Friday, July 3, 2009

Calculating wife slings rape lie at husband to get him out of her life

COMMENT: The news story below is must-reading. There are three important lessons from it for those of us interested in false rape claims:

First: Young women, do you need an alibi to explain why you're pregnant, why you didn't come home last night, why some guy is bragging to his high school buddies about having slept with you? Just claim you were raped. Want revenge against a boyfriend who was flirting with another girl? A rape claim is the nuclear bomb of revenge. Want to get a guy out of your life completely? Play the rape card -- it's the ultimate male exterminator. A false rape claim is a powerful, chameleonic tool wielded for all sorts of terrible reasons. Whatever the motive behind its use, the one result is that it often gets an innocent man or boy in terrible, terrible trouble.

Here is the frightening reality that makes men squirm and that, frankly, brings so many readers to this site: virtually any female can have virtually any male with whom she's had contact arrested and jailed based on nothing more than her word that she was raped. Read that again. Women and girls have an awesome power over men and boys, and the better their acting ability, the more powerful is their false rape sword. They can literally destroy men and boys who have done nothing to them, and some have done exactly that. Note that this is a power reserved for rape claims almost exclusively because unlike virtually any other serious crime, there is often no other evidence to prove it. That unwarranted power is one of the things that needs to be addressed. The news story below is an example of a woman using the false rape sword to destroy a man so that she could achieve her own selfish ends.

Second, the emphasis of the obviously chivalrous judge is all wrong. A man was deprived of his liberty and threatened with years imprisonment for something he didn't do, yet the judge is concerned about future, unknown, hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn victims of a different crime -- rape -- he's concerned that those victims might be, possibly will be, may be harmed because of the lie. Only when we stop looking at the crime of making a false rape report through a gynocentric lens will we start to view the men and boys falsely accused as human beings, not collateral damage in the "more important" war on rape. (And by the way, feminists, if false claims are so damaging to future rape victims, why not do something about it other than pretend that women don't lie about rape?)

Third, the court and the news article soak up the woman's excuses -- her psychological rationale for doing this terrible thing. Would anyone be concerned about the psychological state of a young man convicted of rape? When have you ever seen that? Only when the persons who make false rape claims are treated as criminals and not victims themselves will the men and boys falsely accused -- the real victims -- be afforded the dignity they deserve.


Wife falsely accused ex-husband of rape 'to get rid of him'

A "calculating" wife falsely accused her estranged husband of rape because she wanted him out of her life, a court heard.

Michaela Lodge, 45, accused her husband Martin of raping her in November last year because she was involved with another man when, in fact, she had initiated sexual intercourse, the court was told.

Mr Lodge was arrested and questioned before eventually, three months later, she wrote a letter to him admitting she had lied to the police.

Yesterday, Lodge, who has two children, was jailed for four months after she admitted perverting the course of justice at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Judge Rodger Hayward Smith QC said it was "a wicked allegation that was pre-planned to hasten his departure from your life".

He added: "Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of women who have been genuine victims of rape in that it makes a genuine allegation harder to prove because juries know that false allegations are made from time to time."

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, said Lodge went to a police station on 26 November last year and said her husband had raped her. Mr Lodge was arrested, held in custody and released on bail.

On 21 January Lodge made a witness statement in which she said she didn't want him prosecuted but she still maintained he had raped her.

But on 19 February she gave her son Daniel a letter to pass on to her husband which read: "I am so sorry about what I have done to you. My head was and still is all over the place. I cannot deal with this anymore, I need to put it right. When we went to bed we both wanted to make love and the fact I lied to police about you raping me.

"My head was a mess with you pulling me one way and Pete the other. I just didn't know what to do. I will say goodbye and hope one day you will be able to forgive me. I am so sorry."

Marc Brown, mitigating, said Lodge had not acted out of malice or revenge. "It was born more out of a confused desire to remove him from the picture.

"She accepts it was an outright lie. The following morning she began to have regrets about what had gone on and she wanted to make her situation easier by removing Mr Lodge from the picture. She did what she did without thinking of the consequences to him, on her children or herself. It was an irrational reaction to a difficult emotional position she found herself in."

The judge read a letter from Mr Lodge, who was in court with their children, which he described as "a magnanimous appeal for mercy", not to send her immediately to prison but jailed her for four months.