Sunday, July 5, 2009

From the archives: feminist 'art' portraying hanging penises to protest rape nothing but crude male bashing

The image attached here could be offensive to some because it portrays multiple ceramic penises hanging from a clothesline in a public library. This "art" was called "Hanging 'Em Out to Dry." It is offensive on a multitude of levels.

Here is a well-reasoned article by Wendy McElroy, who put this shameful piece of misandry in its proper perspective: "It is hate speech directed at a category of human beings. If you doubt this, imagine a display of black penises strung up. It would be condemned as racist in an instant. Why is it less hate speech to expand the category from 'black men' to 'all men'?"

Funny how supposedly enlightened left-wing feminists have no difficulty negatively attributing to an entire class the worst characteristics of some of its members -- so long as the class in question is male. In any other context, such stereotyping of an entire group would not be tolerated.

I am thankful that we have women such as Ms. McElroy speaking up for the vast majority of men and boys who don't deserve to have the quintessential symbol of their maleness ridiculed and hated because of the crimes of some men.