.

The sex act is typically a very personal matter, and the participants usually have no desire to announce it to the world. Often, publicizing it has widespread ramifications that are impossible to predict. Yet the fact that men are forced to reveal this very personal act in order to keep from going to prison for many years is something rarely ever mentioned, much less of concern to many people.

Let's get this out of the way first: men who cheat on their wives are forced to confess it to defend against a false rape claim. Few people -- and let's be honest, especially few women -- have any sympathy for men's forced confessions of infidelity, even when they are made to combat a crime committed against the man (a false rape report). It does seem perverse that women would gleefully deny men the choice that is always available to women -- the choice to reveal their infidelity at the time of their choosing. Men who cheat, you see, apparently do not deserve the same privileges enjoyed by women who cheat.

It is well to note this: an unfaithful woman often cries rape to cover up her unfaithfulness. Professor Kanin's landmark study of false rape claims found 56% of all false claims served an alibi function to "provide a plausible explanation for some suddenly foreseen, unfortunate consequence of a consensual encounter . . . with a male acquaintance." In contrast, the innocent but unfaithful man she falsely accuses must admit his unfaithfulness to keep from going to prison. She uses their illicit sexual contact as a sword to destroy him while he must use it as a shield to preserve his liberty. And even if the shield is successful -- even if he's cleared of the rape charge -- the sword has done its damage. His marriage is often destroyed simply because he was forced to reveal the sexual encounter. Women reading this likely will say "he brought it on himself." But that doesn't account for the gender asymmetry, does it? The fact is, women who cheat are not subjected to a similar fate. How is it acceptable to allow the guilty female to punish the innocent male?

But put the unfaithful man aside. The forced revelation that the man or boy engaged in a consensual sex act often wreaks havoc for single guys as well. It can destroy relationships with casual girlfriends with whom there were no promises of commitment; it sometimes causes estrangement between a young man and his family who might not approve of his sexual activity. A teen's 80-year-old grandmother might not approve of his sleeping with some girl.

The fact is, our sex lives are personal. Contrary to popular myth, men and boys typically don't go around school or work bragging about their "conquests." They typically don't share the details, or even the fact of, their romps with their mothers or their aunts or their sisters or the attendees of the family Christmas party. They typically don't announce to their classmates, teachers, co-workers, bosses, secretaries, or neighbors that they slept with a particular woman the night before.

So why is it somehow acceptable when a man or boy is forced to share this intimate fact with the entire world after he's been victimized by a crime? He is not afforded the anonymity enjoyed by his false accuser. The revelation that men are forced to make to keep from going to prison is often embarrassing and, to put it bluntly, none of anyone's business. I sincerely doubt that if the genders were reversed, women would stand for the public airing of such details.

But, hey, it's just men who are the victims. So, really, who gives a damn?

Woman charged with making false fondling claim

Once again, modern technology has saved a man from the nuclear option of a false accusation. Not only should this woman serve time for the false accusation, she should also have her license suspended for getting her 9th ticket.

False fondling claim over speeding ticket.

A woman with a history of speeding tickets allegedly told a Skokie police officer that if he issued her another one, she would claim the officer fondled her, authorities said.

The officer stopped Neeneev S. Youkhana, 22, for speeding Friday, police said. They said Youkhana, of the 8000 block of Tripp Avenue in Skokie, had been issued speeding tickets in the past, and she was upset that she was getting another one.

Youkhana told the officer that she had recently paid eight speeding tickets and if he ticketed her, she would tell authorities he fondled her, police said.

The officer issued Youkhana the speeding ticket and a warning for driving without a seat belt, then let her go. Later that day, Youkhana went to the Skokie Police Department and reported she had been fondled during a pat down search after a traffic stop.

Police called in the officer who stopped Youkhana and reviewed video from a dashboard camera in his squad car. They said the video showed the entire 10-minute traffic stop and at no time did the officer touch Youkhana.

When confronted with the video, Youkhana began to cry and started punching herself in the face and head, police said. Youkhana retracted her statement and was taken to the hospital after she complained that she was physically ill, police said.

"Here's an example where we really see the value of a video camera in a squad car. The officer did not touch her at all," said Sgt. Fred Brehmer. "It exonerated the officer and protected the village against a false lawsuit."

