Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Rape' was a pack of lies, court tells Essex girl, Sarah-Jane Hilliard

This is one of the consequences of the practice of paying "victims." It is ripe for abuse. As well, with little to no punishment for false accusers, the two combined make for the 'perfect storm' in men being falsely accused.

Sarah-Jane Hilliard guilty of perverting justice for false rape claim.

An Essex girl who tried to claim up to £7,500 by saying she had been raped was exposed as a liar after CCTV footage showed her kissing the alleged attacker earlier.

Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 20, said she was approached by a man who was a "little scary".

She said she woke with her "knickers round her ankles" in a railway station toilet and applied for Criminal Injuries Compensation.

She was found guilty of perverting justice after a tape of her snogging Grant Bowers was shown at Basildon crown court. Det Sgt Steve Simmons called it "a nasty, life-changing allegation".