Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brown Testifies In City Lawsuit: Innocent Men Jailed Not His Fault

The only problem with Brown's assertion is that he was the guy in charge. And, as Harry S. Truman's sign said, "The buck stops here." That's what you get when you want to be the head honcho. Responsibility.

And when it puts innocent people in prison, there must be some responsibility taken on the part of the people who had a hand in that happening. Law enforcement personnel should be interested in justice and the truth, not high conviction rates. That makes a system ripe for corruption and people feeling that they have to lie to get a conviction. And that kind of pressure usually comes from the top, with those in charge worrying more about re-election than the interests of justice.

George Rodriguez Sues For More Than $17 Million

POSTED: Wednesday, June 17, 2009
UPDATED: 5:51 pm CDT June 17, 2009

HOUSTON -- Former Houston Mayor and Police Chief Lee Brown said problems at the Houston crime lab that sent an innocent man to prison for 17 years were not his fault, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Brown testified Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by George Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was wrongly convicted of raping a girl in 1987 based on false testimony from an HPD lab technician.

Brown testified that at the time, he was not aware of mismanagement, shoddy work and doctored test results that were later documented in an investigation of the lab.

"In the case we're talking about, someone presented false information. That's an individual decision a person makes and I have no control over that. (I) did not know what was happening. I had no control about it," Brown said.

Rodriguez was released in 2004 after he was cleared by DNA evidence.

He is suing the city for at least $17 million.