Youkhana was charged with felony disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report and is scheduled for a Tuesday preliminary hearing at the Skokie courthouse.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the 'males-as-predators' stereotyping come from? Too often . . . from men

This is a piece that appeared in the Washington Post last week. My comment follows:

Little Girls, College Guys -- and Nervous Parents

By Brian Reid

When we moved, a year ago, there were certain trappings of D.C., that we wanted to maintain. I kept my cellphone number. We held onto our house. And we wanted to work like heck to ensure that our eldest child didn't lose the Spanish skills she'd built up during two years in a dual-language classroom. We dutifully lined up a fabulous tutor and -- a year later -- her Spanish is stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, the unavoidable reality of college towns is that everyone leaves, eventually. Our old tutor had hardly packed her belongings after graduation when we started looking for a replacement. We had a rough set of criteria: the tutor had to be an exceptional speaker, had to be good with kids and had to have the kind of schedule where a year-long commitment wasn't going to end the moment the schoolwork picked up.

It turns out there was also another -- unspoken -- requirement: the tutor ought to be a woman. This was something my wife and I both felt in our gut, even though I knew it made me a huge hypocrite.

I have written over a thousand blog posts on fatherhood, mostly making the point that there is no reason why guys can't do the childrearing thing as well as women. And I know that unfair stereotypes are a reason why so few men end up in primary education. But it's one thing to defend my days as an at-home dad and another to put an elementary-school girl alone with a college guy for hours a week. Yes, I know the risk is low, but why accept the risk at all?

Still, out of a sense of open-mindedness, we did interview a male tutor earlier this month. He was a lovely kid, well-spoken and polite, bearing a letter of reference from a parent who trusted him to teach her children -- including her elementary-aged girl -- to swim. While we haven't talked to everyone on our list of candidates, there is no question that he'd make an excellent tutor. It is entirely possible that we'll hire him, even though the idea still makes me uncomfortable.

I'm curious if any of you have had similar experiences. Is it fear-mongering of the worst sort to prevent this sort of one-on-one interaction, or is it a you-can-never-be-too-careful kind of thing?

Brian Reid writes about parenting and work-family balance. You can read his blog at


To Mr. Reid:

As founder of the leading website in the US that gives voice to persons falsely accused of sexual assault, I am disappointed by your Washington Post piece because it promotes the worst kind of unfair stereotyping and soul-annihilating prejudice -- the kind that is somehow acceptable in otherwise enlightened circles.

Your piece, sadly, strikes me as just another modern-day Chicken Little fable that foments anti-male hysteria in a society already overly wary of males. We expect, and require, much more from persons in your position.

I'd like to hear how you and your wife will explain to your daughter that you won't hire a male tutor. Perhaps it will go go something like this: "Well, dear, you see, men can't all be trusted around children, and people like you need to be protected from them." Do you not care at all what message you are sending to your own child? Or do you delude ourself into thinking that perhaps she won't pick up on things like this?

Fearful of child abuse? Keep the kiddies away from Mom -- you know, statistics and all that. Thinking of hiring a black person to work in your home? Better think again because she or he is a member of a class convicted of crimes at a disproportionately higher rate than white persons. Mexicans? Muslims? Young people as opposed to the elderly? Where does it end? Or is your prejudice confined to dreaded, predatory, sex-crazed males?

What ever happened to judging each person on his or her own merits instead of whether they were born with external plumbing?

Men and women of good will need to stand up and challenge these awful stereotypes, not parade their primal prejudices on the pages of the Washington Post.

Pierce Harlan
The False Rape Society

Leave me alone or I'll cry 'rape,' student tells officer.

This little tidbit illustrates just how well women understand that crying rape is a kind of nuclear option. The fact that this young woman would threaten a police officer who is attempting to keep her safe is yet another example of the entitlement attitude in western countries.

Student threatens to cry rape.

Northeastern student Julia Sanchez, 21, was arrested for disorderly conduct after assaulting an officer posted at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Opera Place.

The road and sidewalk were closed off with police tape and officers were posted to direct all traffic around 337 Huntington Ave.

An officer saw Sanchez walk up to the police tape, lift it up, and walk into the hazardous area.

He called to her, telling her she could not go through there.

She yelled back and continued on. The officer kept calling to her and followed her.

