Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woman's rape lie causes man to be taken into custody, charges may - or may not - be filed

Comment: Again and again and again we see repeated the pattern manifested in the news story below: a woman lies about rape, causing an innocent male to be taken into custody. The woman's lie unravels and she recants. The authorities ponder whether to press charges for making a false report.

First, what is there to ponder? She committed a crime that caused another citizen to be taken into custody and she needs to go to prison for it. Period.

Second, in what other situation do we freely allow one class of citizens (females) to use the power of the state to deprive members of another class of citizens (males) of their liberty, usually without any penalty?

And third, for what other crime are we so lax in holding authorites accountable for the decision to not charge a criminal with a crime? We rarely hear of any follow-up to these stories where the authorities ponder whether to bring charges. If the public knew of all the false rape claims that the police just quietly drop, men, especially, would be stunned. Stunned. And that is a fact.


Police: Alleged Rape Victim Made Up Story

HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) ― A Hollywood woman has recanted her story that she was raped after accepting a ride from a stranger on Tuesday, according to Hollywood Police.

Police initially took someone into custody, but by Tuesday evening when the victim recanted, the person was released by Hollywood police.

Hollywood Police Lt. Manny Marino initially repeated what the woman told police, saying the story began at a bus stop in the 24-hundred block of Johnson Street.

"The victim was sitting a bus stop, obviously waiting for the bus," explained Marino. "The suspect asked her if she needed a ride, unfortunately she got in the vehicle with this person. (He) didn't take her where she needed to go, took her to another location where the sexual battery happened."

By Tuesday evening, the story came apart and the victim admitted to police investigators she had made the whole story up.

Investigators will now check with the State Attorney's Office to see if charges of filing a false police report will be filed.