Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The ex-supermodel who falsely claimed multiple men raped her is back in the news

Former supermodel Karen Mulder was arrested "for allegedly threatening a plastic surgeon," according to news sources. Mulder, 39, allegedly "made threatening telephone calls . . . demanding she reverse an earlier procedure . . . ." According to an unnamed detective: "(Mulder) was screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening. There were repeated calls to the female surgeon who was extremely scared. The suspect is being interviewed." See here

Ah, Karen Mulder. Remember her? Several years ago she was a poster child for false rape claims: "In front of a live audience, Karen claimed that many men--her former bookers, her friend Prince Albert of Monaco, even her own father--had raped her. She hadn't come forward earlier, she explained, because she'd been hypnotized as part of a huge conspiracy against her." Read the article here. While her rape claims were quickly rejected as a manifestation of a woman not in her right mind, the real story is about the reaction to her mental illness. The reaction tells us much about why false rape claims are accepted and are not treated as crimes. Please follow along -- you should find this interesting.

You see, Karen Mulder claimed that her mental illness stems from the fact that she was abused by an older male family friend -- who is now dead and cannot refute the claim -- when she was two years old. She "repressed" the incident for many years but, of course, was able to piece it back together in psychoanalysis.

Um, right.

Anyway, that's all the "experts" need to hear, isn't it? Listen to this (and, men, make sure you're sitting down): "'In some ways, delusions can be an adaptive response to stress,' said Bonnie Strickland, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 'Sometimes, when trying to understand why something happened to you, you start making up things that are going wrong that you can point to. If there's a history of sexual abuse, then the rape allegations could well be an attempt to understand how she feels toward men in general. She knows that something is wrong.'"

Even though the article refers to Ms. Mulder's alleged abuse as an "incident," suggesting a single occurrence, for reasons not clear from the article, Dr. Strickland conjectures about "a history of sexual abuse." (Perhaps it is natural in this psychologist's world to assume an "incident" of alleged sexual abuse is "a history" of sexual abuse that explains all of the "victim's" subsequent misconduct.) Such a history of sexual abuse by another male could naturally explain the false rape allegations against a series of series of innocent men -- it's just the victim's way of "attempt[ing] to understand how she feels about men in general," that's all.

You see, the tone of the article is that Karen Mulder's false accusations of rape, leveled against multiple innocent men, are not criminal actions; they must be examined with sympathy and understanding as psychotic episodes beyond her control. More importantly, the false claims are simply the natural byproduct of the sins of the patriarchy. The innocent Y-chromosome bearing human beings who were on the receiving end of the false claims are merely collateral damage, persons unfortunately born with external genitalia who remind the poor victim of the "history" of sexual abuse perpetrated against her by "one of them."

I have two questions:

First, when was the last criminal act committed by a male that was discussed as a sad psychotic episode attributable to abuse by his mother? When have you ever heard a young man's act of rape described as an "attempt to understand how he feels about women in general"? How about . . . never? What you hear instead are cries of "castrate him!" Nobody cares what leads a young man to commit rape, or for that matter, any other crime.

Second, how do people like Dr. Strickland explain Karen Mulder's latest criminal act, which was directed against a female plastic surgeon? What psychological legerdemain can they employ to blame this incident on the sins of the patriarchy?

Sadly, I'm sure they could come up with something.