She became extremely disorderly, shoved him, and told him to leave or she would cry, "Rape."

She is due back in court Aug. 25 at Roxbury District Court and has also been reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soldiers falsely accused of rape should not be penalized if their defense requires them to admit they are gay

I'm going to ask for your help on this case. I'm going to ask you to write to the Secretary of Defense -- contact information below.

Soldiers who are falsely accused of rape should not have their lives destroyed merely because they defend against the charges, even if it means violating the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy to clear their names. Soldiers who are falsely accused of rape should have the right to defend the same as anyone else.

An Air Force hero, Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, was forced to admit he had consensual sex with a man in order to clear false rape charges against him, but his admission was a violation of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law. "Because of the criminal allegation, [he] confirmed the fact he was gay," said Emily Hecht, a lawyer for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Fund. "That's all the Air Force needed. Had his accuser been a woman, he'd have gone back to work with no further issue." The result? Lt. Col. Fehrenbach is being discharged, costing him a $46,000 annual pension and the dignity of retiring on his own terms.

There is a possibility his story might help lead to a positive change in the law: "Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is voicing misgivings about discharging personnel identified by third parties with questionable motives. Gates has ordered Pentagon lawyers to review ways to apply the 1993 law in 'a more humane way.' . . . ." Fehrenbach met with President Obama, and the next day, Secretary Gates suggested a change in the law that could allow people like Fehrenbach to stay in the service: "Do we need to be driven ... to take action on somebody if we get that information from somebody who may have vengeance in mind or blackmail or somebody who has been jilted?"

Bravo, Mr. Secretary!

The news story notes: "Air Force Secretary Michael Donley will make the final call on Fehrenbach's future. Spokeswoman Capt. Christina Hoggatt would not comment on whether Donley was weighing issues raised by Gates."

There are overwhelming public policy justifications for excusing admissions like the one Lt. Col. Fehrenbach was forced to make. We, as a society, need to make every effort to prevent innocent persons from being penalized by false accusations of sexual wrongdoing that are all too easy to make and all too difficult to completely disprove. An admission such as the one Lt. Col. Fehrenbach made to preserve his liberty is sometimes the only way a man can clear his good name and preserve his liberty (that is, it is sometimes the only way to explain why the parties were engaged in a sexual act).

But the wrongly accused man might be reluctant to reveal the real reason for the sexual act if he knows the military will harshly penalize him for it. Here, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach's admission was only made after he was presented with the cruelest of choices -- a choice we should not require of any citizen, much less one who has put his life on the line for us. It is an abomination that we, as a society, allowed Lt. Col. Fehrenbach to be presented with such an awful choice -- admit he's gay and forfeit everything he's worked for, or keep quiet and quite possibly forfeit his liberty.

It must be asked, which is worse, having a soldier openly admit he's gay, or allowing that soldier's life to be destroyed by a false rape claim? The question scarcely survives its statement. Let us hope the military sees it that way. I urge you to write to the Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates, and respectfully voice your support for Lt. Col. Fehrenbach. Please understand that Secretary Gates has spoken sympathetically for the position we advocate here, and there is no necessity to treat him with any form of disrespect: -- click on "Ask a question/make a comment."

Another alleged college rape that just didn't happen

On Thursday, August 13, 2009, reported matter-of-factly: "Woman sexually assaulted at knifepoint on East Stroudsburg University campus." Here is what the story said:

"Police are looking for an unidentified man who sexually assaulted a woman at knifepoint this morning on the East Stroudsburg University campus.

"The assault occurred at 11:30 in student parking area A on South Green Street, according to a Pocono Record report. The area is known as "The Pit" among ESU students, the report says.'

"The suspect is described as a 6-foot tall white male with brown hair, the report says. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue raincoat. The report did not say if the victim is an East Stroudsburg student.

"A ticker on the university homepage notifies visitors of the sexual assault and asks people to report suspicious persons or vehicles to university police. Anyone with information is asked to call university police at 570-422-2000."

