Thursday, July 23, 2009

Woman threatens to falsely accuse cops of rape, but 'that was not my fault'

According to this story, Racquel Santiago, 28, called the police to complain that neighborhood youngsters had cut her tire. "Because police didn't witness the alleged vandalism, they could not make an arrest, but offered to take a report and refer the matter to a juvenile detective." That wasn't good enough for Santiago, so she became disorderly. She refused to give the police accurate information about her identity, she bit her own arm, and she threatened to kill herself. She was taken into custody, and on the way to the police station she somehow managed to remove her handcuffs. At the station, she tried to hit a police officer "with a large bottle of hand sanitizer."

Oh, and she "threatened she would accuse officers who arrested her of rape." But Santiago has a perfect justification for that: "This was not my fault. I was the one who called the police," Santiago said. "I got aggravated when they told me they couldn't do anything," Santiago told the judge, who set her bond at $500.

That, perhaps, sums up the justification of many false rape accusers as well as anything: "That was not my fault." You see, they are just victims of something that some man did. Their offenses are best treated by counseling and understanding, not jail time, much less significant jail time.

Incidentally, Santiago is pregnant, and tested positive for marijuana.

Gentlemen, when it comes to the false rape claim epidemic, we must know our enemy. The ones who actually tell the lies usually aren't some pathetic, self-righteous Womyn's Studies refugees who hate men and see sexual assault oozing from every crevice (that group, however, plays a significant role in enabling the offenders). The ones who actually tell the lies are more often the Racquel Santiagos of the world, who know that the rape claim card is perhaps the single most powerful weapon a human being possesses (and it's generally available only to women). And they wield it with impunity.