Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alleged rape victim 'coached' friend

While it's possible that a rape did occur, asking others to furnish false testimony and fabricate evidence really makes the claim hard to believe. And if the statement about making lots of money were true, it seems even more clear that it's a fabrication.

We will follow up as information is available on this story.

Alleged rape victim 'coached' friend

A WOMAN who says she was raped by a Victorian MP tried to coach her friend to give false evidence about the case, a court has heard.

Sitting Labor MP and former cabinet minister Theo Theophanous is charged with raping a woman on a couch in state parliament in 1998.

In her statement tendered to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court earlier this week, the alleged victim said she called several friends during and after the alleged incident to tell them she was distressed by an encounter with Mr Theophanous.

Today, two of the women denied she had called them. One of the women said she was no longer friends with the alleged victim because she told her to lie about the matter.

"She wanted me to help her out with the case," the woman said.

"She was coaching me to say things. She was asking me to give false evidence."

The woman also denied a series of emails supposedly exchanged between her and the victim were legitimate.

Another woman told the court she received a letter and an email from the alleged victim which referred to a conversation the victim said they had.

But the woman said no such conversation took place.

The alleged victim said in her letter that she'd been unable in the past to fully reveal details of what happened and told her that "the red couch was a nightmare experience, it is called rape".

In later correspondence, the alleged victim told her friend she was coming to Australia from Greece in a couple of weeks and there would be something in the newspapers and she would make lots of money.

The two women were called to give evidence today after the court heard the alleged victim was not well enough to continue with her evidence.

It is expected the alleged victim will resume her evidence when the committal hearing before magistrate Peter Reardon continues tomorrow.