Let us stop and consider what the story did not say. The story did not say that an "alleged" rape occurred. Or that the only evidence for the alleged rape was the word of just one student without any corroborating evidence to substantiate it. Or that the accuser was having personal problems. Nope. The newspaper reported this alleged rape as if it certainly occurred. Like everything else in the newspaper, most people likely assumed without thinking about it that the report passed editorial review and that the information was accurate and substantiated. The fact that every unbiased study ever conducted on false rape claims shows the they are a serious problem, with objective studies putting false claims between 40 and 60 percent of all rape claims, suggests that any rape claim supported by nothing more than the word of the accuser should be liberally peppered with "alleged," if it is reported at all, doesn't it? Of course it does.

For example, would the newspaper run with a story asserting with certainty that a UFO was spotted if the sole evidence was the word of a college student? Of course not.

And the report made sure to foment a little old fashioned rape hysteria. If you happened to be a six-foot-tall white male with brown hair after the report came out, probably everyone you knew gave at least a passing thought to the possibility that you were a vicious rapist. Probably everywhere you walked, women were looking at you as a possibly "suspicious" character. Women, as is always the case in these stories, were not among the usual suspects.

Well, we all know what happened. The alleged rape turned out to be a lie. Here is a news story on the allege rape in another publication printed last Friday:

Police: Woman lied about rape at East Stroudsburg University

A 22-year-old East Stroudsburg University student admitted lying about being raped at knifepoint on campus Aug. 13 because she was not doing well in school and having personal problems, state police at Fern Ridge said.

The woman initially said she was walking to her car in the parking lot at 11:15 a.m. Aug. 13 when a man with a knife grabbed her from behind, forced her into the bushes and raped her. She has since recanted her statement and said the problems she had been having led her to file a false report, according to police. Police will now see if she should be charged with filing a false report to law enforcement.

An ESU spokesman on Thursday night declined comment, citing he hadn't seen the police report. No further details could be obtained Thursday night.


This report adds the following details:

In making the original rape report, police said, the woman described her attacker with details.

She also was taken to Pocono Medical Center to receive treatment for a sexual assault.After the incident, the university police urged students, faculty and visitors to exercise ''extreme caution'' and report any suspicious people or vehicles on campus.

Police said they will now consider filing charges against the woman for making false reports to law enforcement authorities.,0,4843887.story

So what to make of it all? I have several questions: First, why is the criminal not named? Men accused of rape are routinely named, and their lives often destroyed beyond repair, based on the say-so of a lone female accuser. Here a woman admits she lied, and she's still treated as a rape victim because she is shrouded in anonymity. Second, where does this crime pop up on the local police stats? My guess is it doesn't pop up at all because it's not even regarded as a "real" crime. Third, when did you ever read about a rapist's personal problems in a story reporting a rape? So why should we read about a false rape accuser's personal problems? And fourth, why is there even a question about whether this woman should be charged for her crime?

It is well to note that innumerable men and boys have been questioned, arrested, charged, tried and convicted based on lies like this. The fact that it didn't happen here is a happy fortuity.

More generally, and more important: how many college women are actually raped? I mean, seriously, putting aside all the radical feminist cowshit about one-in-four and all the other unsubstantiated urban myths (and, yes, dear feminists, that one-in-four is a lie). From every reliable source we can gather, not very many. For example, over three years, the East Stroudsburg Police Department reported just one alleged rape at the school. How much do you want to bet that one didn't occur, either? That's on a campus of between 7,500 to over 8,000 persons, most likely, the majority female. How does that translate into "one-in-four"? Of course it doesn't, so the radical feminists have to invent underreporting of Biblical proportions to explain this purported rampant rape. We've proven on this site that the radical feminist standard "statistics" for underreporting are wildly inconsistent with their standard "statistics" for the prevalence of rape. You see, radical feminists dominate the civil discourse on rape to the point that they can't even be bothered to make their lies plausible. Either that or they are as dumb as lamp posts.

On the other hand, how many college women lie about being raped? From every reliable source we can gather, more than are actually raped.

For your hardcore radical feminists having a conniption over the aforementioned assertions, your anger is, of course, woefully misplaced. First, spend a couple of days reviewing the objectively verifiable data and other reliable sources strewn about this Web site for information about the prevalence of rape. You might learn something. The one-in-four stat is a fabrication, one of the great urban myths of our time. There is not now and there has never been any support for it. Second, instead of stomping your foot and having a hissy fit because I would deny the accuracy of a feminist mantra that happens to be a lie, you would do well to direct your fury not at me, or the innumerable phantom rapists that you've conjured up in your heads. Instead, your efforts would be better spent doing everything in your power to transform the lie that "women don't lie about rape" into the truth. How? You need to teach women, such as the woman in the story above, to stop lying about rape. You need to insist that women who do lie about rape are not coddled and pitied but are punished to the point that other would-be liars will be deterred.

In short, you need to take your fucking heads out of the sand and stop pretending you can wish away false rape claims just by claiming they are a myth. You are hurting innocent men and boys, and you are hurting actual rape victims that you supposely are trying to help.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rape reported at Arena Park; victim won't press charges

There are some serious problems with this story:

1. The woman who alleges the attack decided to meet the accused at 5 a.m. in a park after having been previously assaulted by the same person.

2. She told police that she had gone to the hospital after the 1st alleged assault, but police could find no record of that actually happening.

3. She has declined to move forward with charges.

Sadly, there is no mention if the police will continue to pursue this, or if they will continue to go after the young man accused.

I also have a problem with the title of the story. Just because a rape is reported, whether it happened or not, the accuser is a 'victim'. This automatically presumes that the accused is guilty, and responsible journalism demands that news outlets be more responsible with their dissemination of information, and be objective.

'Victim' won't press charges in reported rape.

Cape Girardeau police are investigating a report of a rape early Monday at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau.

According to Cpl. Adam Glueck, spokesman for the police department, the victim, a 20-year-old woman, called police around 5 a.m. Monday after the incident occurred, but later said she did not want the incident pursued.

The 18-year-old suspect had called her and told her to meet him at the park, the victim said.

"They knew each other," Glueck said.

When they met at the park, the suspect left to go into the restroom, Glueck said.

A couple of minutes later, he pulled the woman into the building with him, where he proceeded to rape her, the victim reported to police.

The victim said that after the rape, she ran to a nearby business and called the police.
She suffered minor scrapes on her hand, Glueck said, but it wasn't clear whether or not those occurred as a result of the sexual assault.

She declined to be taken to an area hospital for treatment, and stated that she wanted the matter dropped, Glueck said.

When police attempted to conduct follow-up interviews with the victim, she was not cooperative and said she did not want charges pursued against the suspect, Glueck said.

The victim had told police that she'd been assaulted earlier on Sunday by the suspect, and had gone to an area hospital for treatment, Glueck said.

Police couldn't find any record of the hospital visit, Glueck said.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jonny Evans: false rape accusation has made me more wary of people

I'll Let Jonny's words speak for themselves.

Jonny Evans tells what false rape accusation had done to him.

Northern Ireland and Manchester United star Jonny Evans has told how he is “more wary of people” after being falsely accused of rape.

The 21-year-old Belfast lad said he was forced to grow up fast after being arrested and held in police cells when a 26-year-old woman claimed she had been seriously sexually assaulted at an exclusive party at a Manchester city hotel in December 2007.

The rape allegations were made after a 13-hour party for the entire Manchester United squad and other guests, which included Christmas lunch and burlesque dancers at a casino, and drinks at a bar owned by a soap opera star.

Jonny, who was 19-years-old at the time, voluntarily presented himself to police investigating the allegation. He was arrested and released on bail. But soon after the case was dropped when the Crown Prosecution Service found insufficient evidence to substantiate the rape claim.

Speaking candidly to our sister paper Sunday Life, Jonny revealed: “It has made me a lot more wary of people.

“I think it’s made me grow up and made me realise how much people can get sucked into things.”


Couple Finally Together After False Rape Charge

15 years for a false allegation of rape, and she waited all that time for him. While going to jail for something he didn't do, it seems like he found a great woman who is standing by him.

This is a more of a video article, so click the link below to watch.

A Chicago couple held strong in their belief that their love was stronger than that of the judicial system that incarcerated a woman’s fiance for nearly 15 years for a false charge of sexual assault. The years between them never deterred their love though. She held strong, as did he, until they were able to be together. She said she knew he was innocent because he was with her when the act supposedly occurred. The two are here in a CNN interview.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A feminist definition of sexual assault

This piece of utter, laughable buffoonery was posted at a feminist blog that I refuse to cite. There are so many things wrong with this inanity, so many legal defects, that I can't possibly begin to explain them. Suffice it to say that there is a peculiar strain of radical feminism that teaches young women a definition of consent so narrow that they suffocate the concept by strangulation. If the following definition were accurate, virtually every male in America should be imprisoned:

"Sexual assault is more than forcible rape. Any strategy which is designed to eliminate rejection or overcome someone's reluctance or indecision or non-participation or which reduces the other person's options is a strategy of sexual assault."

Did you get that? "Any" -- not just some, "any" strategy that is "designed to eliminate refection or overcome . . . resistance . . . ." So if you buy her dinner, or treat her nicely, or promise to go visit her mother with her, or agree to fix her car in an effort to "eliminate rejection" or "overcome [her] indecision" and thereby increase your chances of taking the relationship to the next level, you are acting out "a strategy of sexual assault." While it is written in a gender neutral manner, make no mistake it is designed to address male sexual advances because since the dawn of man, males have been the ones pursuing and females have been the ones playing "hard to get."

This, of course, is nothing but über-radical feminist blather gussied up to resemble a legal definition. In fact, it is as if the writer held the words of our statutes up to a funhouse mirror: the image it creates is so misshapen that one must look elsewhere to discern reality. It resembles no definition of consent, legal or otherwise, that is accepted anywhere outside Womyn's Studies classes and one dark and twisted corner of the blogosphere.

With this definition, the writer manages to pull off the seemingly impossible task of insulting two genders at one time by positing that males who are trying to convince even somewhat reluctant females to have a physical relationship are acting out a "strategy of sexual assault," and that females are too weak or too stupid to resist even the non-physical advances of males. It's as if every guy is a Svengali capable of decimating every women's free will, and every woman is a powerless child.

And my guess is it doesn't work the other way: when a woman uses sex to overcome the man's "reluctance" or "indecision" about doing something the woman wants him to do, that's perfectly fine, right? She's not acting out an illicit "strategy," is she? Because, you see, über-radical feminism is only concerned about penalizing male sexual desire. Women can do to men as they please.

Anyone who is capable of writing that inane quote must truly be called a misandrist, a man hater, of the first order. That quote would be hilarious until you stop and consider this: is it any wonder that false rape claims are an epidemic with misinformation being fed to our daughters like this?

Anne Chambers charged with false rape allegation

Now this is just despicable. Falsely accusing a man of raping a child. He spent 2 days in jail, but at least he isn't named, and she is.

Anne Chambers charged with false rape allegation.

A WOMAN appeared in court accused of making a false allegation that a man raped a child.

Anne Chambers told police she witnessed the offence in a park, Durham Crown Court heard.

She later withdrew the allegation, but not before the man had been arrested and kept in custody for two days.

Chambers, 33, of Sixth Street, Horden, County Durham, pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice in February this year.

Judge Esmond Faulks ordered the trial to take place on a day to be fixed in the first week of September.

Chambers was bailed on condition she live at home, and attend court for trial when called upon to do so.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disgusting: Two 10-year-old boys placed in foster homes, forced to wear ankle bracelets for alleged 'gang rape'

Read it here. "Two 10-year-old boys charged in the alleged gang-rape of an 8-year-old Liberian girl must be released from juvenile detention and placed in therapeutic foster-care homes, judges ruled Tuesday. . . . . Both boys must wear ankle bracelets to electronically monitor them while they are out of custody, and their families must surrender travel documents."

Taken from their homes . . . forced to wear ankle bracelets . . . . Because at ten-years-old, Ithey are such an enormous threat to the public safety!

Grown women can destroy men's lives with rape lies -- and I mean destroy -- and they are not treated like this.

The punitive treatment of even boys for alleged rape is disgusting, and unfair. It needs to end.

New law to nail false sexual charges, punish liars

Interesting piece on the introduction of a bill to more harshly punish false sexual harrasment claims. What makes it so agreeable to the National Commission for Women is that it will be used only when proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Funny, isn't that what the court should be for? (This is India, so I don't know if the standards of evidence are the same as the U.S.)

If they are the same, why the need to have a special law for this?

New law to punish false sexual charges.

Women who make false complaints of sexual harassment will no longer get away with it.

The Centre has decided to introduce a provision in the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2009 — to be introduced in Parliament’s winter session — giving a district complaint committee the power to recommend disciplinary action against women found guilty of such an offence.

The new Bill will cover the film industry, research scholars and domestic helps too.

“We have agreed to the law ministry’s condition to have a deterrent provision,” Krishna Tirath, women and child development minister, told HT. She said the government was ready with the Bill's final draft.

Under the proposed sexual harassment law, each district will have to constitute a complaint committee to inquire into allegations. Its verdict will be binding on government and private organisations.

The Women and Child Development ministry has also convinced the National Commission for
Women, which drafted the law, that the deterrent provision will be used only when it is proved beyond doubt that the allegation is on malafide grounds.

The commission is agreeable to the clause as long as it is not used to prevent women from lodging sexual harassment complaints, said its chairperson Girija Vyas.


Last night on TNT's "The Closer" starring Kyra Sedgwick . . . spoiler alert

One high school boy was killed and another was shot (but survived) in a parking lot shooting attack, and it appeared to be a drug deal gone bad. It turned out that the boy who survived was innocent. He had been falsely accused of rape by a girl, and her brother went on a shooting rampage.

We applaud "The Closer" -- including it's producers and the writer of the episode Leo Geter -- for tackling a politically incorrect issue that just happens to mirror a number of actual incidents we've reported on this site, including this one, which was Shakespearean in the scope of its tragedy:

h/t to PH

The results are in for our False Rape Society Poll . . .

What is the foremost problem for those falsely accused of rape?

•Automatic arrest on the basis of an accusation 152 (33%)

•Lack of anonymity
93 (20%)

•Light or nonexistent punishments for false accusers 212 (46%)

We will be commenting on these results, and we thank everyone who voted.

Judge denies bond for man accused of raping woman on sleep aid

Based strictly on the title of the story, you would assume that the man drugged, then raped the woman filing the complaint while she was knocked out. You would be mistaken. In this case, completely unbeknownst to him, she drank a full bottle of wine, then took 2 sleeping pills. She later woke up (it is unclear how much later), and walked to a nearby convenience store to buy cigarettes, and then, conveniently, remembers nothing else.

With no way to know if she was acting inebriated or not, we don't know what happened, other than what the accused claims. But this case seems like morning after regret, not rape.

Judge denies bond for Tehisson Acevedo.

The man accused of raping a woman while she was under the influence of a powerful sleep aid must remain behind bars, a judge ruled today.

Circuit Court Senior Judge Richard Conrad ordered Yehisson Acevedo, 29, to stay at the Orange County Jail without bond on the charges of sexual battery and burglary with assault. Conrad also set his bond on the charges of theft and stolen property at $150 each.

Acevedo said nothing during the initial appearance this morning, but on Wednesday he told reporters on a televised newscast he was falsely accused of raping and robbing the victim. He also apologized to his girlfriend as officers escorted him into a police car.

"I didn't do anything she said I did," Acevedo said. "I did not rape this woman."

The victim told Orlando police she had purchased a bottle of wine on July 16 and had consumed the entire bottle. She later took two tablets of Zolpidem, a generic brand of Ambien, to help her sleep, the police report shows.

At some point, she woke up and walked to a nearby 7-Eleven to purchase cigarettes. The victim said she remembers meeting Acevedo at the convenience store, but nothing else. She woke up the following morning and noticed two Corona beer bottles on the counter that she didn't remember drinking.

She also noticed her iPod players and Dell computer were missing from her home.

The police report shows the victim suspected she had been raped and went to Florida Hospital with a friend. Orlando police were called to the hospital.

Officers reviewed a surveillance recording at the convenience store and spotted Acevedo with the victim. He was seen purchasing a six-pack of Corona and a box of condoms.

On Wednesday, police visited a pawn shop near Acevedo's home and discovered he had pawned the iPod Touch mp3 player. The victim also identified the player as the one taken from her home.

Police responded to Acevedo's home and found the stolen Dell computer in the bedroom of the home he shares with his girlfriend.

Acevedo told police the victim had asked if he wanted to drink with her. He admitted to purchasing the alcohol and condoms. Acevedo said he followed the victim to her home and the two chatted and danced. At some point, he said they had consensual sex.

The suspect said the victim had offered him the computer because it belonged to an ex-boyfriend. She also gave him the iPod mps players, he said.